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American International Gemologists

Country United States
State California
City Newbury Park
Address 2715 Edgeview Ct
Phone 805-499-3012

American International Gemologists Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2016

Concerning: Jewelry Counterfeit/Fraud by: Ron Varsh, Westfield AKA: Windsor Auction House 21781 Ventura Blvd. #152 Woodland Hills, CA 91364, 800-934-4804 [email protected]’ Ron Varsh, American International Gemologists AIG 608 S Hill Street, Suite 800, Los Angelas, CA 90014 213 629-3323, [email protected] Ron Varsh, the owner of the auction above, is the one who makes the certificates for the jewelry at his auctions he also owns both see above. They are faked and over inllated, which makes them counterfeit . This was a scam, counterfeit and fraud of a senior citizen on a fixed income: This guy has been cheating people for years with no actions, he lies and says he is a

police/IRS/bankruptcy auction and makes up stories during the auction stating where the items were seized. Everything has a certificate and they are most likely faked, he sold a Babe Ruth base ball for $7,000 = 16.

5%. he might have made up a certificate, I know a Babe Ruth autograph and it did not look real. He sold over $400,000 this day and all the paintings and jewelry need to be checked for authenticity. Complaint history for this company shows that the company responded to and gave proper consideration to some complaints. However, most complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate. OUR COMPLAINT: We bought a ring on

9/5/2016 at Westfield Auction (PW)in Anaheim Hills at the golf club. On 9/9/2016 we took the ring to Tustin Jewelry. A lady there, told us told that the main diamond is yellow and not a VS2, Near Colorless. She stated that the ring is worth about $2,500. Ron Varsh said we could sell it for more than $5,000 next week. Then we called Westfield AKA: Windsor Auction. We told them it was not according to the appraisal, even worth less than the $4600. There was also another guy there most likely, “a plant” buying high priced items and he was there after the auction. Maybe most were “a plant” as most items supposedly purchased were still there when we left They refused a refund. The receipt says: " All jewelry and watches are

guaranteed to the description on the certificate and not for its estimated retail value", so there should be a refund. The ring does not match the description on the certificate. We found these reviews: I would not recommend purchasing any jewelry item that AIG or GGL (same address) has appraised. They "appraise" Seized Assets Auctioneers items at hugely overinflated values so customers will think they are getting a great deal. It is only on the rare occasion when customers get a real appraisal that they are appalled at how little their item is actually worth. & I attended a "Police Asset Auction" where I purchased several items with AIG appraisals. After having these items independently appraised, not a single one of them

was worth more than 10% of the AIG appraisal value. Their appraisals are not worth the paper they are printed on. I would stay as far away from this company as I could. I ended up spending $4500 on items that AIG appraised at over $52,540. Once these items were PROFESSIONALLY appraised, the real value came back at $840. 800-934-4804 . We told them it was not according to the appraisal, even worth less than the $4600, by far and the diamond is not at the what they stated. & purchased two pieces of jewlery which Windsor stated had a monetary value of approximately $12,000. These items came with a certificate of appraisal from American International Gemologist (AIG). After I purchased these items for approx $2000

I took the jelwery to EGL Gemology Laboraory for an appraisal to verify the AIG apprasal. The apprisal from EGL gemologist showed that the jewlery was of no value. I called Windsor to get a return but they refused to accept a return and finally they only issued a partial return. Ron "the Manager/Auctioneer" is the person I communicated with. The AIG apprisal which Windsor gave me is fake and over inflated. I checked the buisness information of AIG and found that the owner of this appraisal company is Ron Varsha. The same owner of Windsor Auction House. &Complaint Windsor Auction House sold me a black pearl necklace with a phony certificate of appraisal. On February 15, 2015, I bought one black pearl necklace from

Windsor Auction House in the Palos Verdes Golf Course. This piece of jewelry came with a certification of appraisal by American International Gemologists Laboratories (AIGL), Inc. and the appraisal document stated the black pearl has a value of $14,225.00. After the purchase I took the necklace to a local jewelry store (*** ******* for a verbal estimate. Then I requested an appraisal from *** ****** jewelry store and the order was sent to their gemology lab for an official appraisal to verify the AIGL appraisal. GIA Laboratories is an official diamond and gemstone appraisal company that accurately measures and verifies the value of precious stones by Certified Gemologists. The person that certified this appraisal is a GIA graduate gemologist. The official appraisal value of the black pearl necklace by *** ****** Jeweler is nowhere near the $14,225. The official appraisal from *** ****** cost $120.00. There are striking differences when comparing the appraisals:

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