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Alexis Dickey Photography

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone 949-412-4451

Alexis Dickey Photography Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2017

I was relieved to find someone else had a similar UNPROFESSIONAL experience when I googled this photographer, as she does not have a Yelp page, and I did not want to be the first one to write a negative review. I feel bad writing this, but not sure how else to warn future aspiring actors of the downfalls of this particular business.

Her headshots are very good, and I have no complaint about the work. However, I was referred by an acting community I trusted and had a BAD experience with her as an unprofessional business practices and her Customer Service - to an extreme level. Her attitude, her ability to honor deadlines posted on her website, her price in writing, as well as her maturity and interpersonal skills leave so much to be desired, that I WOULD NEVER SEND ANYONE to her - or tell my agents that she is good. I feel like my acting studio that she rents from and refers people out of should BE AWARE of where they are sending people - even though my Headshots turned out good.

Her posted turnaround time is supposed to be 72 hours, and the two people who I know who went to her also (in addition to this reviewer here that I read when Googling her) all had the same experience. She does not honor deadlines. She is also bad about replying to emails.

SHE REALLY NEEDS TO HIRE A STAFF - it seems that no one responds to her emails, and when she writes emails - she can never remember what she told you previously - and doesn't take the time to even search her inbox for what was told previously. Maybe she can just hire someone to edit the photos so she can meet the deadline?? Additionally - with one of the people who went to her, the address was wrong!!! They went to the shoot and it was not there and the photographer had NEVER sent the address and she had a horrible attitude about it, and pretended that she had emailed the correct address. I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO PISSED. The other actor who went said that she changed the price on him after having quoted something else.

It is too bad. She is a talented photographer for Actor Headshots, but there are just too many other choices out there to support someone who is so irresponsible and lazy. She charges enough to pay some poor receptionist or photo assistant $12/hour part time to help her edit or to reply to emails and make sure that people know where to go for their shoot or remember what freaking price was quoted.


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