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Amazing Offer, LLC.

Country United States
State Arizona
Phone 602 262 9464

Amazing Offer, LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2022

Don't let the 5 star review fool you, these are SCAMMERS!! Don't believe me? Do a simple Google search on the owner "Michael Ford Hilliard". He moves from scam to scam to scam. The FTC shut down one of his phoney scams in 2018. The full report can be found online. Forgery, theft, impersonation, theft by deception, misrepresentation...

Wow, Mr. Hilliard, is there anything you won't do to make a buck, and he brings his family along for the ride?! He has his daughter notarizing his documents which is illegal?

They go by many different names: Amazing Offer LLC, Amazing App, Amazing Flips, Amazing Family investments, Amazing Life App, Legacy Investment Group, AZ Home Recovery, Hite Media Group, 2 Unique LLC, Same Day Homes, Casa Carrenza, and many many more. Make no mistake these are criminals, and they will steal your home, your Money, and potentially get you charged with a crime.

2929 W Indian School Road seems to be the home of scams.

For years they've been preying on the most vulnerable people in our community, and it needs to stop! For nearly 20 years these crooks have been running scams, taking from good people.

Michael Ford Hilliard

Brittney Kerr (Daughter of Michael Hilliard)

Ray Haynes

Anthony Haynes

Beware of Amazing Offer Llc and the rest of their team. If you or somebody you know is a victim of theirs, you can contact The Attorney General Of Arizona, The District Attorney, The Secretary Of State (That's who handles misconduct by notaries), The FTC, The Board Of Real Estate, The FBI, The Better Business Bureau, or local law enforcement.

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