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Alan Schwartz

Country United States
State Virginia
City Fairfax
Address 9030 Ashmeade Dr
Phone 703-764-1810

Alan Schwartz Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2019

Do not accept this idiots transactions whatsoever. The second he buys an item he will contact his credit card company and file fraud disputes to steal product from you. This hick will steal from you and avoid any confrontation with you. He will refuse all contact, lie to his own credit card company. This person is the biggest scumag we have ever encountered. Do yourself a favor sellers, see his order, delete it and blacklist him. He commits bank fraud, petty theft and his whole family including himself has a criminal history. Ran a background check on him and he's a theif in real time

  • Oct 31, 2019

Sellers no matter what you do, do not do business with Alan Schwartz. He is the biggest scumbag theif of them all. He will purposely steal anything he gets his hands on. This moron is the biggest con artist of them all and coward. He will be things from you and then illegally dispute them to steal the product from you.

This idiot thinks he can do whatever he wants and purposely violate your polices just as long as he gets away with it. This thief will go to your online store buy a product, and then immediately dispute it. He will lie to his own credit card company and purposely avoid you at all costs.

Dont bother to attempt to work things over with this scum. He will purposely ignore any letters you send him. This theif has a criminal history along with his entire family, so this scum is no stranger to being put in jail.

Do yourself a favor, if this thief steals from you, just contact the police department have him arrested for petty larceny and call his bank and bring him up on bank fraud charges. We had enough of this idiot and he will be facing a court trial.

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