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Allegiant Airlines

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 5757 Wayne Newton Blvd
Phone (702) 505-8888

Allegiant Airlines Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2022

When air traffic canceled a flight (unclear what this means) they ate all the passengers' tickets, saying they had no blame therefore Allegient gets to keep our money and everyone has to buy new tickets.

  • Jun 18, 2019

On the multiple Allegiant airline flights I have been on, are cards advertising their credit card and 17,500 bonus air miles. Later when I got the credit card and the bonus miles, there was only 15,000. After multiple times attempting to get ahold of Allegiant (they must have only a couple people handling the calls, as I've spent minimum 45 min in the queue, every time I've called) I was told that it had to be from special applications offered in flight to get the 17,500.

NO OFFERS HAVE EVER BEEN MADE BY THE CREW IN FLIGHT, on any of the flights I've flown, to which the condescending customer service rep, 'Jennifer' only reponded that the ad was In Flight; however no other information was given to customers, no announcements, nothing. Jennifer offered to contact BofA regarding my complaint but then again in a condescending manner, informed me that this would probably go no where.

Allegiant Airlines is already a super cheap airline that charges for every & anything possible; being condescending to customers and argumentative just adds to their cheap image. Be wary of any dealings with this airline as if you by chance need to contact their customer service, you'll spend give or take an hour in their call queue and receive little to no help from a condescending rep.

  • Apr 7, 2018

I booked a hotel with Allegiant. I wanted to cancel it about 48 hours before but was then notified that I had to give 72 hours notice. Even if I cancelled my flight I could not cancel the motel.

Please note the following:

1.The discount they claim for booking a motel through their site is no discount. It is generally the same price if you book directly with the motel.

2.If you book directly with the motel you usallly have up until 24 hours to cancel.

There is simply no advantage to book a motel with allegiant that I can see.

  • Nov 24, 2016

I arrived at Mesa-Gateway Airport for a flight on Allegiant Airlines from Mesa, AZ to St Cloud, MN on 11/16/2016 at 1:03 PM for a 2:57 PM flight. Confirmation #6PTHVW

I have flown this airline many times with my dog in an approved soft-side Sherpa bag with no problems/issues.

I was told by the ticket agent that I could board the flight home, but they would not allow my dog to fly home with me because she was "crammed" into the soft-side Sherpa bag. I showed the ticket agent that my dog fit into the bag as well as was able to turn around. They refused to listen to me even when I told them that we have flown this airline in the past several times with the same bag and same dog. I was told "the dog is probably bigger now" - the dog is 7-1/2 years old and hasn't grown since she was 1 year old.

I then stated, "how is my dog supposed to get home" - the ticket agent said it wasn't her problem because I wasn't following the rules. In the meantime, they booked me a return flight to St Cloud for Saturday, 11/19/2016, same time. I stated again, how about my dog. They said "hand it over to someone, this is not their problem!".

I was visibly upset because I was stranded in Mesa AZ with my dog with no way to get home - I had driven my Mom down to Mesa AZ for the winter (after my father had passed away on 7/30/2016), I was in AZ for a national dog show at West World in Scottsdale, AZ and was looking forward to getting home with my dog.

After multiple phone calls to Allegiant Airlines the evening of 11/16/2016, I was told that it was ultimately up to the ticket agent to approve/deny a pet to fly on their obviously didn't matter that I had flown with the airline before with no denials. And because I had called multiple times asking for a supervisor, I was told I was denied and it didn't matter how many times I called and tried to appeal my case. I stated I would need to find another airline/flight to fly home because I was not abandoning my dog with a stranger, nor was I going to require my mother to take care of my dog for the winter months.

I then called Delta Airlines late evening on 11/16/2016 and booked a flight for Friday 11/18/2016 at 10:00 AM. I arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at 7:35 AM, checked in with the ticket agent, as well as the same dog in the same carrier - there was not even a glance of an concern/issue with the dog fitting comfortably in the carrier. I asked if there was an issue with the dog in the carrier - the response was "wow, she's nice and comfy in the carrier and looks like the dog has lots of room." I never had an issue with my dog in the carrier with the Delta ticket agent, TSA or the gate agent. On the flight home with Delta, she laid down and slept the entire time.

When I arrived home, I received an email from the Customer Care department at Allegiant stating that pets are valued on their airlines, and their concern for the safety/security of pets traveling is of their utmost concern. It sounded to me like I was forcing my dog in the soft side crate and creating undue harm to my dog. My dogs (I have 3) are my kids and are spoiled and treated better than most people I encounter on a daily basis. If I thought my dog was in any harm, I would not be flying her - and then to be told by the ticket agent, my dog was not valued because she could not fly. Would this happen to a passenger with a 2-year-old toddler and deny the toddler a seat on the plane? Give me a break!

What I want from the airline is a refund for the pet fee I paid ($100), my airline ticket ($234) at the very least. I had to re-schedule a flight through Delta which cost me ($216.00) plus pet fee ($125) in addition to 2 days lost work because I was supposed to return to work on 11/17/2016, but due to being denied, I could not return to work until 11/21/2016.

In addition, I had to a friend drive me from my home in Coon Rapids to retrieve my car at the St Cloud Regional Airport in Minnesota. Allegiant put me through more emotional distress than I've had to deal with since my father passed away. Customer service needs to be re-trained on all their employees!!

  • Oct 17, 2016

Allegiant advertised a $70 one way fare from 8/7/2016 through 8/21/2016 and state that airfare prices are per segment including taxes, carrier charges & government fees, and reflect payment by debit card.

Then the copy goes on to read that customers paying by debit card may not have all of the consumer protections legally available to those paying by credit card in the event of dispute. Finally it said, "must be purchased by july 11, 2016"

Translation: if the price you are charged ends up being higher that the advertised price your only recourse is to write allegiant direct and ask for a price refund which i did and after waiting a month there was no response so the next best thing.

Airfare $131.91 fed excise tax $9.89 segment fees $8.00 pfc $9.00 sept 11 security fee $11.20 and finally carrierusage charge $26.00 total trip cost $196 which is $56.00 more than what it was advertised at.

Because i bought the ticket on a debit card within the time specifiedand met all other conditions exactly as they required i was very surprised at the additional $50 that was charged and when i wrote allegiant askingfor a refund check or credit for the over charge i never heard back. Lesson learned: if you have to use this aiirline be sure you pay with visa or amex Which will cost you an extra service charge) so that you can dispute any additional charges to your card and let the credit card company try to settle it for you,

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