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American Home Shield

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Memphis
Address 889 Ridge Lake Blvd.
Phone 888 429 8247

American Home Shield Reviews

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  • Aug 5, 2015

June 17 - Clearflow arrived, checked drainage pipes out front. Confirmed that water was draining from inside house. One tech went upstairs, one tech worked downstairs toilet. Tech went into basement, said we have belly in drainage pipe that needs to be replaced at a cost of @ $750.00 (not covered by AHS). Said they had replaced float valve in downstairs toilet and didn't help (in fact, toilets were worse after they tinkered with them). Their diagnosis was that the toilets were old and needed to be replaced. No improvement in drainage after their service.

June 18 - Called AHS. Told them that we did not want $750.00 pipe repair and that we wanted a second opinion. I was told that there was no other authorized vender that could provide a second opinion. The rep confirmed that my only option was to accept Clearflow's solution (and subsequent out of pocket costs) or pay to have our own plumber come in and diagnose/solve the problem. I told the rep that solution was unacceptable. After much discussion, the rep said she would discuss this with Clearflow. I indicated that I didn't see how this could help, but said I'd wait for her return call. She said that she would call me back today or tomorrow (June 19).

June 22 - Having received no return call from AHS or third party plumber, I called AHS. Brittany checked my record and told me that they were still trying to coordinate a second opinion visit from a vendor other than Clearflow. Brittany said I should be hearing from them very soon. By this point, drains were quickly backing up and neither toilet would flush.

Later that afternoon, I received a call from a number that I recognized as AHS. The call was disconnected when I tried to answer. I called AHS back and the rep said that she could find no record on our file regarding a call having been made.

June 23 - Having received no return call from AHS or third party plumber, I called AHS. Talked to Karen. She searched my file and for alongtime couldn'tgive me any information. Said she that they were waiting to hear from Clearflow and couldn't proceed with second opinion till they heard from Clearflow.

I called Clearflow. Attendant said she's not aware of any call or email from AHS. Attendant said she'd have tech call AHS.

Tenesia from AHS called. Said Clearflow technician told her belly in pipe is causing problem. Told her I already knew this, that that diagnosis was baloney and that's why I wanted a second opinion which, according to the contract, I'm entitled to. Tenesia informed me that there is no other contractor in our area and therefore they could not provide a second opinion. Tenesia said second opinion is at discretion of AHS. Told Tenesia I wanted to speak to a Supervisor. She said she'd have one call me.

June 24 - Received call from Melissa at AHS. Said she wasn't a supervisor, but was handling all his calls in his absence. She asked me to explain problem, which I did. She said that Clearflow was the only authorized vendor in our area and that complicates the second opinion process. She said that AHS would not approve an unauthorized vendor for second opinion. Melissa said that, after reading the vendor notes, she too was perplexed about the diagnosis, how it was achieved and Clearflow's recommended resolution. She said that she had never heard of PVC drainage pipes developing a belly. She said that notes indicate techs feel that trapped Draino is responsible for the belly. Melissa said she would contact Clearflow to discuss the questions that she/we have. She said she would get back to me when she has more information.

July 2, 2015 - Called AHS and spoke to Abby. She reviewed notes and said that Clear Flow is stating that the problem is a U pipe that should be straight pipe. I told Abby that this was the first time I was hearing about the U pipe. I mentioned that CF diagnosis was to remove 10' ft of pipe so that negates the U pipe theory. Abby said that she wasn't sure why second opinion hadn't been requested by AHS. Said she was requesting second opinion from Stillwell Plumbing (why wasn't I referred to them earlier ??). Abby said there would be no second service charge unless Stillwell arrives at the same diagnosis.

July 7, 2015 - Chris from Stillwellwell arrived. Spent a lot of time checking pipes in basement. Said that he found no evidence of a "belly" in any pipe or the U pipe that had been later referrenced by Clear Flow. Chris power snaked the drainpipe and the drainage problem was resolved. Chris then started checking the toilets. He said powder room toilet needed to be replaced. Went out to his truck and about a half hour later, he came back and said that he had received approval from AHS to replace powder room toilet. He said AHS had confirmed that it was covered in our policy. Chris said he would return with new toilet, install it and check the bathroom toilet when he returns.

July 27, 2015 - Having heard nothing from Stillwell or AHS, I called AHS. As usual, I waited @ a half hour till someone took my call. I finally spoke with Chiquitta (?). Explained situation. She apologized, said she would call Stillwell and, with my OK, put me on hold while she called them. Chiquitta got back to me, said she spoke to Amber at Stillwell. Chiquitta (?) Said that Amber didn't have any answers, would check with the tech (Chris) and call me back on my cell when she had any info.

July 30, 2015 - Having heard nothing from Stillwell or AHS, I called AHS. Spoke with a female whose name I couldn't understand (Tewekwa ?). Had to explain the issue several times to her. I asked if she could see the notes explaining previous calls and status. She didn't answer. I asked her if she wanted me to read her my notes about my month long adventure with AHS. She didn't answer. I told her that we've been more than patient, but that our patience has run out. Advised her that, if the problem wasn't permenantly resolved within a week, I would be contacting the BBB. Put me on hold, came back and asked if I'd conference call with Stillwell. I said OK and talked to Christy at Stillwell. She asked if they could come out tomorrow to install toilets. Told her I had appointments tomorrow. Christy said that Monday was out, but they could come on Tuesday (August 3) between 8a and noon. I said OK.

August 4, 2015 - Guy fom Stillwell arrived. Said he was her to look at 2 toilets. I told him he was supposed to be installing 1 toilet, checking the other. He said that he was just told to check the toilets, that he had no instructions to install a toilet. Checked toilets, checked pipes in basemnt. Went outside to make a call. Came back and said AHS was denying installation of toilets because blue tabs clogged jets (toilet water by this point was no longer blue. How did he know about blue tabs?). Clearly, AHS, and perhaps Stillwell, conspired to invent a reason to deny toilet replacement from the start. They jerked us around for months, hoping we would just go away and continue to pay our premium. When we didn't, they invented a reason to default. This is the most underhanded, dishonest and unethical business transaction I have ever experienced.... from either side of the desk.

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  • Jul 1, 2022

My HVAC system went out according to the technician they sent out, and I needed a new one. When they wrote up the bill to AHS they used the trigger words for an instant denial for their work. AHS denied $998 for line set modification, $997 for duct modification, $997 for insulation of new air handler, $998 for plenum modification, $360 for drip line modification, and $640 for refrigerant needed.

The word modification is listed in their contract under D sub section L says "Except as otherwise specified in your Agreement, Covered Item modifications, upgrades, repairs, or replacements required to comply with any federal, state, or local laws, regulations, or ordinances, utility regulations, or building or zoning code requirements" while under F section 2 says COVERED ITEMS: All components and parts of the following air conditioning systems: Ducted central electric split and package units – Geothermal – Evaporative coolers – Wall air conditioners – Mini-splits.

When repairing or replacing a Covered Item, if such repair or replacement requires component or part upgrades to maintain compatibility and/or compliance with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), or refrigerant standards, AHS will cover such upgrades and will also cover necessary associated upgrades to duct connections, plenums and indoor electrical lines up to and including the disconnect.

Every item listed in my bill is also listed in section 2, as covered when asked about it I was told I didn't purchase the additonal coverage that covers Modifications. If any other word was used according to section 2 everything would be covered. Then I was told I could select a buyout, for the cost of the HVAC system with air handler.

I have a 2.5 ton unit, the amount I was offered $1360 wasn't even 1/2 the cost it was enough that if i canceled my account I would have to pay them the amount of a whole year of coverage, as penalty for early cancelation. The customer support is awful and just keeps reading their script and if you can get your call esculated all that person does is yell You aren;t listening and hang up on you.

They are a scam and not worth it for anyone to use at all. I am still fighting with them they are sending another company out to see if the first one was wrong. I am going to fight this thing as long as I can to get more money out of them it is tough with over 100 degree temps down here. Luckily I have 3 window units for when hurricanes hit and i need to run off generators.

  • Jun 21, 2022

American Home Shield quiet possible IS the WORST home warranty company in the business!! They force you to go with their vendors and then their vendors send out the most incompetent technicians on the planet! I have been going back and forth with TOTAL AIR CARE INC since July 1st trying to get my ductwork repaired with no success. Either technicians that do show up don't know what they are doing or they don't even bother to show up at all.

One tried to come to my house at 10:00 pm and another one sent me a text message at 1:00 am!!! My power bill was over $411 bucks because Total Air Care hasn't fixed the issue and American Home Shield refuses to either allow me to use a different company, pay my utility or give me a 50% discount on the home warranty plan that is costing me $1,079 a year!!

Total Air Care isnt the only vendor American Home Shield has sent out that I've had issues with. There has been others but this situation has by far been the worst and most costly thus far. Total Air Care do not even have a physical business in my state. Apparently, they had to close down their physical location. Based on the hundreds of negative reviews by other Louisiana homeowners I assume they were forced to shutdown due to poor business practices and horrendous customer service.

  • May 17, 2022

In June of 2021, one of my water heaters started leaking. (Request# 68220567) AHS sent a plumber to access the problem. The plumber determined that the water heater was beyond repair and notified AHS. AHS offered us replacement up to a certain dollar amount, or they could send a payout and we could have the work done ourselves. I opted for the payout of over $600. I was told they would send the check in a few weeks.

I never received a check. I called back many times. I wasted a LOT of hours just sitting on hold, would get transferred to the wrong department, suddenly get hung up on. Every now and then I would get someone that would try to help, spend time looking into the issue, and then promise that the check would be sent out THIS time, only to still not receive the payout.

I tried online chats with customer service. I was told that they submitted a form to their Accounting team to provide an update on the check, and that it should take 5-7 days. Again, I heard nothing. Another chat I was given a direct number, only to have the representative tell me I had the wrong department.

AHS has a history of doing this. They have numerous unresolved complaints on several consumer sites. They drag things out in the hopes that the customer grows tired and gives up. They have only gotten worse since the pandemic started.

  • Apr 17, 2022

I am on Soc Sec. I told this company I could not afford their policy. After I told them 3 weeks ago to cancel and to remove my payment info from their website, they ripped me off. They renewed the policy and charged me after I told them NO and to remove my credit card info from their site.

Leaving me overdrawn at the bank. The bank is trying to block them after I reported them, but says it might take a month to straighten out. They claimed today on the phone that they will refund me, but he first said 7-10 work days, then later said up to 30 days.

They are crooks.

  • Feb 23, 2022

What a rip off! We obtained AHS when we bought our house. We called to make a claim about the dishwasher not working. They told us they could do nothing because of COVID. We called back later and got the same answer. We went and bought a dishwasher and had it installed. Recently we made a claim that the water heater was not working.

AHS sent a plumber and he told us we needed a new water heater. The plumber would not answer calls, texts, or voice mails. AHS told us on several occasions over 2 months that they would take care of it. Again, we bought a water heater and had it installed.They finally sent us a check for less than the cost of a water heater. This company is worthless!

  • Feb 23, 2022

On January 10, 2022 I opened service request ( #94854318) for water heater with AHS. Their contractor (Hers and His Plumbing Florida llc) send their employee who appeared to be totally clueless about what needs to be fixed. Since I knew the cause ( from a different plumber who visited our house prior to take care of unrelated problem and was very kind to look at water heater told me the cause, which was circulating pump), after realizing he doesn’t know the reason, I told him. He looked at the pump and left telling me he will be back to replace it.

Next thing that took place was email from AHS requesting me to call their office. When I called AHS told me they won’t cover the pump replacement because wrong installation and required modifications to it in order to install a replacement. Under “modification” they told me it must be a timer. When I told them everything was installed according to Florida plumbing codes and worked fine for 11 years and nothing wrong with installation, they said the report from Hers and His Plumbing stated it’s wrong and this is it and there is nothing I can do about that even though AHD contract agreement section F.6 clearly indicates they cover water heater. And if I still want to have pump replaced, there will be $1077 copay.

  • Feb 2, 2022

It's been ten days and my hot water heater is still broken. Vendor came by then never heard a word. Called him on Friday @10:00AM and woke him up. He could have been getting me squared away. Maybe he was hungover? I don't know but asleep at 10:00AM isn't normal.

I can get a water heater is 3 minutes at HD. He can't get one in nearly 2 weeks. They also tell me I must pay $1,000.00 myself! What the warranty for? I'm pissed.

I will not renew my contract and I warning you about these people.

  • Nov 21, 2021

I have been a customer of American home shield and we needed to file a claim because our furnace failed this year when it came time to start it. Three technicians told us how unsafe the furnace and piping was due to CO2 and all of their recommendations were to replace it and the piping. I submitted the claim with American Home shield and explained the urgency due to dropping temperatures and no heat. They dropped my call numerous times, never expedited when they said they did until they eventually authorized me to seek out my own contractor.

I had two companies diagnose and quote the replacement and since both were the same cost we went with the one who could get it done sooner. When the contractor called American Home shield they denied the request to proceed with the work and said they needed a second opinion. They have only one contractor in the area they were willing to send and this contractor would be at least another 2 days to even get out here to perform there diagnosis leaving us still without heat for even longer.

American Home Shield has denied my request to send over my information for the two companies we had here, they do not return my calls or let me speak to the escalation department. Lastly they will not refund the cost of worthless home warranty.

  • Sep 5, 2021


Julie Dee***Dispute Resolution Coordinator***901 757-8601

[email protected] Serving the Mid-South

Julie Dee---Dispute Resolution Coordinator---901 [email protected]

Re: Case#40197518 - American Home Shield

BBB. Your complaint has been assigned case # 40197518 in our files.

American Home Shield **1524 Hwy 30 E **Carroll, IA 51401

**MY Letter-I contacted your Co--had appointments for Refrigerator & MicrowaveEach time they found nothing wrong--the Ice Maker was Grinding badly & Micro Wave was going on & off--sometime Freaky. Each time I paid $100. for Service Fee-$200. total.

*Set Another Appointment to repair Washer & Dryer at my Home.*Spent much Time explaining to Re. about Issues. **The English is not Good at Call Center--asked for Washer & dryer-saw Order-it was only for Dryer..then there were 2 appointments. So I called & cancelled one Appointment --did not need 2. *TECH never showed Up.**I had 2 Confirmations that I would have the Appointment on Feb 16 2021 between 1 & 5pm. *I paid about $1300/ to this Company with no Relief--My Frig & Washer/Dryer still not repaired.*****I am writing this letter to make a complaint about your unsatisfactory work while repairing my Home.

*I hired you for Maintenance - after hearing some good reviews about you from my acquaintances and friends. You might have done a good job for them, but it has been a very disappointing experience for me.I feel that You as a merchant sold me a Warranty to Repair Items in my Household. the implied warranty of merchantability guarantees that it will help me in the Maintenance of my Home.

*The other type of implied warranty—the "warranty of fitness for a particular purpose"—comes into play when you buy an Warranty based on the seller's advice that it will work for a particular purpose.

*I now demand Rectification of a complete refund of my Money. I have been facing a great deal of inconvenience due to all these problems. In case I don’t hear from you within a week, I am afraid I will ""not be"" recommending you to any of the people I know and further reporting to an Consumer Groups.

*I expect you to show a professional attitude and offer solutions to fix the discussed issues...such as refund the Money I paid for "Two Contracts" that have not served a Purpose for me.

*Please refund all Monies paid to your Company for the Home Shield Plan for 777 Cedar Ave in Sharon Pa 16146--My Daughter could never get anyone to answer Phone there for there in PA for her Washer/Dryer Repair. **I have not received any Satisfaction with my Repairs here in CA either. ..even Tho I have paid Premiums since 7/23/20 Plus I see $300. paid in Service appointments but only had 2 appointments. As far as I see--it is a total Mess. *Lack of English in your .CALL CENTER is a Huge Problem. **I am very Frustrated..*I do not have a Total yet but You do.

*Please Refund all the "MONIES" I have Paid to your Company**Your Credit Card on File is free Money & a Blank Check--they get $$-U get the "RIP OFF."

BBB did manage to get $733. of my Money back from AHS but they refused the full amount--even tho --they said they would..they did not. *AHS declared the Case Close & Final.*BBB could do nothing more.Looking for Peace of Mind and Budget Protection? **Do NOT Call This Company!

**I feel this Company Targets the Senior Market & take advntage of them as a Group.

Company Response (AHS) 3/10/2021*After a careful review of the account histories for property address, Ms. Ross' AHS plans have been canceled effective immediately. """Full reimbursement of the premium payments will be returned to the plan holder's payment source.""" Please allow fourteen to twenty-one days for payment source to process the refund from AHS. ( AHS*Small Success 4 consumer

Renita Devres (make your complaint to AHS REP)

Claims Resolution Specialist**1524 Hwy 30 East P. O. Box 727 Carroll, IA 51401

Fax: 901-473-3745**Email: [email protected] (contact info for AHS)

  • Sep 3, 2021

My experience with AHS has been 100% unsatisfactory, frustrating, and costly. I have been trying to get a dryer repaired for almost 2 weeks. The assigned service company (AirKool LLC in Houston, TX) did an initial assessment but has not responded since. AHS will not respond or provide any information. The call center staff mostly speaks only broken promises call-backs that never happen. I have called 13 time and have absolutely.

Avoid American Home Shield at all costs. Although it is the largest home warranty company and advertises effectively, including posting many many positive reviews of itself online, it is the worst for honoring its contracts and for customer service/satisfaction. In short, the company is borderline fraudulent.

This is from a Washington Post expose of unethical home warranty companies:

“American Home Shield also hires contractors that are either unlicensed, under delinquency, or permanently closed by their local state.

WJLA-TV has reported on a case in which American Home Shield refused to pay for replacement of a clothes dryer that caught fire, on the ground that the local fire department had removed the dryer from the home when responding to the call.​ WJLA-TV repeatedly attempted to contact American Home Shield about the incident, but received no response.

This is from Consumer Reports’ review of home warranty companies:

“Of the four companies we reviewed, the highest complaint generator by far was Memphis, Tennessee-based American Home Shield, with 4,660 complaints as of mid-June. Of the 44 reviews customers posted on the BBB website, 41 reported negative experiences with the company. Of the four companies we reviewed, the highest complaint generator by far was Memphis, Tennessee-based American Home Shield, with 4,660 complaints as of mid-June. Of the 44 reviews customers posted on the BBB website, 41 reported negative experiences with the company.”

  • Sep 1, 2021

My heating and airconditioning unit has been having prpblem for the past one and half years, I complained to AHS customer service to set up repair/replacement service. However, they have refused to follow up on the repair or replacement. It's either the refuse to pick my calls or when someone picks the call, they promise to call me back on the update but never did. I have tried leaving voice messages and email, but no reply.

However, they hcontinued to take monthly premium from my bvank account since it was set up for direct withdrawal.

  • Aug 30, 2021

On august 4, 2021 i called to ad the electronics to my plan. i was told it would be an additional $15.00 per month. the next day i noticed 2 charges to my credit card. one for $119.88 and one for $61.98. i called to see what those were for. i was told one was for the electronics ad on and the other was for roof leak protection ad on. i did not ad roof leak protection.

i have a brand new roof still under warranty. so this means the csr took it upon herself to ad a roof leak coverage. i told them to cancel both and give me a refund of $181.86. i was told it would take 3 to 5 business days. 6 busine3ss days later august 13th no refund. i called. i was now told it would be 5 to 7 business days for my refund not 3 to 5 days. august 18th 9 business days since i requested a refund, still no refund! i called again.

i spoke to mandy who checked on everything and informed me that someone did not do their job!! she re-summitted my refund request and placed a rush on it. she also told me that ii would need to pay the $31.66 monthly fee for august once i received my refund. 2 days later august 20th i got my refund of $181.86. i get online to pay my past due amount of $31.66. instead of showing a past due amount of $31.66 in showed $181.86 PAST DUE! THIS WAS INCORRECT!!

funny that the exact amount i was refunded now show as past due. I CALLED A G A I N ! i was told it had not updated yet online. in the meantime i COULD NOT request a service because of the past due amount. THIS WAS NO FAULT OF MY OWN!! i waited until august 24th then went online again to pay the past due amount of $31.66. but it STILL shows a past due amount of $181.86!!! I CALLED AGAIN!! i have now been dealing with this SAME issue for THREE WEEKS!!

i was told i COULD NOT request a service until the past due amount was paid. none of this was my fault, EXCEPT JOINING AHS IN THE FIRST PLACE!! I CANCELLED MY ACCOUNT.

  • Aug 24, 2021

Do Not ever Buy a warranty from American home Shield, they are a fraud company.. They do not pay for anything thats broke. My AC unit crashed and they paid nothing for it... I paid total out of pocket. Even asked for a payout and that request got denied..

They are frauds and should have their business license pull... have already filed with the Texas SOS office of Insurance and BBB... Stay away from them and tell all your friends to stay away from them... They will never call you back and avg wait time on the phone is over an hour... have called 38 times in two months... nothing...

  • Aug 17, 2021

I will let anyone reading this be the judge if you would choose American Home Shield for a warranty, because we did not select them, it was selected by the seller of our new home. My experience thus far with American Home Shield Warranty since we moved into our new home 4/14/21… By end of June, I was in the garage working when I heard water start to leak onto the floor, which was our Hot Water Heater failing and starting to flood the area surrounding it.

We had a Hot water heater made by the same company (if not the exact same model) fail in the same spot, also at about halfway through the manufacturer’s warranty at the home we just left the previous summer. AHS sent someone out for the service call, charged me $75 and when that plumber left, they agreed it needed to be replaced and sent the authorization to AHS. AHS called me and said it was under manufacturer’s warranty and would not be covered. End of discussion. The customer service representative also stonewalled over and over my attempts to escalate to a manager to at least explain my position of not wanting to go with that same manufacturer a 3rd time.

I have worked myself in a customer service call center for 14 years, so I can tell if they are actually trying to see if a Mgr. is available, and this rep clearly wasn’t. When I finally gave up, they said they could email a manager for a callback, which (as I correctly predicted on that call) never came. Then in August I had a roofing company installing a new roof and they notified me of a problem with the AC condensate line, the connection was rusted and it was dripping directly onto the roof. Not the biggest problem, but they said there could be some discoloration on the new roof if left unchecked.

We knew the AC was old, it was working to cool most of the home, but we discovered that 2 rooms had hotspots once the summer heat came. Those kind of things don’t show up on an inspection. I had purchased a couple portables (this is Phoenix in the summer) until I could get some different quotes on a replacement. I submitted a service call to AHS mainly for the leak, to see if they could do anything about the condensation line, but the AC circuit breaker had been tripped a couple times, and I couldn’t be sure what was causing it, or if it would continue.

They sent a company out to take a look. That AC tech said they would send in a request for the condensation line to see how AHS would want to handle it. I didn’t expect much because of the lack of support on the hot water heater, but when we were talking about that issue, I mentioned the circuit breaker being tripped, they checked it out, and thought they had found the part causing the trouble, and that is when everything unraveled. The tech asked for what I can only assume was a more senior tech to come out and help, because after replacing that one component, they could not get the AC to turn back on.

They spent hours working and left with an explanation that may have been plausible, that previous maintenance was done that bypassed this or that… But it also could have been inexperience with an older system. I looked up the AC company they sent, they have only been around since 2015. I asked if they can just put it back the way it was, to at least get it working again and they could not. They would send the info to AHS. Now, thank god I bought those portables, because we are literally huddled into 2 rooms, the living room sealed off with plastic and the rest of our house uninhabitable, while AHS twiddles their thumbs.

I have heard they may try to drag out replacement or major repair for weeks or months… I can’t accept that. It’s brutal heat in the Phoenix summer, and the AC, though old, was WORKING and blowing cold air, keeping a cool 76 degree temp for most of our home, the portables doing the rest. I called AHS two days (Friday) after the service call left us without a working AC, and the rep said they were waiting on authorization, but to call back the next day (Saturday) because it was expected to be completed. They stated the authorization had to do with replacement parts, and the parts to be replaced was 1 3.5 ton Air Conditioning unit. Otherwise known as THE WHOLE SYSTEM.

Well, I checked the next day and it was still at “Authorization Under Review.” I expressed to them while on that Friday call our situation and expressed it again when I THOUGHT I was getting a call with a decision on Monday… The call on Monday was actually the Manager callback I was promised the 2nd time I tried to escalate the Hot Water Heater (back in June) when submitting for the AC. Even that WAS LATE. Trying to call was not the only way I tried to reach out, I also tried their Media Relations email and their email for the office of the CEO, NO RESPONSE on either. So with American Home Shield Warranty, ultimately I feel like I am completely at their mercy and so far we are not protected.

Doesn’t seem to matter to them that the service call left us without a working AC for a week now. How many more weeks do you need to make THE EXACT TYPE OF DECISION THAT YOU ARE IN BUSINESS FOR, DAY IN, DAY OUT?!?! I’ve had much better experiences with their competitors, and I would advise again ANYONE involved in a real estate transaction from choosing them as your Home Warranty. Be warned.

  • Aug 16, 2021

American Home Shield are CROOKS, they’ve taken advantage of an emergency and did not fulfill their obligation to provide support and customer service under their insurance policy. I arrived home on Friday the 6th of August to find that my outside AC unit had unfortunately died/stopped working. Both of my children have medical concerns, that hinder them from returning to the home without AC. The heat could exacerbate their conditions.

Understanding that this was a medical emergency, I immediately contacted American Home Shield for an expedited service request due to the medical situation in the home. American Home Shield sent a technician out on Saturday, 7th of Aug, however, the technician looked at both units and informed me that the unit outside compressor had died. He said they would have to order the part, but I would need to talk to American Home Shield first for approval. The part out of pocket was going to cost me $1100.00. The house temperature was 86 degrees with a humidity of 90 degrees.

According to American Home Shield, they won’t place an order for a part until you have paid your portion for the actual part. I never gave permission or approval for the part to be ordered for the outside unit, due to the time frame given. I had to wait until Monday, 09 Aug., before American Home Shield told me they were still reviewing an expedited service request. I called the technician who informed me that the part would take 3 weeks to come in since the unit is over 20 years old. Two Days later American Home Shield finally sent me an estimate and informed me of the out-of-pocket expense, and how they really didn’t know how long it would take for that part to come in.

At this point, I immediately asked for a cash-out amount. Mind you this was Tuesday, 10 Aug – We are now 4 days into the hottest week to date, and Wed, 11 Aug was supposed to be the worst, with temperatures feeling like over 100 degrees. My children were still displaced and staying in other homes.

American Home Shield refused multiple times for me to talk to a supervisor. When I finally spoke to one, he said he would put in the cash-out option as I asked, but he informed me that this would take another 3 days. At this point, I decided to get both units replaced. Interestingly American Home Shield never explained that both units would have to be replaced if they upgraded the systems. The AC unit is almost 20+ years old and American Home Shield refused to provide me with a cash-out option.

Although I asked 3 different times for a cash-out option and told them not to order the part. They ordered the part anyway and canceled my cash-out request. I found that out on Monday, 16 Aug. The American Home Shield representative said there was nothing she could do, although she doesn’t know why they canceled the request. When I asked for them to bring me the part, they said NO, I also asked for them to return the part, and give me my cash-out. She said they could not do that either, CROOKS!!!

I am absolutely horrified by their service, I have been with them for over 10 years, and this has been by far the worst experience of my life. I just want my cash-out option for my unit. They have been the absolute worst homeowner’s insurance. I plan on putting this on google and contacting the BBB as well. I am opening a full-on investigation about this horrible, unprofessional, and dishonest company!!! If I could put no stars at all I would. DO NOT CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY!! BUYER BEWARE!!

  • Aug 4, 2021

American Home Shield quiet possible IS the WORST home warranty company in the business!! They force you to go with their vendors and then their vendors send out the most incompetent technicians on the planet! I have been going back and forth with TOTAL AIR CARE INC since July 1st trying to get my ductwork repaired with no success. Either technicians that do show up don't know what they are doing or they don't even bother to show up at all.

One tried to come to my house at 10:00 pm and another one sent me a text message at 1:00 am!!! My power bill was over $411 bucks because Total Air Care hasn't fixed the issue and American Home Shield refuses to either allow me to use a different company, pay my utility or give me a 50% discount on the home warranty plan that is costing me $1,079 a year!!

Total Air Care isnt the only vendor American Home Shield has sent out that I've had issues with. There has been others but this situation has by far been the worst and most costly thus far. Total Air Care do not even have a physical business in my state. Apparently, they had to close down their physical location. Based on the hundreds of negative reviews by other Louisiana homeowners I assume they were forced to shutdown due to poor business practices and horrendous customer service.

  • Jul 13, 2021

We reported our washer not working. We were told they would send us a technician out. The technician came to the house THREE weeks later. then we were told he would order a part. We waited another. THREE weeks. No part, no working washer. AHS alleges Sears never put in a report that the washer isn't fixable since they can't find a replacement part and for us to call Sears !!! Sears refers us back to AHS, they need to make the determination what needs to happen.

AHS keeps telling us they are escalating, but when we call back they tell us the same story: it hasn't been escalated!!! and they will escalate now. Call back in 48 hrs or next week. At two months after the original claim I still don't have a working washer.

  • Jun 23, 2021

AHS repeatedly lied to us about repairing appliances. They do not fix them and then do not honor their contract to replace the appliance (stove and refrigerator). They do not even pay depreciated value, instead paying nothing for months. Then they want to charge $41 to cancel a contract they first breached. Stay Away!

  • Jun 17, 2021

My refrigerator has been out for more than a month. American Home Shield has sent 2 technicians. Both technicians advised them the refrigerator needs a new compressor and the fan motor must be replaced. The repair company also advised American Home Shield that the repair is probably not cost-effective and a replacement may be the better option. The repair company states they sent the recommendation to American Home Shield and American Home Shield is stating they are waiting on the repair company.

Meanwhile, I do not have a refrigerator. I have called several times only to be told, they are sending a message to the authorization department and/or a supervisor and I would receive a callback. I have never received a callback from anyone at American Home Shield. They also lied to me while I was on hold stating that they had the person from the repair company on the line and was transferring her to the authorization department. When I contacted the representative from the repair company, she stated they never had her on the line and never transferred her to anyone.

  • Apr 8, 2021

I'm so upset with this company. I've complained to them, on Twitter, BBB, AG, and now ripoff! Why? Because I feel as if their service is horrible. I contacted AHS.COM on 4/8/21 and requested service for my oven within 10 minutes I canceled the order because my husband said it was too high. On 4/9/21 I was hit with 139.06 charges from them and it wasn't even 24 hours. My problem is I CANCEL it why charge if I cancel? Why is it a cancel button if you're still going to charge? It took you less than 24 hours to charge me, but state it'll take you 14-21 days to refund THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! Also, on March 25, 2021, I requested service now I pay my $60.00 a month I had to pay $85.00 for the service charge for the person to come out.. then when he comes out I pay another $83.00 WHY AM I PAYING TRIPLE? This makes no sense I would never say anything, but I feel as if that's not right after I have seen this disgusting service from them. I believe this company should be audit because I think people are being overcharged and charged several prices for what they didn't assume they would. The first time they came out I was satisfied with them.

  • Apr 8, 2021

I filed a claim with AHS regarding a leaky hot water valve in our downstairs bath.

The contractor they sent looked at it and told us he would order parts and replace all 3 stem valves. Mind you the center valve or diverter valve was NOT a problem.

When they missed the window (the next few days) to come back , I called 2 times and requested an update. No reply. I checked the AHS site to find that the work order was completed. I re-fiiled the WO. Once I did that the contractor (Mr. Rooter), finally came back and replaced the stems.

When he was gone, the next AM I showered fine but noted that the stems were really tight to turn. Thinking nothing of this I continued on.

My spouse informed me, 3 days later, that the diverter stem was leaking. ½ the water was coming out of the shower head and ½ out of the valve stem. I placed a n additional service request.

Mr. Rooter came back to inform me that the entire fixture was to be replaced (not covered by AHS) because the diverter valve need replacement. They would now need to remove a wall in our eating area to get access, a ~ 1500 job.

Our diverter valve was working fine until Mr. Rooter tampered with it. AHS has sent a denial letter today.

I contacted a professional licensed master plumber to inspect the work in the near.

  • Apr 8, 2021

Our water heater was not heating. We placed a service call at AHS. They sent a plumber (Mr. Rooter) to inspect. The teck says he can not do any work on our heater because it is or was not up to code. In the spur of the moment, I agreed to have him update our water system. It required a water trap for moisture in the gas supply line. $ 200. This was not a new installation, but a repair to an existing installation, not in the code. A master licensed plumber verified this after the fact.

After this was done, he proceeded on repair. He was not successful. After several trips out, the teck (not the same one) found that all was needed was to vacuum out the pan in the bottom of the water heater (remove debris).

These people take advantage of seniors.

  • Apr 7, 2021

I received this warranty when I purchased a house and I had decided to use it before looking at reviews and with my plan I have to pay 100.00 up front for the service call. I did, and received a msg. telling me that if I had not heard anything in 24 hours to call them. I called after the 24 hours after not hearing anything and the person I spoke to told me to "give them a chance" and wait another 24 hours, as their policy was 24-48 hours to respond.

I asked if this company even existed where I am at and I was told that yes, there was. I waited and again, no phone call and no one showed up. I filed a complaint with the BBB and was referred to the Memphis TN office. I filed my complaint and the company lied and said that they had come out to my home and fixed the problem and the company considered it resolved. I responded by telling them to provide evidence that they had been to my home.

I don't think this provider even exists and I was ripped off for 100.00. Stay away from this company, their "warranty" is not worth the paper it is printed on.

  • Dec 1, 2020

I would never buy an extended warranty and only used American Home Shield as it was provided by the seller. Since we had the warranty, we filed a claim on the cooktop which had issues with the ignitor on one burner. American Home Shield sent out a tech and charged us $75. He accessed the issue and said he had to order parts.

AHS said parts are unavailable (even though I can readily find them on the internet from reputable suppliers) and offered to replace the cooktop with one from a different manufacture with different dimensions - meaning it wouldn't fit the exiting cutout. We argued that it was a different brand (GE vs Whirlpool) and that the dimensions were bigger. If they would have stayed with the same brand (whirlpool), it would fit and we even offered a part number for the equivalent from the current brand (whirlpool).

They said same brand was an upgrade and it would cost us $602 to upgrade (we can buy that same cooktop at Lowes for $699). They offered us $320 to buy our own and have it installed which isn't even half of what one would cost much less the installaiton cost.

They are just trying to get out of replacing it and really just wanted us to settle so they save money. We have granite counters so cutting the opening larger would be an extra expense that we wouldn't have to incur if they just used the same brand.

Overall worst customer experience, especially when you couple that with the fact that it took 1.5 hours on hold to actually get to talk to an actual person.

AVOID AHS at all costs because they won't cover your issues. They just want your $75 service fee plus the initial cost of the warranty.

We are NOT renewing with them and when we go to sale this house, we will provide the new buyer with a warranty from anywhere BUT AHS. This is why I never buy extended warranties - it is a hassle and a ripoff.

  • Dec 1, 2020

American Home Shield Sent a contractor to repair HVAC (Heating), and found the OLD UNIT NEEDS REPLACEMENT, NO parts available for repair ...Unit is too old and now needs replacement ...contractor has contacted the MFR and found no replacement parts avail. refuses to replace and for over a month has replied the contractor is looking for replacement parts. The Contractor says they are no longer looking.

AHS refuses to discuss...the help desk refuses to give us a supervisor or manager to contact to find out any information. It is now freezing outside and we have no heat... 23 degrees at night and no heater .. AHS is nowhere to be found on fixing and is not authorizing any contractor to replace the unit even though there are NO PARTS AVAILABLE.

  • Sep 17, 2020

I purchased the top of the line home warranty coverage from American Home Shield. I have had to make two seperate claims with this company (very small claims, but urgent in nature). American Home Shield continually denies coverage even though their technicians tell them that items need to be replaced and it is clearly covered in the policy. I have three thermostats that have been non-operational for over a month. Their contract clearly states that they are responsible for replacing these thermostats with "like" units.My thermostats are wifi/z-wave enabled to work on the smart home system.

I have been told by AHS contractors that even if the company can be convinced to replace them that they will be replaced with basic/bottom dollar thermostats, not similar units as speicifed in the contract. They have now tried toschedule 5 separate technicians to come take a look (booking more than a week out. Most technicians AHS calls to have come out to my property aren't even qualified/capable of working on my HVAC system. Contractors are not scheduled during appropriate times, they do not communicate, and when they do finally make anappointment, and report back to AHS that items need to be replaced, AHS does not allow them to do the work or fix the problem.

It usually takes over an hour of waiting on hold to talk to someone by phone in their company, and I've waited over 10 days for a supervisor to call me back. The supervisor offered no solutions other than booking a 6th technician to come out and corrobrate what the firs three have reported, that the thermostats need to be replaced.

  • Sep 7, 2020

American home service i have been a client of ahs for 5 years and i have never had any problems with them until now. I have had a service call 3 months ago and they have never followed up to correct my problem. And now not only my microwave is broken, but my dishwasher also has to run 2 times in order for the dishes to clean. Thank is pretty bad. My microwave the service tech said that i need a new unit because he could not repair my unit and nothing.

I need answers, if you call there is a 1.5-hour wait, this is bs. Something needs to be done to get better customer service. We pay our bills and we are not getting fixed. The scamion , bbb would love to hear about their poor customer service. All i want it what i have paid for... They are screwing the public. Poor/worst customer service pensacola fl

  • Aug 23, 2020

Purchased a home warrenty from American Home Shield (AHS) on 08/01/2020. We filed a claim on 08/16/2020 for our Air conditioning, the service co assigned never responed for 7 days, due to it being the middle of summer and no a/c on 08/22/2020 we contacted a local a/c service co. and they were out on 08/24/2020 at 9:30 am and repaired our unit. I contacted AHS and they put me on hold for over 50 min, when findley answered a women answered that i could'nt understand so she transfered me to a dead line, so through the process again, this time I was able to leave a call back# which they called back .

The gentleman that called back said they would refund the service charge of $75.00 which would take up to 10 business days. When I requested canceling the contract and a full refund he said that they would'nt do that and that there would be a cancelation fee for canceling the contract which we never used! We were never informed about any cancelation fees for breaking the contract, so we want our miney back in full!

  • Aug 1, 2020

I called Wednesday for a covered item and placed a request for service. I had to call back early Friday because I had no follow up or scheduled service for resolution. I was told I would get a call back. I had to call back late Friday because I had no calls to schedule service.

I was told it was too late and had to wait for Monday. Not acceptable for a home warranty that should accommodate you in a timely manner.

  • Jul 16, 2020

My wife called American Home Shield to have some repairs on some flourescent light fixtures and a ceiling fan. After waiting on hold for more than one hour, they charged her the $80 upfront service fee. They scheduled South Mountain Electrical to come out for the service. Dispatch ID from AHS is #570226472. She had spoken to Jackie at American Home Shield.

When South Mountain arrived the technician agreed with my supposition that the ballasts on the light fixtures were the culprits. He verified the issues with the ceiling fan. Then when he called in to confirm coverage (which I would have assumed had already been cleared), he said they told him our issues were not covered.

My wife called American Home Shield for a refund of the $80 fee but they refused to give her a refund. The person she spoke with said this would be covered if we had the premium coverage....WHICH WE HAVE.

Item H: Shield Complete

1. Ceiling Fans - Covered Items - All Components and Parts

7. Electrical

COVERED ITEMS: All components and parts of a hard-wired home electrical system.

This is not the first time that AHS as pulled this crap. They did cover replacing a garbage disposal but not the leaky faucet in a previous trip.

Compared to what we paid for the coverage, it has not been worth the money and we will not be renewing. My wife was not going to renew last year but they pulled the usual "oh wait let's give you a discount" line so she renewed. Not again.

Based on other reviews and posts on this site and others, I don't know how these people stay, or are even allowed to stay in business.

  • Jul 11, 2020

I hope this will make you think twice about using American Home Shield.

Try to call there service took me 2 days for an answer

Look up any A.H.S number.You just get the same thing

They don,t even have an Email address.

Now my story.

My water heater went out on Fri.June 12,2020.I started calling A.H.S. two days

later they answered the phone (try the number).Monday the plumber called.

Plumbers Inc.(888-379-4321) The first thing he said was I have water damage.

His friend came out 45min. later, and said I have over $3000.00 in damage.

about 5 sq.feet,the heater sits on a tin pan.I told the plumber no on the

water damage. Next I get a email from A.H.S.(remember you can,t email them)

It will cost $900.00 for upgrades to the water heater install. all the parts

from home depot, I checked $232.00. June 22,2020 I get a call from the

plumber,asking when do I want the water heater installed.By this time my son

Install a new water heater.Total cost $700.00.

Both me and my wife are 75,and disabled,with no water for 8 days

Like I said call any phone numbers they list (it will tell the whole story)

  • Jul 7, 2020

First they never answered the phone. After 2h15m57s the phone just hung-up. Finally got someone who told me if they did not preapproved work they wouldn't refund any paid fees for service. Then I called about a different issue and was referred to an electrical company who never call when I told them I would be available.

So I called the company told them I would be available for the next 4 days and what time I would be available. The company never called back until I told them I was going to cancel the order. By then I was on the phone calling ahs cancelling the order. I would like this company and to return the $365 since they have not provided any services to me. Then I will be able to buy a reliable home warranty company.

  • Jul 5, 2020

Our HVAC unit is leaking water into the filter and all over the floor. The service tech that came out made the problem worse. When we called the warranty company back they said wait 4 hrs and if we don't hear from anyone call them back. They've been saying that for the last 5 days. Now they say they cant contact anyone (even though the first contractor they sent was on our other line.

He said without a work order they cant do anything). Now the warranty company is saying we need to deal with this ourselves and they will reimburse us? We explained that because of this covid-19 crap, I'm unemployed and we cant afford to pay out of pocket! Now we're to being put on hold (usually 1-1.5hrs) and eventually told someone will call us back! WTF!!!!!

  • Jun 2, 2020

While replacing our bathroom vanity we found that the drain pipe was corroded and leaked. The plumber could see that the damage was from corrosion and had been going on for a while. American Home Shield denied the claim on the grounds that I had removed the vanity.

So apparently, removing a vanity can cause retroactive corrosion, going back years. Who knew?

The word is always that these home warranty companies look for any excuse to deny the claim. We've canceled "service" from other dishonest home warranty companies before. I guess our search for an honest one continues.

  • May 22, 2020

I called them about this and first customer rep hung up on me. Then when I called to to complain second rep told me she cannot tell me who hung up on me and cannot provide me any info on making a complaint. Never used the service but this was enough to breach my contract with them and look for another company.

  • Mar 25, 2020

WARNING: American Home Shield AHS will avoid your claim despite their promise and neither repair or pay. This is not a home warranty for peace of mind. It’s a huge hassle working with them. I have spent hundreds of wasted hours with no results so far.

Real estate agents and employees of American Home Shield - you can find a better company than this. AHS’s dishonesty and unprofessionalism reflects poorly upon you. I suggest you find a better company to work for or recommend.

I submitted a claim for my refrigerator and AHS refused to repair or pay the claim. I live in Georgia where they are required to have a surety bond with Liberty Mutual but they refused to give me the bond number to make a claim.

  • Nov 1, 2019

My garage attic fan is rattling very loudly. I called the manufacturer and they said the bearings are shot. The motor and fan come in one assembly.

I called AHS and they send an electrician out. I was still hot outside, so he could hear it rattle. I gave him the name and address of the manufacturer, which is local. He said he would turn it into the AHS. American Home Shield did not bother to notify me that they denied the claim. They had the gall to tell me on the phone that their electrican could find nothing wrong.

A month later they sent our another electrican. He took photos and sent them to AHS. American Home Shield said he could find nothing wrong. Cross collusion here.

  • Oct 27, 2019

American Home Shield (AHS) warranty was provided (at real estate agent's suggestion) when we purchased a second home. As they charge a $75.00 "FEE" to "process any claim", when we had a garbage disposal leak, I did not bother to call, went and purchased, and replaced the unit.

We arrived on the Saturday 09/01 before Labor Day 2018 to an Air Conditioner that was not working. I called AHS and requested service. Paid the $75.00 by credit card. Was told someone would respond within four hours - NOT TRUE.

Got ahold of them on Tuesday, 09/04, was told there was no contractor in database for our area. I would need "outside authorization" that must be approved by a supervisor. Even though I was on the telephone for 33 minutes, no progress. I called an additional eight times before getting through.

Placed on hold for 36 minutes before the call dropped. Called back, after 22 minutes got through, after 10 minutes transferred, placed on hold, and they hung up. Called a local A/C Contractor who diagnosed and fixed the unit for $152.50. I disputed the $75.00 charge with credit card company and received staement credit.

Had AHS been honest and said, we do not have A/C contractor for your area and paid the $77.50 difference for the actual repair, I would have been very satisfied. As a result of this experience, I WOULD NEVER WASTE MONEY ON A HOME WARRANTY PLAN WITH ANY COMPANY, BUT ESPECIALLY AMERICAN HOME SHIELD.

Their plans are about $500 a year - save your money and pay for your repairs when needed. All this company does is LIE, transfer your call, and hang up. The A/C contractor told me the AHS company was slow to pay we they did service for AHS, so they do not deal with them either. This company should not be allowed to sell a service they do not stand behind.

They will sell you a plan, but you will only encounter delays and frustration if you try to deal with them. I would rate them NEGATIVE 5 stars! Absolutely the WORST company I have dealt with - ever. Saw realtor afterward and told her what happened as well.

  • Sep 4, 2019

They claimed my compressor was damaged by sprinklers. This is impossible because where sprinkler water could enter, the compressor is covered by a plastic jacket which is impermeable.

On the side where the jacket is open, there is a metal plate with no openings. Sprinkler damage is impossible!!!

  • Aug 12, 2019

Air conditor has been down for a month-their techican never shows up for apponintments can not talk to anyone other than customer service will not let you talk to a supervisore every thing you can you get a different person with a different answer.

  • May 19, 2019

When we purchased our home, we decided to get the "home warranty" package our agent suggested. It was close to a thousand bucks, but since we were moving more than a thousand miles, we decided it would be worth it.

Our first "repair" job was for the "whole house ceiling fan" that was on the fritz. We had the contractor come up and "fix" the fan. To say he was unprofessional is a gross understatement. We requested IN WRITING an invoice with a detail of the work he was doing and the costs associated (in case we wanted to cancel the service in the future and pay for the work out of pocket). He said he would "get around to it." We didn't get so much as a business card with his name on it!

The "electrician" cut a three foot by four foot section out of our ceiling and refused to put the sheet rock and insulation back into place. He said, "I will screw the pieces back up but you will have to tape and texture/paint." He did NO SUCH thing! The fan still works intermittingly. He has since changed his number and refused our calls to please repair the hole.

The electrician is also being reported.

We requested in writing at least two dozen times over the last nine months to provide us with a copy of the work order and monies AHS paid on "our behalf." They have failed to do so. We have formally requested a full refund of the monies we paid to AHS to subscribe to the "service."

The monies are due to us for the following reasons:

1. The agent I spoke to on chat (the following day) stated/agreed in writing the huge hole in the ceiling constitutes a "serious health and safety risk to the structure of the home." The agent assured us that they would send out someone to fix the work, or pay us to have the work done. They delivered NONE of those things.

Instead, we were given a limited window of time to find OUR OWN CONTRACTOR, pay for the work OURSELVES, and they would consider sending us payment to cover the work IF the contractor that did the work jumped through the hoops (signing in and creating an account, calling in with the work estimate, and then doing the work) they required. It was an undo and unreasonable burden to put on the consumer for the work THEY PAID THE ELECTRICIAN TO DO.

2. I have spent over 40 hours trying to find someone to do the work. It was not possible to accomplish in the "window" of time we were given by AHS. We live in an isolated/small town and there are not a lot of contractors to pull from to do the work.

3. Both AHS and the electrician violated the terms we agreed to. We requested from the contractor copies of his invoice and it was refused. We requested from AHS copies of the work, again, it was refused. At this time, AHS is libel for the damage since they paid the electrician and NOT us.

  • Oct 25, 2018

I have had this company out to fix a fridge on 3 separate occasions, it is still not fixed. AND because the fridge (freezer) breaks approx 90 days after they have "fixed" it previuosly, I have to pay a service fee every single time. Also, evey time this fridge (freezer) breaks I am also losing over $100 worth of food every time. (There is no reimbursement for this)

When you contact customer service be prepared to wait over an hour on the phone and then talk to someone in a different country. Asking for a supervisor will also get you the exact same person you were speaking with before and all they do is repeat the exact same thing.

Funnily enough, they are suppsoe to be a "Home Warranty" company and warranty nothing. If something breaks after they have "fixed" it thats just too bad, you get to pay again.

If I purchased the warranty through the manufacturer, they would fix it, not charge me a fee and replace my food. As soon as my contract has expired I will not be renewing with this company.

  • Jul 8, 2018

I was told My septic pump was covered and they sent a technician out and the tech said it’s not then AHS said oh that’s only covered the first year Rip off I’m canceling my credit card transaction with them.

  • Jun 19, 2018

Failed to provide service and replacement of the failed product as they advertise I have been without hot water for 2 weeks now and the advertise repacement or repair within 2 days

  • May 13, 2018

After more than two months of going back and forth with American Home Shield - I can honestly say that my issues can not be an issolated case. Buyer beware with American Home Shield! In a last ditch effort today to speak with the illusive "supervisor" I called and waited 43 minutes before someone answered the initial call (that is fairly standard to wait that long to reach someone) and then of course that first customer service person had to put me on another long hold to transfer me (today only was 1 hour 8 mintues for a call with no resolution again.)

Additinoally this company does not provide communication to you. Do not plan on having any call backs, emails, etc. You will be the one pursuing them and waiting on hold while hoping someone will actually help you - and when they can not help you they will just tell you that they will get back to you and then they won't. I'm quite confident this is all to make the effort on the customer so high that you give up all claims.

So they will take $600+ per year for a warranty that isn't worth anything and then if you do make a claim for one of the 34 items listed on the website that are "covered" they charge $75 to send a repair person out to assess the situation - and then nothing happens after that except for a run around.

I'll spare you all the details of our microwave issue, but we are now faced with having to take legal action in order to force the company to do right by us. Luckily I documented every call and kept every report that shows that our issues are covered by this home warrenty. If you ever do have to make a claim - be sure to record everything, because they will just ignore you and you'll need all the information you can get when you take them to small claims court.

  • May 8, 2018

I purchased a home warranty from this company. As soon as I moved into my home, I detected an AC leak that was damaging the ceiling of my house. They didn't cover the leak or the subsequent damage. I paid 100% out of pocket to have a company diagnose and fix the problem and fixed the ceiling myself. That same company inspected my unit and found multiple leaks on the condenser and evaporator. The tech surmised that hail might have damaged the outside unit, and recommended expanding my return to reduce differential pressure and prevent further leaks. I called back AHS to see if any of this was covered, and they sent out a tech of their own to inspect (at a $75 charge to me). The tech spent well over 95% of the visit trying to convince me to buy a brand new unit out of pocket. Then he insisted that he was only there to look at one unit, and when I told him I'd have him come back when he could look at both he "remembered" he was there for both.

He spent less than five minutes looking at everything, then went right back to selling me a brand new unit. When I stood my ground and said that I wanted what my warrantee would cover, he ran off without saying anything. Two days later, I get a call saying the company won't cover anything wrong with my unit. Not one single thing. They claimed the condenser damage was from hail (suspiciously familiar to what the first tech said MIGHT have happened), and then said the evaporator leak was from differential pressure, which doesn't count as "normal wear and tear." Again, suspiciously similar to what the first tech had said.

They claimed their tech had made these conclusions himself, but he couldn't have possibly made any of those determinations in the time he actually looked at anything. And ignoring that, precisely what does this warranty actually cover? The answer: nothing. The unreasonably strict "normal wear and tear" is based on the astoundingly nonsensical expectation that equipment should fail without any cause whatsoever. The cherry on top is that I’ve since discovered another return that the first tech had missed, which means the original differential pressure concern wasn’t even valid (even after they lied and said their tech had come to the same conclusion). So even keeping with their ridiculous expectation that the unit fail for no discernible reason, they still cover nothing. This company is running a complete racket, and trying to push thousands of dollars of brand new installations on people to boot. Do not do business with these thieves.

  • Mar 28, 2018





  • Feb 16, 2018

I would not recomend a h s they do not stand behind their customers

A.h.s. Sent out service contractors plumbing ,they agreed that it needed replacement. Said they had to get it approved by a.h.s. Which they approved. Then i got a call back ,was told i would have to pay over 400. For permits and upgrades. I called a.h.s. And told them ,they told me they would pay for the water heater ,but the rest was between me and the not expect a.h.s. To stand behind you and do what they advertise. They send somebody out you pay your service fee then you are at the mercy of the contractor they can charge whatever they want

  • Jan 11, 2018

I signed up with AHS American Home Shield Warranty with what i thought was a good deal. I needed a leaky faucet fixed and for the vendor to check a pipe that was leaking outside of the house. I was told since there were two things that needed to be checked i would have to talk to AHS so that i dont get double charged on the service fee which is $100. When trying to contact AHS i found out you cant contact them in any way other than the service request form which i had already completed and needed to discuss with someone. I tried holding on phone line it was over 2 hours and 30 minutes the first time with no answer and then i got disconnected. 2nd time was over 1 hour and my batter died. 3rd time 2 hours and then the call dropped. There is a link to chat online with a representative that doesnt work. There is no email address to contact them. No support ticket request. NOTHING! These guys are a huge scam and are criminal and should be indighted for fraud. I finally got through by selecting a different dept when calling in and got somebody to submit a request to cancel my membership. Who knows if i can cancel this and what they are going to say. I was told i would be called within 48 hours which i highly doubt. Somebody needs to do something about these criminals. DO NOT USE AMERICAN HOME SHIELD!


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