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Alabama Motor Express

Country United States
State Alabama
City Ashford
Address 10720 East US Highway 84
Phone 1-800-633-7590

Alabama Motor Express Reviews

  • Apr 19, 2017

Whitney Money does not pay drivers properly. While the company's payscale is a total ripoff and below average. At the time of this writing the pay is a sliding scale. Under 2300 miles per week is thirty cents per mile and 2300+ is thirty seven cents per mile. The industry average is 40-50 cents per mile. No sliding scale.Whitney does not bump you up to 37 cents when told by dispatch. Whitney also fails to return phone calls drivers make to her. The driver is the most important person in the company spending weeks at a time away from home. She also fails to reimburse drivers for expenses. She acts like the pay is above average and normal pay for the trucking industry while in fact we are getting screwed royally.

  • Apr 19, 2016

This company RIPS off Real Trucking Companies! They either cannot, or will not pay their own bills and expect other companies to pay fees for them and HOPE to get reimbursed by them. When I booked a load for one of my Drivers on Januray 26, 2016 with AMX Logistics - the Rate seemed ok out of Georgia. But I soon learned that AMX does that so they can manufacture nonexistent deductions to screw over the Trucking Company. I signed a Rate Confirmation on January 26, 2016 for $1,650 for a 4 stop load from the Atlanta GA area to WI, 1056 miles for $1,650.

When my driver got to the first stop in Kenosha WI, the Receiver had her sit for 4 hours and then put her into a dock. They then said they would not unload her until she paid them $160 for Lumper Fees. She called me and told me, and I told her they did not negotiate any Lumper Fees and the Receiver would have to call their Shipper to work that out as we don't pay other businesses expenses unless they are negotiated and put on the Rate Confirmation.

The Receiver refused to do anything so I told my Driver to close the trailer up and lets move on to the next stop. We unloaded there just fine - they called their Customer for payment of the Lumper Fees. It was now too late to deliver the 3rd and 4th stops until the next day so I brought the truck into my yard as this driver was off the following day and I was covering for her. I called the BROKE(r) and they threw a fit that I did not cover their Lumper Fees and request reimbursement. When I informed them that it could have been written into the Rate Confirmation and I would have done just that, but without it being in the Rate Confirmation I would have no recourse if they defaulted on the payment. I said I would be happy to deliver the load for them but they would need to send a new Rate Confirmation reflecting the $250 ReDelivery Fee for a total of $1,900 and they promptly told me I just bought the load and they would file a Cargo Claim. I told them that was fine as I had already talked with my Insurance Company and that according to our Rate Confirmation we had followed the Contract and they wouldn't be paying any Claims on it. The next morning, the BROKE(r) called me up and BEGGED for me to ReDeliver this and I told them if they sent a new Rate Confirmation I would fit it in as soon as I could but that we had already accepted other work for that truck assuming that they did not want us to deliver it. They sent the new Rate Confirmation for $1,900 and I was able to ReDeliver it myself 3 days later. I sent them the POD's that same day and within 30 minutes they emailed back stating they would pay nothing!

They have since paid $1,150 as they state they will not honor the 2nd Rate Confirmation and that their Customer had filed a Claim for $500 due to Late Delivery. Well, that Customer has given me a written statement saying that they did NOT file a Claim for $500 and do not intend on doing so.

So we have filed a claim against their Bond Agent as well as sent the paperwork to our Attorney General seeking Theft By Swindle charges be filed against the general manager jared moore as it was his decision to agree to a new Rate Confirmation that he never intended to honor. We also have tacked on Collection and Attorney Fees of $400 that we will not stop Collection Efforts until AMX Logistics doors are closed and any assets are liquidated.

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