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American Automobile Association, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Valencia
Phone 1-800-222-4357

American Automobile Association, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2022

I had been a loyal AAA member for over 10 years, over the years they cut back changed there services and changed thigs around a bit, this is the way CORPORATE GREEDY AMERICAN HAVE COME TO DO BUSINESS, you are getting less and paying more and the service really is terrible.

I was a Premier member, my membership expired on Oct 22 2021, i was moving and did not get an email and a call from member services until Dec. 2021, i went online and renewed my membership on Jan. 2 2022, after i paid my premium membership fees of 119.00 for the year i noticed that the date fro renewal was Oct 22 3021 and my new expiration date will be Oct 22 2022, i called membership service to see what had happened and they told me that there is a 90 grace period that i was not aware of so i get my renewal on that date of Oct 22 2021.

I told the man this is wrong as i paid it on Jan 2 2020 and i wanted my start date te begain there. He asid there wa snothing he could do and put in a dispute for me, a week goes by and i get a call from some Bimbo in cust support and she tells me i as S.O.L and there is nothing she can do for me, i told her to cancel my membership as i did not tjis iwas fair to renew my membership for full price and only get 9 months of service. they said fine a dn refunded only 98.00 of my original membership fee of 119.00. this is total bullsh*t.

AAA auto club is nothing but a bunch of greedy crooks and thives, i am posting tjis to warn potentils new member to be aware of there shitty tactics amd not to join them. there services are getting worse and they are crooks.

  • Sep 23, 2021

New Chevy Impala battery, dead after two months, AAA claims they do not want to replace battery because I do not have the paperwork from last installation. AAA repairman says he remembers installing that battery last july. Battery dead 48 hours after charge. Says if I do not present the paperwork, no battery replacement.

Member 429 014 624439820

  • Aug 29, 2021

On 8/28/21 I came in with a coupon for Oil Change, Tire Rotation & Free Digital vehicle inspection & safety check for a total of $39.99. At the time, I hadn't read the full details of the service and what it included. But, I asked how much would a diagnostic cost me---Rep Daniel - P67297 told me $119. We've been members of AAA for over 10years and never used this facility.

So, wife wanted to try it out with the coupon. When, I picked up my car, I paid for the service and left. I was not pleased with the extremely high balance of $191 for services that was supposed to be $39.99 not counting misc fees. I don't like to squabble over a bill in public. But, when I got home I went over the coupon and invoice more thoroughly, and I noticed I was charged $135 for the diagnostic, and for 8.5 quarts of oil.

When I called in to complain, I was told, that was a non-member charge and it shouldn't have been applied. The rep said he would take care of it, and credited me the difference of the pricing. But, the coupon also said I should've gotten my tires rotated, which it was not even suggested by the rep, and that the free digital inspection (which I thought was a diagnostic --The word-play here). I tried to get an explanation for the omission from who I was talking to, but the rep was over-talking me and becoming short, so I asked for a manager, he said he was the manager, I asked for his name, and he said Jim Casol.

I got upset because he started going back and forth with me and used a curse word about the situation and He stated, if I'm going to use that language I going hang up. And he just hung up on me. I immediately called back and got a Joe (totally opposite character), he tried to explain to me the charges, he apologized for the previous miscues in the whole invoice, he took ownership of the called and tried to help as much as he could.

He tried to assure me that if I gave the shop another chance that I wouldn't feel so bad about doing business with them again. I assured him that I would NEVER use that facility again, because it's not the omission, slip-up, or big thumbs of the rep that charged me as a non-member when I'm a member, or the rep not explaining to me what the services of the coupon entailed and what would my potential charges be based on the service a breakdown of my charges, No, it was the way the manager spoke to me, as a potentially new customer, he over-talked me, he basically argued with me about the charges, and he told me it was not his reps fault that I didn't tell him what I thought the coupon covered. (free digital inspection - is not a diagnostic). And then when I attempted to remind him I was an adult and a customer, and I used a curse word, he took that as an opportunity to get me off the phone--and hungup on me!

When I called back I got Joe, who should be the manager at this shop, because he knows how to talk to people, accept ownership of mishaps and try to resolve the grievance in real time. He also gave me the number of Ron -District manager when I asked for Jim's bosses name. I believe you have one time to make a good impression, and AAA Car Care Plus 063 Johns Creek, dropped the ball on this one. I will Never recommend this facility to anyone based on the Manager Jim Casol, the service there after starts with him.

  • Aug 10, 2021

Lately when aaa is called the waiting time is anywhere between 8 & 12 hour. this time my daughter was stuck with her baby for almost 12 hours in the scorching sun. The time before that she had to wait with her child practically all night in a mc donalds for service.

they always say that a tow truck will be there within 45 minutes to an hour. oh! and they want you to open the hood of the vehicle, You know so the local hoodlums know that you are stranded

this company was never like this. I've been a member since 1995. this will be my last year with them. Just everyone to know whats going on and how this company ( aaa ) is not what they portray to be anymore...

  • May 23, 2021

Paid AAA gold 2years never used battery died suddenly wife and me on phone hour and 15 minutes answered in Maryland told I was in Tn. laughed transferred me finally telling my situation hung up on me nurse stopped let me breathe vent and boosted me had to give her all my money we both are severely disabled why we got AAA dirty crooks.

  • Apr 7, 2021

AAA Ny I called for AAA, because i broke down in Buffalo, was all set to give the driver my card and pay for the tow from Buffalo , Ny to Pa 150 mile trip. The driver says do you have someone that can pick you up. I thought he meant the destination, no he meant here in Buffalo, have to lost for freaking mind, i ain't having someone come pick me up or uber 150 miles. So refused to allow me to ride with him because of this covid hoax bs. So AAA is to blame, no mention of this while i was on the phone with AAA. So if you are in Ny state, the gestapo state it is, prepare to talk, uber or take a bus to the destination. Totally joke. United State

  • Nov 5, 2020

When i needed a tow, i contacted Automobile Club of Southern California. They sent their subcontractor in Los Angeles, Falcon tow, to provide the transportaion for the vehicle. during the tow, Falcon Tow badly damaged the vehicle, so that it can't even be used. now, neither AAA of Southern California or Falcon Tow will accept responsibility. i have to rent a vehicle if i wish to continue working on my own dime.......and they won't even fix the vehicle. Shame on both businesses.

  • May 21, 2020

In early March I scheduled and purchased a week long Hawaii trip to see Pearl Harbor for late April . As a veteran it's something I always wanted to see. I purchased the package , travel insurance and club membership. Middle of March, I expressed concern over the Covid virus and requested a cancellation of my purchase. I also asked for a refund because there were no signs of a vaccine nor an end to what was occurring.

I was told by my travel agent I would have to wait fourteen days before my departure date of April 21st, which I did. The agent was working from home as were I, when I recieved a call stating I would only recieve 72 dollars out of the almost $3000 that I paid in full in early March. I expressed that this was unexceptable. I contacted and sent all paper work to the Better Business Bureau, who contacted the company and recieved the same statement.

The travel insurance I purchased that is peddled by AAA is of no apparent value. I was made aware from the travel agent that I would be abandoned on my own to retrieve my money. Buyers need to beware that once they have your money you become expendable as a consumer with them. I could have booked my own hotel and airline ticket, something I've done plenty of times before but I thought this was a repreable company.

  • Mar 4, 2020

AAA should be ashamed of themselves. They send out this outfit from Monterey Park, Cal called FREEWAY TOWING. The low life of low. The driver was a complete mess. He smelled like piss. His attitude and leering at my children.

Then he bragged how he and the employees WITH THE COMPANY knowing it, steals out of customers' cars and cargo.

Southern California AAA should be ashamed! They know Freeway Towing are criminals. I am pursuing a lawsuit and going to the California Highway Patrol.

Canceled membership!

  • Sep 13, 2019

Today 9/14/2019 called 1-800-222-4357 at 149 pm regarding a flat tire I needed changed said I was in the curbside delivery spot B738 at the HEB Parking Garage at 5106 Bissonnet in Bellaire TX. Told the lady there were Signs on the parking structure to clearly indicate curbside delivery is inside the structure and there are signs also within the structure pointing to the location. Explained this to the lady who took my request. She said she would send the notes.

Then she said United would be the provider and I requested another since these people from 2 years ago did not show up. At 157 pm I received a text message that AAA svc would be in 55 minutes. That would have been 2:52 pm.

Well, while we were waiting a person changed the tire and so by 236 pm had a spare tire on my car. Then called the 1-800-222-4357 number and pressed 1 which cancels the service. Went home and unpacked my groceries when a person at 3:22 pm called. This 3:22 pm is more than 30 min after 55 min timeline From my experience the aaa-texas is now only a revenue collection card and no longer offers any service. I am canceling my membership of 37 years.

  • Sep 10, 2019

On the way home from a repair shop, my truck ran out of gas (repair shop drove my gas out and didn't inform me). This happened after hours, at night, on a busy street. I called AAA and they promised a service tech in one hour. After an hour, no text message update and no one showed up. I tried calling, but the wait time was 10 mins and I was low on battery. A cop pulled up and bought me gas to get home. I never had any follow up for that service request.

I called AAA the next day to complain. They only apologied--nothing else.

A couple of weeks later, I needed to have a jump on my car. The agent says this is my last of 4 calls for the year and she confirmed my last request (which was never fulfilled) was still counted against me. The tech shows up. He says the battery removal will require extended time and cost me the cost of battery and 35.00 extra due to the labor involved. I agreed and he hooked up his jump box to the battery. Claimed it wasn't the battery and left.

I towed the car to the repair shop. Found it was the battery after all. Cost me over 200.00 to have it replaced when I could have had it done for the 35.00 in my yard.

I emailed a complaint. I just received a form letter reply--nothing addressed about my complaint, only that they hope I will remain a loyal customer!

  • Oct 6, 2018

I am a member AAA Roadside Assitance Program. I received a hard copy renewal in the mail stating they could not renew my AAA . I checked with AAA and they were correct. I received 2 telephone calls, one text message about the renewal.

It is possible the first telephone call was legitimate because it matched the hard copy request for new card. The text message using 735-29 asked that I provide a new card so they could renew my membership in AAA. In the Text Mail it contained a unknknown URL "" which I later learned was bogus.

Then I received three telephone calls from this telephone number: (316) 416-3014. My Caller ID listed the telephone calls as coming from Whitewater, Kansas. This was very clearly a bogus number. AAA does not have any office in Whitewater, Kansas, a town of 500 people about 25 miles North of Wichita, Kansas.

I called AAA at their Roadside Assistance Number at 1-800-222-4357 and spoke with a legitimate AAA representitive who confirmed they needed a new credit number so they could autobill my annual membership. I gave the number. Now I am worried the other 2 calls were not legitmate nor was the Text Mail with strange URL.

They could "clean out" my bank account.

Always call the Vendor direct. Do not accept Text mails or bogus phone calls

  • Jun 27, 2018

On August 1, 2016 whle sitting at a red light waiting for the light to change in order to make a left-hand turn, my vehicle was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by Mr. Lol Len Thang, who was traveling at 45 miles per hour according to the police report. My wife was shown Mr. Thang's insurance card which was from Farm Bureau, and had expired in March, Therfore, my vehicle was hit by an uninsured driver. Mr. Thank did not speak English. My vehicle polilcy with Triple A clearly states that if my vehicle is hit by an uninsured motorist, I will not be required to pay the $500.00 deductible, or any deductible amount. However, when I took my vehicle to Brothers Collision Repair in Martinsville, Indiana, I did pay the deductible. I feel this was unethical and possible illegal. I am currently trying to retrieve the $500.00. The Statute of Limitations requires that this be done before August of the current year. I feel they should also pay interest on this money that I ashould never have had to pay in the first palce. In addition to the $500.00, I have paid $1200.00 for car rental and additional insurance on the rental car.

  • Apr 13, 2018

This company hounded me for years to come back and finally I did given the fact of my recent purchases of another two vehicles.I was unaware that my mortorcycle wasn't included in the roadside package so I was left on the side of the road.

  • Feb 6, 2018

I was on a road trip from California to Texas. I was in my 1999 Chev Suburban. I was in the vicinity of Chaco Canyon, on the side of the freeway. A plastic valve that distributes coolant to the heater broke off. I lost all coolant. I called AAA, and after a long wait, I was told that the nearest garage was 40 miles away, and that it would cost me $800 for them to tow me! I said what happened to the "tow to the nearest garage" coverage they advertised? Complete indiference and lack of concern. I googled tow companies near me, and got a truck to show up for $200 from the town 40 miles away. It took 3 hours to arrive, and by then I had temporarily patched the problem with glue and duct tape. The tow operater followed me to the very next exit about 2 miles away, where the was an O'Riely's auto parts store. He charged me the $200 anyway. I bought the part I needed, put it on, and went on my way...pissed as heck!!

I complained to AAA and got the same indiference and lack of concern....

A year or two later, I got a promotional offer from them in the mail offering me a free card (nothing to do with my complaint)... I put it in the trash where it belongs! I have subsequently met several people with similar stories!


  • Jan 3, 2018

Tried calling AAA all day yesterday. My battery was dead. Busy signal all day. Went online to request service. Their website is practically useless. I finally mangaged after many attempt to put in a service request. Was given a 5 hr. wait time! After 5 hrs, a human actually called me back to say, Ooops, we sent them to RI instead of MA! It will be another 6 hrs till they get there! It was 8 degrees out. What if I was on the side of a road with children? I said forget it, that will get them her at 3am. Just send them in the morning. I was told, no, cant do that. I have to call back the next day and request again! Needless to say, I got a jump the next day from someone else. I cannot find any customer assistance link on their website for complaints. I looked up their corporate office number, but their phone system doesnt have a choice for complaints or to talk to a person. I then began just pressig the various options, and all of the extensions were busy. I tried them all repeatedly. I have been paying dues for years and never had to use them before. I went on their facebook page and they are not allowing anyone to add new comments. The one's that are already there are all saying the same thing.

  • Oct 24, 2017

AAA came out to take care of flat tire for my daughetr. The AAA person could not find a simple spare tire. So, AAA hired an independt contractor, W. T. Grant Wrecker to tow the vehicle. While towing the vehilce, the company damaged the vehicle to the tune of over $1,300. They are refusing to pay for the damages, and even thought AAA hired them AAA is refusing to pay for the damages as well.

  • Jul 24, 2017

I submitted a claim for a burglary in April. The beginning of this joke is that the girl that answered the 800 number didn't know where claims were sent. She had me send my claim to the Walnut Creek, California office. When I contacted the adjuster IN OKLAHOMA CITY, he said he hadn't received it and that it sometime took longer than 3 days to get to him. After another week I called and he had just received it in regular mail from the California office. 7 days wasted.

The next and most vexing issue is the amount of detail they require. I sent a handwritten list expecting them to come back asking for more details. They did, and I submitted 88 pages of their forms and copies of receipts. Again I waited. After a couple of weeks I emailed asking what the status of the claim was. The contact person said that it had been assigned to someone else, and they would be getting back to me.

The next inquiry resulted in "need more information" again. I saw that they were using the 2nd submission, but not the 88 page submission. I told them to try again.

A couple of more weeks went by (we're now into month 2), and I asked what progress had been made. Again came the comment "she needs more detail". The submission had every item that was stolen, a receipt for the purchase price showing the date, the amount I paid including tax and shipping. Figuring I wasn't dealing with someone familiar with tools, I sent pictures from the web site where I purchased the first items. Again, after another week, "I need more details" and "I don't understand what you wrote", along with THEIR form (different from the original form). I filled this out with infinite care, listing on separate lines, each item, reiterating the price, age, and condition, and referring her back to the receipt and photos.

Again came the response "I don't understand what you're putting in the form, I need more detail and some B.S. about how to fill out the form if I had a Toto lawnmower.

I warned the initial contact person that I would be sending letters to the editor of Consumer Reports, as well as explaining my situation on every possible site I could. AND I warned him that this treatment was discriminatory and I would be suing him in small claims court in Arizona for $10,000 (which is the maximum allowed). This I intend to do next week. I learned from a hoochmate in Iraq, you don't sue the company, you sue the employees in small claims court because the individual can't bring a lawyer, and the company will disavow them as soon as HR receives the summons.

  • Jan 30, 2017

AAA of souther California is a ripp-off company. I sing up for the $49.00 membership for road assistance and other additional services for ONE YEAR. after 2 months I received a bill stating that I do own $49.00.

I responded stating that the membership was for one year. The guy was very direspectfull and treatening for me to pay this bill or will be sent to aq collection agency. After many call it was clarified that I do not own this money and was a mistake. (Fine)

Now four months later I received onother Bill for $49.00 and more treats of collection, I wa truly upset and againg rudness and be masty people.

I requested a full refund of my $49.00 as stated on their adverticement and finish with this malcontents. She stated that "No problel have a nice Day"

Oh Boy this b******* refunded $24.00 only and they clain that i did use their services (A LIE)

PLEASE: do not use this ripoff company and look all the other reports. Evil doers! ! !

  • Dec 29, 2016

I am a renter at the home I live in. I have lived here for 3 years with my ex-husband. I moved in when he moved in. There has been many rainy seasons in this house and we never had a problem. Also, he (my ex has been paying into homeowners insurance with AAA for over 20 years. Now this last rain we had in Dec 2016 before Christmas, I noticed next to my side of the couch the carpet was soaking wet. I told Bob, my ex. To make a claim with AAA. They finally sent out Tim Louck a Property Estimator. He looked at the roof, the carpet (took a picture of a stain) and used a moister meter to let us know there is wet all the way 3 feet across the wall behind the couch between our familyroom and Bob's bathroom. Tim also looked and used his little meter in the bathroom and said there was moister on the floor but not the wall. He didn't think the leak was coming from the roof. He will send out a plumber to check the pipes.

He then started to tell us the bad news. Although we have been paying into AAA for around 22 years now, with homeowners and car insurance this probibly will not be covered. Oh, and we were also informed that we would have to pay a thousand dollar deductable if the claim is approved. Well, I got angry. I told him (Tim) this is the house. The floor is soaked, the carpet is no good and needs replaced as well as the padding and God knows what needs to be done in the walls. What about mold?

Yes, he said it's not in your policy. It's probibly not going to be covered. I got even more mad and started to yell, we've been paying your company for over 20 years etc.

He then told us. I'm not even going to put in your claim. I can't let her (me) yell at our plumbers like that. I told him, I don't have a problem with his plumbers, I've got the problem with AAA and now him.

He still refused to put in the claim. Who does this guy think he is? I'm sure other people have gotten mad at being told their claim will be denied. If you can't take the heat get a different job Tim.

Put in the claim, it's not fair because he got his feelings hurt and took it personal.

  • Oct 21, 2016

I have used AAA for 35 years with no incident until October 19 of this year, 2016. I was on a brief trip from my home city, New York, to Philadelphia where I was staying with one friend and visiting two others. My car died on an interstate highway where I immediately called AAA. I was told that a tow-truck would arrive in 30 minutes or under. I was kept waiting for 1 hour, 45 minutes. The following is a detailed account of this event.

A little after 2:50 PM: I had just left the home of a friend in central Philadelphia and was driving my Toyota Prius west on Interstate 76 west towards a Philadelphia suburb, Elkins Park to meet another friend, when suddenly my car decelerated. I shifted into neutral and back into drive, pulling towards the shoulder as I did so. The car seemed to accelerate but then decelerated again. I managed to steer it onto the shoulder where it stopped and began to die - first sign was that I couldn't shift gears, and a warning light went on indicating that something was wrong with my car's hybrid systems.

2:57 PM: I phoned AAA. I explained to the representative who finally answered that I was in a very dangerous situation with 18-wheelers, other trucks and cars bearing down behind me. I said that one of these could easily crash into my vehicle and that I was in danger. I told the AAA representative exactly where I was, right down to the mile-marker (344), and to signs in the near distance indicating Philadelphia's western suburbs. I was told that a AAA tow truck would arrive in 30 minutes or under.

3:28 pm: No service truck had arrived. I phoned AAA again, again described the danger of my predicament, and again was told that they would get a service truck out as soon as possible. Please note that every time you call AAA to get an update on the ETA of their service vehicles, you get shunted to a different representative to whom you have to describe your situation all over again - more stress. The second representative I spoke to asked me if I wanted a state trooper to come out to stand with me and direct traffic away from my stranded vehicle. I said yes; they said they'd send one immediately.

4:15: no state trooper had arrived, no tow truck had arrived. Two drivers stopped to come to my aid. One, who was driving some sort of service vehicle, stayed with me by the side of the road for about 15 minutes. The other, who said he was a mechanic, offered to tow my car but I refused, preferring not to trust a total stranger and imagining that a AAA tow truck would arrive any minute.

4:17: I again called AAA and told yet another service representative where I was, and the danger I was in. I was told again that they would get a tow truck out --- as soon as possible. By this time I was desperate and angry. Since no state trooper had showed up, I went to the edge of the shoulder and tried to direct cars myself, away from my vehicle. A Pennsylvania traffic safety truck pulled up and the driver ordered me back to my car, saying that I was distracting drivers even more than my stranded vehicle was doing.

I made two more calls to AAA, at 4:24 PM and at 4:41 PM. I finally managed to get a representative who did get a tow truck sent out quickly.

I was stranded on the shoulder of a dangerous superhighway for an hour and 45 minutes before I finally got mid-Atlantic AAA service. The tow-truck driver who picked me up drove me and my vehicle to a Toyota dealership where my car is awaiting repair as I write this complaint. I got transportation from Uber back to where I was staying on my visit. I went on the Internet, looked up "complaints mid-Atlantic AAA, and discovered that many people have complained about this branch of AAA for its poor service. These complaints are not trivial. AAA's job is to come to the aid of all stranded drivers, but those whose lives are in danger on superhighways, bridges, in tunnels and other hazardous places, should be given top priority. Mid-Atlantic AAA's bad service put my life in danger. I could have been killed on I-76 because of its inaction. It is true that the last representative I spoke with did her job well, but this is not a corporation that should be allowed to let stranded, endangered drivers wait to find "a good rep" after "bad" ones fail to do their jobs.

  • Oct 4, 2016

The story of my heading back home.

So I make it to Ohio. The engine starts failing. So I turned it around and started heading to Penn. I was limping her to where we had stayed the night before, Dubois, Penn. The car was smoking. A AAA tow truck pulled up beside us and motioned us to pull over, His name is Kieth Headlee. He said that the engine was smoking. I said, "No Kidding." He talked me into leaving US 80 and follow him. He inticed me by telling me that he was a mustang guy and had a mechanic that ...could fix it. If not he offered to give me a deal to tow it home if it could not be fixed. I asked him to load the car, so it didn't do any moe damage to my engine, he said that he couldn't and it was not far, so I should just follow him. I followed him.

He took us deep into the mountains. Up and down huge hill. But that wasn't bad enough. Every hill that he came to, he would brake going UP hills to slow my momentum, as if he was trying to blow my engine. This happened on every hill. I did not stress my engine, I would not let it go above 2,000 rpm's. Which meant that I was moving at about 15 MPH by the time I got to the top of each hill. After hapeening 3 times. I started giving my self lots of room form him. I actually stopped a few times to let him climb the hill before making the attempt. Taht woked for 3 hills. Then He caught on. The next hill, he started his antics all over again. I wanted to kill this guy. But by this time we were so far off track, I had to continue.

He brought us to Punxsutawney, PA. Eleation 1,300 ft. by way of hills that were 15 degree climbs. We probably crossed 20 hills. The car made it, which surprised the tow truck driver. I wanted to punch him in the face when we fiannly arrived at a flea bag hotel that he lead us to.

Side note; when we exited US 80, he stopped to fill up. I asked him how far, he said that it was closer than Dubois. He may or may not have been correct, but it was a very small difference in distance. However, US 80 did not have hills that were so high to cross. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had us stuck there for 2 days.

Friday morning the rain was just a drizzle, so I removed the head. The #6 exhaust valve was nicked. I could not get a new one for 4 days. So I called the tow truck driver who had offered me a deal towing it home. It was then that he gave me a quote for over a thousand dollrs to get her home.

I rented a U-Haul and car carrier at a cost of $750 and brought her home myself. This was our plan from the beginning. Make it to Dubois, rent a U-Haul and bring her home. He talked me out of that. In the end, I had more mileage charges driving from Punxsutawney.

  • Oct 3, 2016

I had a tire problem on a Saturday Morning, with my 30' Class C Motorhome. I thought to myself, "good thing I purchased the extra "RV" coverage form AAA". So, I called them and asked them to come out, and install my spare. They told me to expect someone "within the hour". After an hour and a half, I called to check the status. After being on hold for a very long time, they finally came back on the line, stating that they would need to investigate the situation and call me back.

This went on for FOUR hours, while I sat on the sweltering Asphalt in the Florida heat, sweating bullets, like there was no tomorrow! Finally after 4 hours, they called me back, and told me they could not do anything whatsoever to help me! They suggested that I let my fingers do the walking, find someone else that could do it, and of course pay them, and then submit my bill to AAA for reimbursement. I told them that was why I purchased AAA, so I would NOT have to do this. I was stranded, unable to drive ... it was not like I was in sitting in the comfort of my office, at my computer, where I could leisurely make phone calls and surf the net, to find someone to help me.

Then they told me that because tomorrow was Sunday, they would not be able to do anything tomorrow either! Their advise was to call them again on Monday, and start the nightmare all over again!

I told them to pack sand, and that I would be cancelling my RV Roadside Assistance, since it was an obvious waste of money and of no benefit whatsoever.

If anyone else has RV coverage, and is relying on AAA to be there when you need them, remember what they did to me! You might consider some other way of safeguarding yourself, rather than relying on AAA. I had been with them for several years, and they screwed me over badly, the one time I needed them!

  • May 28, 2016

I got this warranty, because my current car's warranty expired. I originally read decent reviews and thought, since AAA backs this warranty i would have no issues. First I normally take my car to the dealership for repairs, but with this warranty it's suggested to go to a AAA Certified Repair Center. Which is where i took my car to, even though its 40mins away from my house. When i purchased the warranty i was told to get the Exclusionary contract which was close to the manufactury warranty. Which is total false.

My struts, and shocks were blown out from regular wear and tear. Went to the repair location presented my warranty info and hoped for the best. The mechanic called me and stated the Struts, Shocks, Front Brakes, Horn and battery need to be replaced and the only thing the warranty covered was the horn. I contacted the warranty administrator and was told that specific codes need to be given to them to see whats covered and what was not covered. I explained that the warranty paperwork stated Battery Replacement will be provided a one-time replacement at the Club owned repair service (which is where i took the car) The administrator said it wasnt approved because it wasn't coded properly.

the warranty is supposed to cover the following:

Exclusionary*: Exclusionary is AAA’s best coverage. Coverage is very similar to the coverage that was on the vehicle when it was new and covers all original mechanical and electrical components except items listed as excluded, vehicle maintenance such as lube oil and filter changes, tires, light bulbs and brake pads.

this warranty is a joke, do not buy an extended warranty from this company or any of the subsidories.

  • May 16, 2016

When we built our home, from an empty lot, we went with and stayed loyal to AAA Home Insurance. What a mistake this was! We had FULL HOME INSURANCE; EVERYTHING was to be covered - and we ASSUMED it was - UNTIL WE HAD A CLAIM. Filing for a small leak in a bathroom was pain enough; which they EVENTUALLY came out for to fix. Not long after, as it turns out, that leak soaked into under my kitchen and the house foundation or supports. I began noticing the kitchen was "dipping" or sloping down then up again and had that checked out. As it turns out either they DIDN'T fix it good enough so that the leak stopped, or the leak had just weakened the supports under my kitchen's marble. So again, I file a claim; a collapsing floor was DENIED. I appealed it - TWICE - AND DENIED.

So after being denied THREE TIMES, I'm suing AAA Home Insurance for over THREE MILLION DOLLARS - which may not even cover the extensive damage done (or left by them?)...

Run from AAA Home Insurance - to ANYWHERE ELSE.

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