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Allen Lane Limited

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 33 King Street, St. James's
Phone 020 7101 8804

Allen Lane Limited Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2017

In the UK it is illegal for a recruitment agency to charge someone for finding them work. There is a law about this called the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations.

Allen Lane has devised a rip off scheme to try to get around this. They force you to work for a particular umbrella company called First Umbrella who they have an arrangement with, and if you refuse to sign up with them or leave them they terminate the contract.

First Umbrella then charges you an extra £30 every day as part of their margin. And then they pay this £30 or £150 every week back to Allen Lane.

The net result is that you lose £30 a day off your agreed day rate, and this money goes straight back to Allen Lane. So it is no different to them charging you £30 for finding you work which is illegal.

This is a variant on their Contractor Plus scam which has already been reported on Rip Off Report, but they have now started this as a way to try to get around the law. Either way this is a scam and contractors should avoid them like the plague.

  • Jun 26, 2017

Allen Lane in London is the worst recruitment agency I have ever worked for. They force contractors to join a scheme they call Contractor Plus which is just a way to make them money. They charge £600 every month for this and give you virtually nothing for it. The so called benefits are probably worth about £10 a month. The rest of it just goes straight to their pockets.

When you complain about it and ask to stop it, they say no. They make the excuse that they don't make enough money from what they charge to the people you are working for so they have to charge you instead. They even say that everyone in the industry does this which is not true as people I was working with at the same customer through a decent agency had never heard of this.

I have now stopped working for Allen Lane and gone with a much better agency with no dodgy fees. Do not trust this agency, they will rip you off.

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