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Alfredo Padilla

Country United States
State Colorado
City Olathe
Address 61315 Falcon Rd
Phone 970-210-3769

Alfredo Padilla Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2022

Renters beware! We were offered a bigger and safer place for our large family, and decided to move. A month later we were served with eviction papers and accused of abandoning and vandalizing mr. Padilla’s property. He did an inspection prior to us moving out and was pleased with how well we had kept the mobile home.

But now is saying otherwise all because we moved and now he lost a big income. He is now trying to sue us for $20,000 in damages that we did not cause! He is a slumlord and instead of doing his duties as a landlord, to keep the home livable and upkept, he will tell you "if you don’t like it then move!”

The property itself looks like a graveyard for abandoned vehicles, and god only knows what else. He will do anything to get money out of you. But will refuse to actually repair anything in or on the home.

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