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Alan McConchie

Country Canada
City North Vancouver, British Columbia
Address 889 Harbourside Drive, Suite 290
Phone 604.988.1623

Alan McConchie Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2020

Mr. Alan McConchie and Mr. Faiyal Dean are both scammers. I have referred to them about 1 year ago as I was planning my retirement. I put my trust in them thinking they would set me up for monthly income as well as the long term. I paid him for their services which included credit repair as well as investing about $500K. The plans that he used were both Life Insurance policies, one was $250K, and the same with the second one which is a Fractured Settlement policy that I cannot touch.

I feel that they only looked out for themself. I bought a home during this time and they put me in touch with a loan officer in long beach, whom I never met, and this person wanted me to put down $96K as a down payment on my home, Mr. Alan McConchie and Mr. Faiyaz Dean agent. After checking another Loan company my down payment was $50K. I feel completely taken advantage of by Mr. Alan McConchie and Faiyaz Dean and feel they need to be investigated by federal authorities.

My main goal at this point is to be able to retrieve my $250K from the Fractured Settlement policy so that I can reinvest into an interest-earning account. As it stands today I can't touch this money which I need. I need legal help to get my money back and to put on notice that Mr. and Faiyaz Dean is and does not do what they say they will do for you. Avoid their services they are scammers. Also, I just find out that Fayaz Dean is involved in several financial crimes.

was disbarred from the British Law society and facing criminal fraud trial awaits U.S. extradition decision.

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