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American Airlines, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City DFW Airport
Address P.O. Box 619616
Phone 817-963-1234

American Airlines, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2024

I booked an international ticket from Spain to Hawaii. I decided to check 4 pieces of luggage since I'm relocating. At check in, I paid the baggage fee and was told it would cover the cost to my final destination; however, I would have to collect the bags at Dallas due to a layover exceeding 12 hours, then recheck them the next day for my domestic connection, free of charge.

Upon arriving at DFW, I was instead hit with almost $500 in baggage fees, backed by a fine print policy which is not included in any bagged policy page, but instead is buried inside an incredibly long list of general rules of passage. This states that if your layover exceeds 16.5 hours, you will be assessed baggage fees a second time.

Moreover, there are no warnings during the booking process of any such policy, nor does Iberia (with whom my itinerary started in Spain) appear to have any such rule. In fact, I was told the opposite when checking in in Spain, but I don't blame the Iberia agents for not knowing about a policy which appears to be specific to American.

Even worse is that they insisted upon charging me the higher international baggage fees, rather than the domestic rates, despite my 2nd day's itinerary being purely domestic. When I contacted customer service, they said this is in fact correct, because despite flying only domestically on day 2, these legs form part of an international ticket and therefore international rates apply.

I perused the web in search of other airlines who do this, but so far have come up empty handed. United and Delta have no such policy, and I cannot imagine any logic behind it, given that the customer is forced to collect the baggage and no special handling is required on the part of the airline.

My complaints have been met with zero sympathy, so I have decided not to fly with American again unless I can redeem miles and watch their profit margin suffer. I have never encountered such a substantial hidden fee. Even Ryanair has better transparency and at least their add-on fees are offset by cheap fares

  • Oct 4, 2022

We noted your request for wheelchair service. When I asked my wheel chair to be put in the plane, the crew refused to do that. Esp there was a tall black lady who told me that if I wan to put my wheel chair in the plane, I have to get off the plane and wait for the next flight and was extremely rude.

I insisted and tried to talk to Captian and she did not let me. Finally I spoke to Thomas who was apparently the pursor and told him that they are in violation of FAA rules and he let me put the wheel chair on board. This happens 80% of the time as Pilots and the Crew put their bags in the closet.

Next time I will make a video and put it on the net as well as file a complain with ADA and possibly file a class action law suit. It is not just AA but most Airlines have not educated their crew and should do that. I expect a reply from you as to how you guys are going to address this issue.

  • Aug 19, 2022

American Airlines Issues

Dear Mr. Doug Parker, Mrs. Alice Curry and to whom else it may concern.

With a very heavy heart I decided to write this letter to share a long list of mistakes made by American Airlines in our last travel experience. We had no idea how much trouble we would be by trusting a company that seemed just about right at first glance.

We are a group of 6 people (3 couples), average ages between 60-70, semi-retired (still working since social security income doesn´t even cover the average expenses) and self-employed. We had been planning this trip for several months since all of us had to close our schedules, save money and make it work according to our budgets. With all the inflation, recession it was already a struggle to make it work for us all.

Everything started with our flight from Nashville to Miami being cancelled only 10 hours prior. We depended 100% on that flight to take an International flight to Samana (Dominican Republic) after only 4h layover.

American Airlines is the only airline with that destination available and has only 1 flight/week to that location, so losing that flight would literally ruin the whole vacation. Our Resort was already reserved/paid for and could not be cancelled, so a no-show would cost us cancellation fee money as well.

Immediately when we were notified that our flight was cancelled we called American Airlines Customer Service, it took nothing less than 1.5h to finally reach a representative and to be honest, she was not helpful at all. One more hour waiting and we finally could talk to a supervisor.

She could not rebook us with American Airlines or any other partner so we decided to start searching flights from Atlanta (checking all other airlines) to Miami and ask the supervisor to change our coming back flight (final destination in Atlanta instead of Nashville so we could leave our car there and have a car to drive back home).

Two hours later we could get our coming back flights changed with final destination in Atlanta but at that point there were no more flights available from Atlanta to Miami. Back to square one we decided to get us a flight straight to Punta Cana and forget the AA flight to Samana since would be impossible to get there in time even if we decided to drive.

I found a flight from Atlanta to Punta Cana (5.5h drive from our Resort) and all of us could get a seat (we purchased from different websites all at once so nobody would be left behind). This flight cost each couple the average amount of $938 (receipt attached at the end). We loaded our Van and drove to Atlanta right away ($165.00 paid in gas). I also had to get a parking space for 7 days which cost us total $87.55 (receipts attached also).

We finally flew to Punta Cana and got a 5.5h transfer to Samana, which also cost us the amount of $412.05 (credit card statement and itinerary attached). After this huge adventure we could make it there 24h later and it was the most stressful and frustrating hours in our lives.

But the mistakes kept happening…

When we got to El Catey Samana Airport, one of the check-in employees (still being trained) made a mistake: he forgot to print the tickets for the flight from Miami to Atlanta for 2 of us (Mr. Dannie Glover and Mrs. Hope Glover), later on in Miami the lady at the gate was extremely rude and unprofessional (her name is Valentina by the way).

Flight to Atlanta was delayed 2 hours and she sent us to Gate D37 (Customer Service) just 5 min before boarding (yes, we were there and they did nothing while we were there waiting to get inside the plane). In an attempt to get them those tickets I ran and fell on the floor, my knees and right arm are badly injured and I have been taking a lot of OTC medications trying to avoid the medical expenses (I don´t have health insurance).

After several attempts to get a supervisor to help us, Mr. and Mrs. Glover ended up not boarding that plane (flight AA1045) but their luggage was not taken out of the plane (ticket and luggage tag attached). After a long line and running like crazy they could be inside the next flight to Atlanta (flight AA2290) while we waited for them over 1.5h sitting in the airport in Atlanta so they could ride back with us.

As far as I know I don´t even know if it is legal to fly the luggage in a plane without the passengers (the supervisor who provided the tickets for Mr. and Mrs. Glover was extremely sketchy about it so some flags were raised).

Anyway, it is a long story and what I can tell is:

ALL THE ISSUES WERE CAUSED ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY BY AMERICAN AIRLINES and we spent thousands of dollars trying to make our so needed vacation happen.

Here the names and confirmation codes of all involved:

1. Maria Beatriz de Gusmão Bertolo and Kenneth Brian Robinson – XPFCMQ

2. Shelia D. Lunsford and Vernon Lunsford Jr. – VLYDHF

3. Hope Glover and Dannie Glover – UUTFPF


1. Frontier Airlines Tickets: $938/couple (total: 2,814)

2. Roundtrip Nashville-Atlanta Fuel: $165

3. Park ´N Fly Atlanta: $87.55

4. Transfer from Punta Cana to Las Terrenas (Samana): $412.05

Total: 3,478.60

What happened was very unfortunate and we expect getting some help from American Airlines since all of this could be avoided if one domestic flight was not cancelled last minute.

We took the chance and put money out of our pockets because the loss would be greater if we didn´t manage to be at our destination as planned. We really hope all this can be sorted, taken to consideration and solved in a fair and decent manner as soon as possible so the group won´t need to pursue justice through legal actions.


Looking forward hearing from you soon

Maria Beatriz Bertolo

Phone: (615)663-1066 Email: [email protected]

  • Jul 27, 2022

Cancelled First class tickets and didn't refund. American Airlines has not responded or acknowledged and it has been 45 days now. I have attempted to contact them many times but after hours of waiting on hold their customer support says that they don’t handle refunds and they don’t respond to emails or fax.

I believe this is a clear violation of my rights as they have not refunded me for first class tickets that they cancelled.

  • Nov 8, 2021

Flight Cancelled last minute by American Airlines without an alternative flight for 2 days. Requests for reimbursement for non-refundable hotels was denied. American cost me $228.41 for their inability to get a crew to fly. According to gate Agent, the Crew had "timed out" and couldnt fly anymore that day and no backup crew. Date - Oct 22, 2021 Flight # 3019 SGU to DFW to Depart at 1:53 pm (attached is cancellation that came in at 2:15pm. no other flights available for 2 days as per Desk Agent..

I have requested (numerous times) to be reimbursed for the expenses I incurred due to American Airlines incompetency. Was told (also uploaded) that there was "not enough evidence to warrant a reimbursement." American should be liable for these costs that were out of my control but had to be paid.

  • Apr 27, 2021

When my flight was delayed, due to a mechanical issue and having to wait for maintenance workers to arrive on Easter Sunday, it became clear that I would miss my connection in Chicago. As there were no further flights home that day, I had the option of either staying overnight (and missing work the next day) or, as American Airlines Reservations agent "Carolyn" advised, renting a vehicle and driving home. She assured me that all expenses, including rental, fuel costs and expressway tolls would be reimbursed "because it was our fault."

When I attempted to follow her instructions to recoup the expenses incurred, I was quickly, repeatedly and summarily rejected by American Airlines. The failure and unwillingness of American Airlines to stand by the word of their reservations agents, who deal with customers, would seem to suggest that they cannot be believed and that they, in fact, intentionally mislead customers. This is willfull deceit, indicative of fraud.

  • Dec 2, 2020

Bought a $1,000 ticket last February for a flight in March. Right before departure American cancelled due to Covid.

Yesterday (December 2) I got concerned that -- with the pandemic resurging -- my $1,000 credit might expire before I could use it. But when I looked up my AA account, surprise! It had a mileage balance of zero. My miles had expired due to non-use.

I called AA to reinstate them. No way. The supervisor said you only earn miles when you fly. It didn't matter that I had paid for a qualifiying flight, they held my money for 10 months, and they -- not me -- had cancelled.

I asked how many miles were vaporized. He said when miles expire, they "purge" all records of the account from the beginning. In my case that's more than 20 years. So they can't/won't tell me how many miles went poof.

I guess the cost of storing those computer bits must be unbearably high. In other words, I think they're lying. Nobody deletes valuable customer behavior data.

I figure they stole about 100,000 miles from me.

When I complained, the supervisor said there were other ways I could have earned miles to avoid expiration. Sure, if I had known they'd delete my miles after they cancelled my flight.

I told the supervisor that if they don't reinstate my miles, I will "purge" American from all my future flights and tell everyuone I know (and don't know) about their position. You're reading this story because he refused.

  • Aug 29, 2019

I purchased a round trip ticket between OKC and DFW. I also had a reservation with britnish airways from DFW to Hyderabad India. We had some bad storms in Okc the night before my departure. Because of this a lot of flights were delayed or cancelled the day of our departure. I tried calling AA twice but it was a 2 hour wait.

I absolutely could not miss my flight to Hyderabad so I made a decision to drive to Dallas. Because I was a “no show” my return flight has also been cancelled. I called and was on the phone with American for over 3 hours but they would not honor my return flight because my ticket wasn’t valued at 200 or more.

I paid for my seat both ways and I have read over all the rate rules for my ticket and see absolutely nothing about a no show cancellation policy. I am furious! The absolute worst customer service I have ever seen. This is just a money scheme and they are purposely ripping off their customers.

  • Dec 28, 2018

I purchased a American Airlines round trip ticket for Dallas to Pensacola 12/27/2018 Returning 1/3/2019 Checked gate number c21. Got to ticket counter after a 90 minute wait in a short line and was told sorry plane changed gates to D7 and it was too late to load my luggage even if I made it to the other terminal in time. I'm 70 years old and having to run to a distant terminal was impossible. So I took my luggage and went home. When I sent a request to fly out in mid January they refused and kept my $306 airfare and said I was just out of luck. I am sure many other people have been caught in this catch 22 situation. It would logically seem that issuing another ticket for a later flight would be the least they could do for changing the terminal the plane was docked. Unbelievably terrible customer relations. Fool me once shame on me....they won't get another chance at my money or business

  • Jun 3, 2018

I booked ticket flights about 2 months ago from EUG to VCP for a trip that means my change from the life in US and the back to my country of origin, Brazil. The trip was EUG-LAX, LAX-MIA, MIA-BSB and BSB-VCP. Since the tickets purchase day up to the night before the trip, I have been looking at the website and AA app to see how could I carry all my bags, and only could have the information of prices for additional 3rd, 4th bags and so on, which I should purchase personally at the check in. All I have is in 5 bags, 4 large ones and 1 carry on, and I just have 2 in my hands now, since 2 bags I couldn't even purchase additional room for them in my flight due to an embargo and they are still in US with a friend who fortunately was with me at check in time. The other bag was lost between connections LAX-MIA and after a whole day negotiation between me-AA-Latam they could find the bag and set a day to deliver this for me. Regarding the embargo, I hadn't seen this notification before on the website nor at the app, just on the day of my flight at the check in, which was very embarrassing crying there due to all this odd situation in the middle of a disbelieve, frustration and stress. My flight was the exact day of the begining of the embargo, so I suppose that this note was inserted on website just that day, June 1st 2018. I already messaged AA and they just could say that I should have called AA prior the purchase of tickets to check for personal questions about my trip because they cannot predict specific questions of each customer, besides they sent only a sorry, since that this situation is different and they cannot do anything. Well, I understand that such a basic and crucial information as an embargo (imposing limitation of 2 bags per person with no possibility to additional bags) is not a specific question, and the company supposing that each client must call the company and wait for hours to have basic information about a trip that they just booked is absurd. Customers select the product through information they collect to choose the best option, even more to purchase a very expensive flight for a moving of country. I don't see where I did wrong and all I see is that I am a victim that suffered two big harms and now I need to figure out how to afford an international shipping of 2 bags of 50 lb to my country. I am stressed out and spending too much time on it messaging companies of international moving, mail and personal delivers. I want a retreat for all this harm, because all I wanted was to back home in peace and it did not happen at all.

  • Mar 24, 2018

They sent to me handbags that didn't look like the coach handbags that they were advertising.

But they had the coach logo on it.

  • Sep 19, 2017

The following is what I wrote in the Feedback section of (American Airlines);

I booked 2 tickets w/AA, traveling from SMF to JAX for 9/25/17 to 9/30/17. We are building a new home in Fernandina Beach, FL were supposed to close 9/27/17. Due to Hurricane Irma, all the "trades" are working on emergency situations in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our closing date has been suspended until the more critical work can be completed, and then things like new home building will resume. We have no idea of how long this will take, and the builder says it may be 2 weeks, or longer. I called Travelocity to cancel our flights for next week, until we get word that work on our new home has resumed, and the builder will have a completion date, so we can go to FL and close our home. AA is penalizing us $200.00 per ticket, and will not consider this a hardship. Travelocity on the other hand, in a show of good faith and consideration, IS refunding us $200.00 of the fees that your heartless enterprise will not. Hurricane Irma has touched many lives, and AA apparently could care less. I will tell you that I am never using AA again, but I doubt that you'll care. I will use social media to broadcast this experience as well, but again, I doubt you'll care. I would like a response to this, but doubt I will get one.

  • Jun 21, 2017

On 5/23/17, Flight 2836 @ 3:30 to Miami was delayed over 2 hours from Tampa. This caused me to miss the connecting flight. I was given another flight, flight 1376 to St. Maartin that was impossible to make with the time remaining once scheduled. I spent well over 6 hours at Tampa airport for this unnecessary delay. After many hours of waiting, I was rebooked on a flight the following morning at 8:40 am causing me to lose the first day of my vacation. Again, I arrived at the airport to find the flight again was cancelled and all international passengers were instructed to wait at the ticket counter. I waited along with many other upset passengers for well over 3 hours. During this time, we were given no information, only later to find out they would not be able to get me to my destination.

The only available flight would have gotten me to my vacation destination on 5/27/17 and my original itinerary was 5/23-5/28, therefore only having one day of vacation rather than the planned 5 days.

In addition, the reserved hotel was non-refundable as well as the scheduled tours and activities that were planned weeks in advanced. These were booked in advance and could not be cancelled for reimbursement. I understand that American Airlines does not reimburse loss, even when they are solely at fault for the losses – I do know that you can issue travel vouchers to compensate for horrible service received not once, not twice, but three separate issues on this one scheduled once-in-a-lifetime vacation/trip. An occasional delay by itself is not an issue, but the impact of several delays/cancellations in this instance goes beyond ‘occasional delay’ and is why I am writing this review. Customer Service is unhelpful and uncaring.

  • Apr 14, 2017

American Airlines, what a shame! I bought a hoverboard in Los Angeles to bring as a present to my grandson. I dispatched the item (AA 35 16 04) at Burbank Airport (LA) on my flight AA 5879 to Phoenix, my first stop to Brazil. At that point I was informed that the item would be withheld because TSA (Transportation Security Administration) did not allow this type of equipment in air travel. It's all right. Fair. Just one question that will not shut up: why have not I been advised by AA agents at the LA airport? The object came bare inside its plastic cover. Obviously their agents could have identified, as they did at Phoenix airport.

I'm trying to find a solution. Bring me to the address that is on the label attached to the object, or give me back the amount I paid for it. It's the least this "big" company can do to compensate for my discomfort.

The answer given to me by the agents when I came up with the solution is that I should look for the TSA to try to get it back. Not a satisfactory answer from an airline with the history of American Airlines. After all, the mismatch was caused by his agents. But I believe that "there are still judges in Berlin." And AA is no Frederick II.

So friends, think twice before flying American Airlines. They may confiscate your luggage on any portion of your flight, and hold a third party responsible. Stay tuned!

  • Feb 22, 2017

On Monday, February 20, 2017, I received a call from Ms. Veronica Muse about my damaged laptop. Ms. Muse told me that American Airlines was not going to pay my claim for the $500.00 for my laptop that they destroyed. This is after, I sent them pictures of my laptop, the tag that American Airlines put on my bag. This is the result of almost a month of emails. After I asked Ms. Muse to put the decision in writing with American Airlines letterhead she emailed me the letter instead. I emailed the President of American Airlines, Mr. Doug Parker. Instead of Mr. Parker emailing me back or calling me, I receive a phone call from Ms. Melanie Tatum who commences to "circle jerk" me after they got wind of me contacting Mr. Parker. I asked Ms. Tatum why was she calling me and she told me that she received an email from Mr. Parkers Secretary. When I asked for the secretaries name Ms. Tatum stated that she did not know it. I asked Ms. Tatum to put what she told me in writing with on American Airlines letterhead instead she emailed me. I decided to call the phone number Ms. Tatum called me from (480) 517-9230 and instead of it saying American Airlines the phone just rang. American Airlines is running a clandestine organization when it comes to damaged baggage claims. I believe they are filing our claims with the insurance company and getting paid. This is why they don't want to mail out any letters especially with American Airlines letterhead on it like I requested. I also believe the money from the insurance claims are going into the pockets of Corporate while Ms. Muse and Ms. Tatum receive bonus checks.

  • Feb 16, 2017

My daughter had a flight scheduled for Monday, February 13th (Buffalo to Philadelphia) at 6:00 a.m. She needed to get back to school after visiting friends in Buffalo. At 6:02 a.m. on February 11th she received notification that that flight had been cancelled. She rescheduled for a 5:50 p.m. flight on Sunday, February 12th (losing a day of her trip). She received several notification on Sunday that flight was delayed but to go to the airport. After waiting in the airport for over 4 hours, she was told the flight was cancelled due to mechanical difficulties with the flight. She was rescheduled for the 6:00 a.m. flight (which all of a sudden was re-instated) on February 13th (her original flight). She was told that flight was going to be delayed until 7:30 a.m., but to still get to the airport at 4:00 a.m. just in case it did leave on time at 6:00 a.m. Of course, it didn't it left a 7:50 a.m. I feel strongly that she should be compensated for this! They gave her 10,000 miles -- really? She had taxi costs, food costs, and she lost a lot of her personal time for flights that were delayed not due to weather! Very very poor customer service. When you try contacting American Airlines, you can not talk to anyone on the phone -- you have to email them. They are polite -- but to the point that there is not other way to escalate the decision! I will never fly them again! Thanks.

  • Jan 16, 2017

No matter how cheap this airline is, do not use them. I was on their airlines last month (Dec., 2016) and not only witness harsh treatment but experienced as well. Trying to figure out how to get a sticky for my luggage to put on the plane, the woman helping me got annoyed and had attitude. On the flight, a woman sitting next to me was treated very badly by the flight attendant when she told her to get off the phone, stood in front of her and said, "Come on Come on, get off the phone". Since I wasn't getting off the flight due to my plane continuing on to my destination, they asked me to get off the flight so they could eat. As I was getting off the flight, I smiled at one of the employees who gave me a dirty look.

I had to use the restroom and I hear my name being paged to get on the plane. When I get to the guy to him my boarding plane he had an attitude and said, "Let's get going" and made some remark about me being late.

One lady said they told her there was no room for her luggage when indeed, there was plenty of room.

This Airlines is extremely unprofessional, disgusting and I will NEVER fly them again. The worst airline in the history of airlines and I hope you will take the warning to heart.

Best of luck if you decide to use them and I hope they treat you better then myself and people I was on the flight with.

  • Aug 17, 2016

Where does one begin to explain a company that treats their customers like SH*T complete garbage?

AMERICAN AIRLINES THATS WHERE. Highly trained underpaid nasty DISGRUNTLED STAFF. FAT OVER PAID CEOS THAT DO NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Write a sincere letter of concern to a CEO about lost luggage delayed flights abusive staff, lost items destroyed would think, an apologetic reply maybe?

An acknowlegement? Something? NOTHING WHETHER YOU WRITE TO DOUG PARKER OR SEAN B OR ANYONE IN MANAGEMENT. NO reply is ever sent. Yes an automated robot reply but thats only followed up by one of their peon staff that get paid to say sorry sir we can no longer help you.

After EIGHT MONTHS of being dragged through the mud with AA we thought maybe writing a letter would suffice. NOTHING WAS DONE.

$200 VOUCHER... as if we were going to patronise them to get $200 off when we incurred losses of over $3300.

Our basic request was that our ticket be replaced in FULL or an upgrade. AA FLAT OUT DENIED EVERYTHING. IF YOUR A SHAREHOLDER READING THIS, PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WILL BE FILING A HUGE LAW SUIT FOR PUNITIVE DAMAGES. IF you have fallen victim heres the CEO's email

LETS HOPE HIS INBOX BREAKS. [email protected]

AA destroyed our vacation, lost our luggage for 4 days, damaged our luggage did NOTHING to help other than call us to say NO NO NO.

This is airline are the true consumer terrorists of the sky. They steal your money provide non existent service.

Even the plane was filthy, bathrooms stunk of urine and floors were caked in it along with #2 splatter.

Ignore all price points with AA. Prisoners of the sky.

  • Jun 8, 2016

Due to long wait times through TSA st Phoenix airport I missed original flight. American charged me approx $375 to rebook same flight leaving following day. They confirmed me on a window seat. However, when I checked in for flight I was in middle row. Agents said they could not move me. If I knew it was a middle seat I would have went on different flight or different airline giving the cost to rebook. Nobody is helpful other than just saying nothing they can do. I feel it was false advertisement because I paid for and confirmed a window seat. That didn't happen. In addition, I am a gold member and was told that you don't get upgrades without having upgrade points. What the hell does being a gold member get me if when I want to upgrade I have to purchase points at $40 per point. Phx to NY would take 10 points to upgrade. So I would have to pay $400 extra to get 10 points to upgrade when they say upgrades are free of available. HORRIBLE !!!

  • May 23, 2016

Received a fax at work with a great travel deal - $149 per person for 5 days, 4 night trip to several locations - Cancun, Hawaii, Jamaica, Cabo, DR...etc.

4 or 5 star resort guarantee.

18 months to use.

Meals and activities as well as alcohol included.

Bonus deal for Orlando or Vegas. (not all inclusive resorts)

With taxes and fees, $265pp for the stay. I priced out Jamaice $599pp WITH AIRFARE for 4 nights in a 2 bedroom suite staying at the Beaches Negril resort. She even gave me the flight info I would use.

I was told the trip is non-refundable, but I can get the insurance for $18pp which would mean that if anything came up I could get refunded. To hold 2 rooms I had to pay for 2 people, each room holds 6 people and I could pay for them up until 14 days before departure. I could make changes to the reservation up to 30 days prior to departure with no fee. I got an extention number for the sales rep I worked with - X-1036 and found out that she is on the east coast (same time zone as me). Her hours are M-F 9a to 7p and I could call and speak with her directly to make any changes.

I booked the trip, with the insurance & paid for the 2 people and got a confirmation number. I also got a number for customer service. 1-844-859-2101. I was told an email confirmation would be sent after our call.

About 15 minutes after I hung up my Credit Card company called to say they suspected fraud. The charge came from Mexico. The company name was America or American Vacations. We put a hold on the charge so I could verify with the company because the charge coming from Mexico was suspect to me as well, since I just was told they were on the east coast.

This is when it was obvious something was wrong. I called the number I was given for customer service. The phone is automatedly answered. It says to enter an extension if you konw it - I did. No extention by that number exists. It loops back. I try to get a rep, it loops back. Then it disconnects.

I called the main number I used to book the vacation and ask for the rep I worked with. I am told she is gone for the day. It is almost 5:30. She told me she works until 7. I tell the person that and he says she must have gone to lunch. It's 530, and she should be leaving in 1.5 hours and she went to lunch? I ask for information on the company and explain my card declined the charge and I would like to verify where their headquarters are. I am told that the person is new and doesn't know. I ask for someone who would know and am transferred to the line that loops me around and then hangs up.

I call back and get someone else who says they have clearing houses all around the world and Mexico is one of them. I ask for my rep again and am told she is at lunch. I ask for an email to contact her and am given a gmail account. I receive a call on my other line and ask the rep to hold. It is someone from their company calling to say that my card was declined. I explain I am looking into it and ask for a number to call back. I'm told that customer service is closed and I can't call back but he will call me in 15 minutes.

I go back to the other call and ask for a supervisor. I'm put on hold and then disconnected.

I never received a call back to get my card approved.

I almost lost $1234.00. Please be aware. Things that are too good to be true often are. :(

  • May 12, 2016

This came in through my job I can't believe I fell for it! Was in need of a vacation so bad thinking I would get the luxury of actually going on vacation with my family!! I called they promised me all inclusive 5 days 4 nights with airfare gave them cc info! After I got a link with available resorts and the one I was told was not on there!! I called them after 49 min on hold I was told they can't do anything for 14 days I would have to wait to book reservations?!! Wanted a refund and was told this is not refundable!!! Called my bank to try to dispute charges can't believe I fell for this please don't fall for this scam!!!!

  • May 11, 2016

I recently purchased two round-trip tickets for my family from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Unfortunately, because of extenuating circumstances and a family emergency those tickets have become effectively unusable and my family will not be able to enjoy this trip. I then emailed AA Customer Relations and Reservations departments multiple times about my predicament, to which I was told "we have put an authorization into your tickets to waive the applicable change fees. Please note that the validity period of the tickets remains the same and any fare differences will still apply." This offer does not solve my problem because 1. I have no idea when my family will have another opening to visit 2. Fare differences might make any new dates more expensive 3. I do not have the luxury to have money tied up til my family can figure out a new date. After emailing and calling American Airlines several times, I was told "there is nothing we can do."

  • Jan 4, 2016

I had a flight scheduled to come back home from Los Angeles California to my home town this past week.

I had made plans to fly with American Airlines. I have flown with American Airlines before, because the company seemed like reliable, customer service friendly company.

Everything was going well. Mid-way through the flight, I got airsick, and headed to the lavatory. I got sick in the lavatory, flushed the toiley multiple times. During the flushing and washing my hands, there were several knocks on the door from a female flight attendant. She kept asking me if I was okay. I kept stating each time that she asked me, that I was okay. thank you for asking. She finally heard my response the 4th time she asked.

I left the lavatory, turned to the one of the two flight attendants standing outside, and told the female that yes, i was not feeling well. I am sorry, thank you for checking on me. She asked me if i needed anything, like Gingerale, I stated that yes I would like a ginger ale. She then asked me if I needed a cold wet papertowel to drape around my neck. I stated that yes, I would like a cold wet papertowel to drape around my neck. She said okay, I will bring it to you as soon as I can. I stated thank you and headed back to my seat.

5 minutes after I sat down, one of the two flight attendants who were standing outside of the lavatory when I got airsick stopped by my row to state "I know that you're sick and all, but next time, if you could be more clean about it, that would be great."

I was shocked. I could not believe he was telling this to me. I was sick, how could I control where anything went?

The female flight attendant brought me the gingerale and cold wet towel that I draped across the back of my neck.

She stated that the gentleman who rudely came by "was just stresed." I stated, "yes that was pretty rude of him to say to me in my condition."

After the flight was over and I reached my destination, I asked one of the flight attendants if I could file a formal complaint about a fight attendant who displayed inappropraiate behavior and comments. To which she stated, that it would not be possible. I asked if I could speak with a supervisor or manager, and she stated that I could speak with a gate manger for more information on the matter.

The male flight attendant who had spoken to me rudely, happened to be standing right there when I was speaking with the female flight attendant. He had more rude things to say to me. He stated that his name is Scott, and that what he said to me was exactly what he shoud have said. He stated that he and another flight attendant had to clean the bathroom with gloves.

I stated my confusion: "isn't that the proper, sanitary way to clean a lavatory? I wasn't aware that people cleaned lavatory gloveless. Despite a recent mess or not to clean up, I thought that gloves were mandatory."

Scott kept stating that it was disgusting, and that he did not need to apologize to me.

I was completely stunned. I stated that I work in customer service in a physician's office with OSUWMC and I would be fired if I treated the patients the way that he was treating me. Especially if a patient was in the middle of being sick.

Scott continued to be rude with me, and none of the othe flight attendants were much help.

i spoke with the gate manage who just gave me a website to access.

  • Dec 15, 2015

1220 Race St, #6399

Baltimore, MD 21230

I applied for a job with American Airline and was asked to send a money order in the amount of $39.00 to get more information sent to me for a job. I have not heard a word back. I sent this around Dec. 9, 2015

I am furious to hear now this is a scam.

  • Nov 2, 2015

I called American Airlines about a ticket I had for Sunday Travel and asked to change to Sat. They told me they would for a charge of over 500.00 --Because my daughter could meet me in Dallas for a ballgame and could catch a flight in Denver to meet me at DFW airport I agreed to spend the money and do it. When I got to the airport way ahead of time and gave them the record locator they confirmed I was on the flight but kept saying "they" referring to AA Customer service "did it wrong and charged you too much so we are going to correct and chargerg less" . I said " Thanks but just dont let it cause me to not get on flight because I have a daughter who has already boarded a plane in Denver and will be stranded at DFW without me". They then got on phone with AA Home office and the two parties got reall ugly with each other while i am listenning. This went on for about an hour with them constantly assuring me it would be handled well before the plane closed door.They said they wer holding plane and gave me boarding pass only 8 min before scheduled one was in security line so i was at the gate in 3 min.and the door was closed. No one was at the American gate and I had to get security to get somone there. By then American booked me for the evening flight, would not refund the money and left my daugter stranded in Dallas. American would not even apoogize, took my money for a flight chage they would not allow me to board, refused a refund and caused my daughter to spend 790 on a plane and ballgame ticket she vcould not use because she was stranded at DFW without me.I am Platinum with AA so I would like to see how they treat people that dont fly regular with them. So Take my advice Go Southwest---Never American---They will take advantage of you and will not make it right.

  • Aug 25, 2015

Their preferred access is a ripoff. They sell you preferred access and the put Zone 1 boarding like I had to board then. Zone 1 was in bold large print and the preferred access on my boarding pass could not bee seen without a magnifying glass. What a r Lead me to believe that I did not get preferred access by printing so small I thought it didn't go through and was just charged for my luggage.

  • Aug 8, 2015

On August 5, 2015 in early morning, I attempted to purchase an airline ticket in the amount of $520.10 including a baggage charge of $35 for a total of $555.10. I then immediately cancelled said transaction because the price was too high for my budget.

I have not been reimbursed for this amount as of today, August 7, 2015.

I have called Direct Express and waited on hold for over 30 minutes and cannot get through to talk to a customer representative. This charge shows up on my statement as "Pending Transaction."

Please refund my money back on my card ASAP.

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