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Agostino Von Hassell

Country United States
State New York
City New York

Agostino Von Hassell Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2022

Look up this guy on the Web. Google him. Agostino von Hassell. It’s easy to find out a little bit about him. Right there near the top of the search results are a Wikipedia link (which I suspect is self-generated) and his main website. He proclaims to be a historian, author, chef and photographer. Owner of “The Repton Group, one of the nation’s foremost intelligence firms.” In his own biography, he states that he is “a life member of the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents, the National Defense Industrial Association, the OSS Society, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, the American Society of Magazine Photographers, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, and the Authors Guild.”

What he doesn’t say is that he is a Marine. He’s very careful about that. He leads you to believe that, but he doesn’t actually put it in writing. He even avoids the term “former Marine,” which in and of itself would be a dead giveaway. Marines never refer to themselves as “former” Marines. They are, simply, Marines. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Don’t be fooled by his lifetime membership in the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondents. This is an organization “comprised of active duty, reserve, retired and former Marines who served as Combat Correspondents on active duty or worked as a civilian in journalism, lithography, photography, broadcasting, graphic arts, advertising and PR.

Agostino is not a Marine, even though his Wikipedia page shows him posing in Turkey in some sort of BDU (battle dress uniform) with no Marine Corps markings or insignia whatsoever. Perhaps he was deployed with Marine units and covered them in the field, but he was no Marine. Yet he tells people he was a captain in the USMC. I spoke with a person who heard him describe himself as such at an event. Impersonating a Marine is a felony. He also lives in his mother’s old condo in NYC.

And his company, The Repton Group, is run by a guy named Chris, who is a felon. He also professes to be a photographer. I’ve seen his photography. Let’s just say that anyone who is foolish enough to order an 8x10 photo of his for $300 – his least expensive ordering option – deserves what they get. I must say, I haven’t tried his cooking yet (remember, he says he’s a chef) so you never know. There’s still a window of opportunity open for him there. Everything else ... not so much. Don't get taken in by this guy and his line. Steer clear well clear of him. He’s bad news on a number of levels.

  • Jan 9, 2022

Working with Agostino could prove to be a real hassle, if you catch my drift. The guy looks to be as phony as a three dollar bill, judging from the results he’s generated – or, actually, the lack thereof. He promises the world, with no proof that he can actually deliver, then doesn’t deliver, then wants more money to continue the venture. And he convinces people to pay him more, and still doesn’t deliver. What does that sound like to you? You’ve probably heard the quote that’s often attributed to Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” Well, that’s the Agostino modus operandi – the Agostino method. (By the way, I can’t resist this – that name sounds like a seafood dish: “I’d like some Angostino, delicately sauteed in butter and garlic, served over homemade capellini, and a glass of your finest Sauvignon blanc.”) Beware of this guy. He’s taken people for tens of thousands of dollars and has produced zero results. He claims that he’s a master manipulator and can get top-notch results. Well, in a way, he’s right. He’s masterfully manipulated people out of a ton money. Just look at the company he keeps. That will give you a clue. He’s hired a guy who embezzled $3.4 million from his own family and went to jail for it; now a convicted felon, he’s out of the slammer and working for Angostino von Hassell. Do yourself a favor and stick with the Capellini d’Angostino. Because dealing with this guy is just too much of a hassle.

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