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Aldrige Law Group

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 37 N. Orange Ave. Suite 500
Phone (407) 308-0210

Aldrige Law Group Reviews

  • Dec 17, 2015

I was contacted by Michael Kennedy of the Aldrige Law Group and agreed to have them represent me try to obtain a home mortgage modification with Bank of America for both my 1st and 2nd mortgage beginning in October 2013. Michael Kennedy was my contact and I paid them $3,000 up front for document preparation and process follow through. Michael stated that they would submit the documents to the bank and then contact the bank every two weeks to obtain modification status as well as obtain/relay to me requests for additional information.

I eventually was assigned a representative, Edgar Salas, who was responsible for the document preparation and watchdog for the process. For the first 1.5 months I requested to obtain copies, for my records, of the documents that they said they submitted to the bank, my representative, Edgar Salas, told me he had to receive special permission from the Aldrige legal department because it was their policy to drop the case if I contacted the bank to speak about the modification. Reason being, that I could stand the chance of providing conflicting information and they did not want me to contradict them. After assuring them I would not contact the bank they finally sent me the application only. Other calls etc resulted in me getting the supporting documents allegedly submitted with the application over two months later.

While waiting to receive the supporting documents and after Aldrige Law Group had reported they had submitted the application I was speaking with the bank regarding making a payment and in response to their questions I informed them to direct all questions to Aldrige Law Group. Bank of America informed me that they did not have any record of Aldrige as my representative nor did I have an application on file.

In the interim I received notification from Bank of America that they would be selling my 1st mortgage on December 17 to another mortgage company. Beginning the first week of December I called Aldrige to inquire how this affected my modification but could not get a return call or them to answer the phone. On December 27th I got a return call and before I could ask about the sale of my mortgage, or the fact that Bank of America had stated that they had no record of Aldrige as my representative nor an application in progress, Edgar’s assistant informed me that my modification was moving along just fine and there were no requests for additional information just yet and to be patient since these things take time. I received a second identical call from Aldrige Law Group the second week of January 2014. Aldrige was unaware that my loan was no longer with Bank of America.

On January 29, 2014 I received a letter from Friedman Law Associates stating they had terminated their relationship with Aldrige Law Group, raising even further concerns since I was not aware of their involvement with my case and did not understand why they would send me such a letter.

I then began trying to contact my representative Edgar Salas, whose phone rang but was never answered nor transferred into voice mail, I then began trying to contact all persons at Aldrige whom I has spoke with over the previous four months and their phones rang only as well. I also began trying to call Sarah Pashaee but never received a call back.

In February 2014, after my loan had been transferred to Nationstar mortgage, I asked about an application that was supposed to transfer with my loan and was informed that there was no application on file for my loan modification. I then contacted Bank of America where the process was to have begun and they stated that they had not received any documentation for a request for a loan modification nor was Aldrige listed as a representing agent for my account.

I contacted the Florida Bar Association due to the fact that Aldrige Law Group had obviously mislead me in what they may or may not have done regarding applying for my home mortgage modification and have definitely mislead me in what they were doing regarding periodic follow up conversations with the bank. They took my money and did nothing for it.

I would appreciate an investigation into this matter and respectfully request that Aldrige refund all monies that I paid them for services that they did not provide.

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