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Allenhurst Car Care Inc

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Allenhurst
Address 537 Main St
Phone 732-660-8899

Allenhurst Car Care Inc Reviews

  • Jan 15, 2016

Brought my car into this place for failed inspection and check engine light on. owner of this place also owns 2 other auto repair facilites. bradley car care, total car care, allenhurst car care. owner will be your best friend until you have a problem. well, i have a problem. car was diagnosed as needed a new pcm. after pcm was installed and car was there for over 1 week, car was returned, INSPECTED, but now the battery light comes on. 4 trips back to this place and still no resolution. today i was told by Mike (manager at allenhurst car care) to take my car elsewhere as they LOST money working on my car. SO if i understand correctly. mike is a big boy and quoted this price of $1,200.00 and now is crying that he had the car for a week and lost money on this deal. who lost money........ME......I am out $1,200.00 and now have a battery light issue which wasnt an issue before MIke and his team worked on the car. now i am being told to take it elsewhere and spend more money. SO I ASK......WHO IS LOSING HERE.......i bet it's me.


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