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Alliance Capital Funding, LLC

Country United States
State Delaware
City Wilmington
Address 2711 Centreville Road, Suite 400
Phone 865-603-1907

Alliance Capital Funding, LLC Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2020

SCAMMER--> BEWARE OF CHARLES LOWELL WALKER / CHUCK WALKER / ALLIANCE CAPITAL FUNDING, LLC/ [email protected]/ 135 Falmouth, Mooresville, NC - Alliance Capital Funding, LLC / Phone: 865-603-1907/ Skype: cwa2006 / Alliance Capital Funding, is Limited Liability Company incorporated in Delaware USA, registered number 5129404, with a registered office address of 2711 Centreville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, Delaware)

  • Apr 12, 2020

SCAMMER--> BEWARE OF CHARLES LOWELL WALKER / CHUCK WALKER / ALLIANCE CAPITAL FUNDING, LLC/ [email protected]/ 135 Falmouth, Mooresville, NC - Alliance Capital Funding, LLC / Phone: 865-603-1907/ Skype: cwa2006 / Alliance Capital Funding, is Limited Liability Company incorporated in Delaware USA, registered number 5129404, with a registered office address of 2711 Centreville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, Delaware)

Chuck claims to be a NASCAR driver. Chuck seeks Investors for the PPP (Private Placement Programs) that he does because it is the "Godly" thing to do and because he claims to be buying a Nascar Team! THIS IS NOT TRUE! I confirmed with a man he claimed was his partner, but turns out the gentlemen is not Chuck's partner. Chuck Walker HAS TAKEN $30,000 AND $68,000 FROM OUR CLIENT! Chuck has not returned any of the funds he has taken after he promised to return the money over and over. We were introduced to Chuck by Tammy Ashley from New Iberia, Louisiana. I have not heard from her in a very long time. She seemed to have been getting paid by Chuck for a long time. Our clients seems to be the only one that are not getting paid.

Check out the website I created with more information:

Here is our Story............................



TEAM # 75 / [email protected]/

Charles (Chuck) Walker CEO

Alliance Capital Fundling, LLC

135 Falmouth, Mooresville, NC

Phone: 865-603-1907


It is with a heavy heart that I am posting this online about Mr. Chuck/ Charles Walker – Team#75 / [email protected] “AKA – NASCAR Driver”/Alliance Capital Funding, LLC, for taking funds from a client in the amounts $30,000 and $68,000.00 because he has still not honored his agreements/contracts to pay the people or return the money.

As you read, you will see attached emails (link labeled: emails, text messages, etc) that will show proof of all things I am summarizing here.

DO NOT trust Chuck Walker that he will put money in a program for you or even keep his word. You will be told from “his friends”, partners, and himself that (Chuck Walker) he is a man of his word! That is far from the truth!

At first, I really believed this Chuck Walker was a man of his word, but he has NOT honored one word that has come out of his mouth. I thought he was such a good person until he started telling lies, took money, and did not pay after a first baby payment! We trusted Chuck and he committed fraud!

We were introduced to Chuck/ Charles Walker from NC (His passport shows he was born in Atlanta, GA!) by a Tammy Ashley from New Iberia, Louisiana. Chuck Walker /Team#75/ as a Nascer Driver tells us about himself as a driver, how he does these programs (PPP) and is planning on buying his Nascar Team with his partner, and will be racing in Talladega in May 2013.

Chuck was always “getting ready for a race” and we were constantly being reminded by Tammy and Chuck that he will not be doing this forever, and the program was not going to stay open for long. Tammy shared with us how she and people she brought in were making money from Private Placement Trades that Chuck Walker was doing. Tammy claimed she has been making money for a long period of time and even brought in a man named Scott who was also in the program where he put in $250,000.00. Chuck claimed to do Humanitarian things, his dad is a preacher, he is this NASCAR driver, he has money, and why would he need to take money from others! He was doing this because it was the Godly thing to do to help other people. He talks about being a NASCAR driver constantly! He is a huge name dropper of people he knows. He claims to be best friends with Dale Earnhardt Jr. He was going to invite us to his race etc.

Do not fall for the NASCAR Driver thing. He also told us about he has two homes, how he spends over $500,000 at one time rebuilding his car after any damages that happen in a race. He goes on and on how he is doing this to help other people. He is only doing this because we are friends with Tammy, etc. It seems like he is obsessed with actually one day becoming a person paid to drive in NASCAR!

The minimum investment to join in the PPP was $250,000. Chuck said he would add to the money and pay out 100% a month. Later that changed to 50% a month of the amount of the earnings/profit.

"As luck would have it" Mr. Chuck and Tammy shared with us that Chuck was going to allow people to come in at a small amount and he had never done this before for anyone except Tammy allowing her to come in with small amounts when she first started investing with him as it had changed her life. He was doing it for his “private people”. Tammy shares how she is putting in more funds, and that we have until a certain date to get the funds in for trade. Always an extreme rush to get the money in as the window is closing!

So in December 2012, a client placed $30,000 into the program with Chuck. Chuck signed a contract and a corporate guarantee that the money would be returned in 60 business days. He has still not returned the money or paid anything monthly except for a small baby payment he paid from his own account since the wire was being delayed because of the holidays he said! Paperwork was being rushed as Chuck had supposedly climbed onto a roof to help his friend and fell. Chuck broke both of his feet, and had to be in for surgery, but nothing happened to his friend. AMAZING!

Chuck could only communicate with Tammy as he was on drugs and was too embarrassed to talk with anyone else but her. Hmmmm. The first $30,000.00 was supposed to be sent to his attorney’s escrow account, but the client kept having problems sending it. Even though Chuck was being rushed in to surgery he was able to provide Tammy with his PERSONAL account information to have the money wired to since there were problems with the attorney escrow account. Tammy said she was transferring the funds along with her own funds to the Trader so that the money would be in the trade for December. (Note: Chuck later tells us he did not send the money to the Trader until first week of Jan 2013.) This is the part of many lies to follow as both had stated something different. It was not until the first payment was due that all the excuses started. Chuck had told us that his money has never been held up and that his relationship with Princess Alia Alkhalifa from Bahrain kept any/all of his funds from ever being held up. She is able to transfer large sums of money daily because of her position. In his Trades, he is paid from Europe, and it takes three days to reach his account and once it hits his account then his paymaster pays everyone else.

When it came time for a pay day, Chuck said that there was a delay because of Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, etc and the money transfer was being held up, etc. This is from the person who has never had money held up. Hmmmm. So Chuck takes it upon himself to send the money from his bank because we kept asking and asking. Otherwise, I know we would have never received the first payment had we not pushed him and called constantly. He claims 24% was all that was received/earned, but was unable to provide a copy of the Settlement Statement. Chuck states that he receives the Settlement Statement the first Monday of every month. Five to Seven (5-7) days afterwards he gets the money and pays everyone. He was sending the money from his own account and everyone would settle up later. What? Really? First the banker that he used was no longer there at Wells Fargo. He had to go build a relationship with a new banker in that town since he is now staying with his girlfriend and her father because she is taking care of him since he can’t walk “supposedly”. He was going to send the money, and then it supposedly snowed that day. He has to wait for his girlfriend to take him to the bank the next morning so he can do a small wire. We were told that only the first payment is the one that causes delays and that the rest should flow smoothly. WE FOUND OUT NOTHING EVER GOES SMOOTHLY WHEN IT HAS CHUCK WALKER/Alliance Capital Fundling, LLC INVOLVED!!

It is now May 2013, and we are still waiting and no further payments have been received and no money returned! The bad part was/is that we believed him because we received the first baby payment.

Chuck then comes to us and tells us that the Hedge Fund he is working with has given him an opportunity to purchase a BG of 10M and he will have it monetized. He is so excited and the Hedge Fund Manager wants Chuck to put his Hedge Fund logos on his race car for advertisement. He will be putting all their ads on his race car, etc. We will receive money from it in 30 days or less. He says he needs 1.5M for it. If our client could come up with $250,000 or $300,000.00, he would put in the rest to make the total of 1.5M that was needed to purchase the BG. He said the return on $250, 000 he could give the person is 2.5M. Tammy said if we were not going to do it that she could not miss this opportunity that she would tell her guy, “Scott” (Who supposedly put $250,000 in with Chuck and Tammy and he was getting paid each month like clockwork and so was “other clients”). It seems like Scott and everyone was getting paid until we decided to bring in a client.

Chuck said he would call his guy,”William”, but William would want too much return on his money invested. Chuck and Tammy told us that Chuck did not want Scott or William in because they would want too much return on the money they would invest yet they both still love to use Scott and William all the time. Chuck said he wanted to keep it a small and a private group. (Now we know why he wanted to keep it small.) Chuck comes back and tells us he can only do one of the BG a month and he would let all of us do it personally after the first one. He was willing to pay 2.5 Million returns on a $250,000 investment that was supposed to be spilt 3 ways. Tammy said that by not bringing in Scott we would have more money to split 3 ways. Chuck told us he would cover her at first and then expected us to cover her on our side. Strange since they were partners. He was getting paid 6 Million on his side. All of a sudden he says he has the money and is doing it himself. The BG deal is closed.

A few weeks later, Chuck comes back and tells us that he has been told by the Hedge Fund Group they are closing the doors on the 10 month Trade and they are doing one last Trade. He has signed a contract for $750,000.00 and was allowing people to buy out parts of his investment.

Chuck said if he had known more people wanted to buy out his position he would have invested more. He even tells me his father and other family members are putting money in this one with him. He tells me he wants my client in because his sister does not like him and has always treated him badly. He talks about the doctor his sister brought to him and said the doctor wanted to go in for $250,000, but he only wanted my client in and was putting the money in the amount of $125,000 for him and he can pay him back whenever. He is telling his sister to tell the doctor that no spots are available. He was not putting money in for anyone else but my client. He did not do that for just anyone and Tammy did not even know. I told him to tell Tammy so she would not lose out on the opportunity. WOW! We thought this Chuck Walker guy is so nice to offer to put up money and allow the client to pay him back and get 50% of the profits each month. No way in the world would my client have ever put money in anything if he had not thought the money had already been out in for him. Tammy calls and says that she is taking out $100,000 from her oil investments and going in as she sure does not want to give this opportunity up. (Same thing she always says.) She told us she put 100,000 in of her own money and her family members were putting money in too. Tammy said that she would not put in all the $100,000 as to allow us to buy out more spots since she has already been making money forever with Chuck. We told her to put in any amount she wanted, but thinks for thinking of us. Tammy says she sent over her money and they were waiting on my client.

My client did not have all the funds and told Chuck that he could probably be able to do the $102,000.00. All of a sudden Chuck contacted my client telling him he wanted him to put the money in the program with him that he will be doing with Princess Alia Alkhalifa from Bahrain. He said that Alia is not a looker, but she has access to PPP that can make us a lot of money. He said that Alia is putting in money for him and he only had to come up with the rest and she was doing a 1M trade for him. Chuck said, "Princess Alia Alkhalifa from Bahrain and I have been partners for years and she was doing this only for him (Chuck)"! My client became confused as Chuck had “supposedly” placed the money in the last trade they were doing for my client. So the funds my client would be sending would be paying Chuck back the money he had “supposedly” put in the Trade program for him. How could my client possibly put money in something else when the money was suppose to have already been earning money for him in a program he was told money was put up for him?

Chuck sent the following email privately ( Email is in Red) to the parties he was trying to get money from since he did not want Alia to know it was not all his money:

**Beginning of Email discussing program about Princess Alia Alkhalifa from Bahrain. *

From: "[email protected]"

To: D

Cc: [email protected]

Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2013 4:08 PM

Subject: Transaction with Alia

Hello D and Tammy,

If you would please, go through your list of contacts and assure them whatever you have too for us to come up with 300K. I need to add another 300K in my account to be at 1M, and ready transferring to Alia by Thursday of this coming week. Sorry for the short notice because I thought I had this done but my deal fell through.

Here is what I will offer. I will split my transaction with you guys - 50/50. Just so you know, in this transaction, I'm only going to pull money out every other month, until the trading account gets to 100M. When the trading account gets up to $100M, that's when I will pull money out every month. Between us, I expect to have the trade account up to 100M in less than 12 months, with Alia's help of course, or by the end of the year. But, whatever you promised your clients, I will pull out enough each month to cover them. But we will get paid every other month until the account reaches $100M.

This information is for your eyes only.

Here's what's going on.

If you read about what's going on in Bahrain right now, they are have a tough time with protesters and they are really working hard to calm things down and look good to the rest of the world.

Bahrain is hosting the F1 Race in mid April. Alia has invite me over there to attended the race with her and the Royal Family. She is going to introduce me to her Family as a NASCAR Driver here in the US that she has been working with.

Here is what she and I have agreed to; if I come with 1M, she will put me into a program with her. In return, she wants me to put as sponsorship on my car some of the Humanitarian Projects that Bahrain has funded and has been involved with to help the perceived look of Bahrain.

So this will put us in a very good position with not only Alia, but the whole Country of Bahrain. We have the opportunity right now to be apart of something really big and really good.

She is going to London next weekend and will be at HSBC Bank for a transaction on March 4. So if I'm there with 1M, I will join her in the transaction. If I'm not there, this opportunity passes.

Please let me know ASAP what each of you think you can do.

Thank you both.

Best regards,

Chuck Walker

[email protected]

_______End Private Email Letter----------

Chuck signed an agreement with my client for $102,000.00. Chuck was sent $68,000.00 and the rest was going to be sent once we saw that the next monthly payment was on time. When it came time for the next monthly payment, more excuses happened. I was still from the delay of the holidays, etc. We ask Chuck for a Copy of the Settlement Sheet and the Trade Blotter which he never could provide. He was asked many times over and over to provide the Settlement Sheet and Trade Blotter. Chuck said that he could return the $68,000 or wait on the other to arrive! The client requested that he return the $68,000 and pay the monthly payment on the $30,000.00. Chuck said he would return the money and he has not paid monthly on anything except for one baby payment from the $30,000 that was invested in December 2012, and has still to this day not returned the $68,000.00.

Chuck’s first excuse was that he was out of the country and the $68,000 would be returned to my client upon his return. After asking over and over he admitted that the trade for the $102,000/$125,000 had not started trading yet, but he still took the money instead of being honest! He never put any money in for my client. He says in an email 100% that he put the money in for my client! Really? Which Trade since it has not started yet! More lies! He makes up lies to keep from paying. He has admitted in a Settlement Contract he wanted everyone to sign to release him that he did not use the funds for a trade. Chuck has to be the dumbest man on earth by admitting to taking money and not using it as he stated in the contracts he signed with my client!

He said he does not have the money to return, but his friend agreed to loan him the money to pay us to get this over so it does not damage him online or in his career! (We told him over and over that if the money was not returned that he will be plastered all over the internet to keep anyone else from being hurt, he will still be taken to court, his career ruined by his lies and stealing, and he will still have to return the money! He has been told over and over that we were going to post everything publicly! He said anything online he can have removed! We will see about that! He even stated if we post something online he would post something about us! Really? We trusted him and he took money and spent it! Chuck is the one who received the money in his account! We did nothing wrong! He is the one that took the money and makes up lies not to pay! He has to borrow from people to pay back other people he has taken money from it seems! If he really has his own trade platform he would not have to borrow from his friends. He states he has been doing this for 25 years! If Chuck has been doing this for 25 years be would be wealthy and have money to buy a race car team without the lame excuse he uses stating he is helping people by doing it for God! God would never want any of his children hurt this way!

As I write this posting, he is claiming to be in California meeting with some movie producers that plan on giving him 5 million! He actually thinks after they read my post he will get one dime? He also thinks no one will believe us over him! Well, Chuck, I have every email you have ever written and you can’t deny emails that come from you directly! He really thought I was bluffing by posting about him online so I can protect people from trusting this man and giving him money! Do not fall for the same crap he told us.

Our plans, at this time, are to go public in every way! The S.E.C. will be contacted along with the FBI. If he pays what he has agreed to pay, I will gladly retract my post. Otherwise, he can go to jail for fraud!

Chuck Walker brought this all on himself by not doing the right thing! He has lied, taken money, and continues to do so to this day!

If you have also been a victim of Chuck Walker’s scam, please contact me at: [email protected]


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