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Allen Contracting

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Beaver Falls
Address 417 13th Street
Phone 724-359-7029

Allen Contracting Reviews

  • May 6, 2016

Jeffrey Sciarro charged my elderly mother $2300 to replace her chimney flashing with new. He did nothing of the kind. He went up on the roof and smeared roof tar around. On top of this, we couldn't take legal action because he is collecting Social Security Disability Benefits so what he did was: He originally gave her a price of $2500. Then he told her that if she paid cash he would give her a break and only charge $2300. This hides the money from SSI so he doesn't claim this income. Then we find out that he's operating without a contractors license or insurance.if this all isn't bad enough, when we took bids to get the job done right, our highest bid was $400. I later found out that he deliberately targets the elderly, because he knows they have no means of getting up on the roof and checking what he has done, or more accurately, what he has not done. And you can also look up: where a contractor without insurance was doing a torch down repair (which we found out he is not qualified to do) on a Presbyterian Church in Ambridge Pa., and caught the building on fire to the tune of over $60,000 which the church got stuck with cause Sciarro is uninsured. If you go back a little further in his history, you'll find K and J Contracting, Sciarro Contracting, Jeff Contracting and now Allen Contracting which is his middle name. The reason? When he gets sued, he disappears by changing the company name, because he'll also pull a scam where he'll ask for half the contract funds to start the job (which is normal in this nbusiness) and you'll never see him again.

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