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Country United States
State California
City Elk Grove
Address 9650 West Taron Drive, Suite 100
Phone 888-680-7706


  • Mar 8, 2018 - an online software company that provides how-to auto repair info for diy types. Their parent company is and that company is owned by AutoZone. alldatadiy claims they will refund your money if you are not satisifed with their product if you contact them within 10 days of purchase.

I purchased software for a vehicle and a few days later decided it was mostly useless as it was missing a lot of information needed to repair the car. I contacted via their web site as they have NO phone support for the product or any or part of the transaction. I filled out their online "refund request" form and a few days later was told the base purchase price was being refunded - $29.95. It could take 7-10 bus. days. They do not refund sales tax.

I can live with that, although I find it interesting the O'Reilley's Auto Parts refunds both product price and sales tax when you return mdse? The refund email was received on 2/22/18. It's now 3/9/18 and my bank acct. has not been credited. I called my bank. They made it clear that EFT(electronic funds xfers) only take 3-5 days and not 7-10 days. We are well beyond that. I have gone online to the site and queried them countless times about this.

Countless queries have been written and I have received no response. I called their parent company AutoZone and was given a phone number to The people at refuse to help. I'm told that is a separate entity and the only way to reach them is via one of their web forms. I've exhausted my fingers filling out refund requests for the past several days. Good luck trying to get a refund from AutoZone - you should be ashamed of yourself for being a part of this.

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