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Almoradie Media

Country United States
State Alabama
City Greenpoint
Phone 1-917-400-8610

Almoradie Media Reviews

  • Dec 2, 2016

Desireena Almoradie is a liar, a con-artist and a horrible human being. I have contributed hundreds of dollars to her now more than 10-year vanity project formerly entitled 'Kathleen and Eddie' and now re-titled 'To Germany, with Love' to con people into thinking that this is an entirely new project so as to dupe more people into giving her more money. She has proclaimed to the whole world that she has returned every cent I gave her, saying with interest mind you, a single cent of which I have yet to see. She has even physically assaulted my husband because he asked her privately to ask her friend, Karen Yang, to leave our home as she was so rude to question why my husband believed in God. This was at an X'mas eve dinner that we had prepared all day for. And her first words when she took her first bite of the roast goose my husband laboriously prepared was "it's too salty" not realizing that it had been salt-cured all day. As soon as the equally horrible Karen left, Desireena rushed back into our home and started pummeling my husband. I had to intervene because as big as my husband is, one punch from him would have knocked her out. I am an atheist myself but I would never be rude enough to question my host at an X'mas dinner, meant to celebrate the birth of my husband's Messiah. She also asked me to help plan her wedding which I was so excited about since the Supreme Court had just declared marriage equality only to tell me at the last minute that my husband was not invited. Is this the behavior one would expect from someone I have always supported all our lives? I THINK NOT!!!

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