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Aloft Jacksonville Tapestry Park

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 4812 W Deer Lake Dr
Phone 904-998-4448

Aloft Jacksonville Tapestry Park Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2016

On 11/17/2016, this writer visited the Jacksonville, FL Aloft Hotel @ Tapestry Park location. I happened upon and over-heard a one-way 'heated' conversation between a african-american female employee and what appeared by conversation to be a supervisor or manager.

The manager was ranting, " how he was tired of this female employee allegedly bothering other co-worker's for 'help' on where to go in the event of an 'on-the-job injury'. The manager went on to say that the female employee was NOT hurt at work and that the issue was NOT a worker's compensation claim incident.

I later noticed this same female employee 'crying' in the front lobby area and I approached her and asked what was the problem?

She explained how management 'favors' white and russian employee's over african-american and hispanic employee's. She went on to give examples of how she had received (2) 'written' disciplinary notices for alleged company performance issue's, (stained towels & sheets) (laundry dept. [

while white employee's performing the same duties in the same manner received NO written disciplinary notices from management.

She also explained of management 'slamming' their fists on a table in a office directed at her when she had learned her pay-check was short on several weeks and asked for an explaination.

The female employee also explained to this writer that she was under constant 'close' scrutiny by management and housekeeping supervision. She exclaimed how she felt she was being retaliated against for going to the E.R. Hospital and informing hospital staff she felt she had suffered a work-related injury. She also stated how she feared for her job and felt she was being intentionally targeted and subjected to a 'HOSTILE WORKING ENVIRONMENT'.

This writer tried to calm the employee.

This writer informed the female employee that this writer was also a manager from a visiting hotel establishment out of state and that I would make some inquiries on the matter.

This writer can honestly say that neither harassment or racism of employee's exists at their place of business and that we have a '0' tolerance policy for this sort of behavior in the workplace, especially coming from management officials.

After making some inquiries, this writer was able to learn some of the names of management officials that were involved in the female employee's disposition.

This writer is now considering cutting ALL business ties and affiliations with this hotel. This writer also does not want their children to be a witness or party to any situations such as this.

Lastly, this writer being a hotel management representative can honestly say that she recognizes both the importance of employee diversity and training programs and the many contributions our minority employee's have made to our company. This entire episode deeply saddens and troubles me.

This writer also believes that there is a certain level of professionalism and expectations that should be demanded from ALL business management professionals.

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