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Ambient Logistics

Country United States
State Texas
City El Paso
Address 11227 Pellicano Dr. Ste B,
Phone 1 915-740-7034

Ambient Logistics Reviews

  • May 11, 2022

I am in the trucking industry, I am an owner operator. I talked with the owner of Ambient Logistics and she claimed she was DOT/FMCSA Certified and can take care of all my business needs. I came to her house to go over more details and sign a contract. Entering her house it was cramped with several people, dogs, cats and children (along with the smell of weed).

I understand some companies are small and may not have a real building to conduct business, but this was ridiculous. I sat down with her and before even signing up, she wanted to go ahead and get my credit card info, she took out her phone and was going to take a picture of my credit card via "WhatsApp" and at the same time was telling her employee to go ahead and add it to the google sheets once she gets it.

I immediatly stopped, and asked for credentials, she said she could not provide. Since leaving I have encountered other drivers and owners that had done business with her and said that she would get their business names wrong on official documents, she would only come around or talk to them regarding the check only and not provide service.

I dont know who she has as companies now, but I would hope any potential new owner operators will not get scammed under this company.

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