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Country United States
State New York
City Liverpool
Address 106 Luther Ave
Phone 1-800-437-3609
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  • Aug 25, 2020


Got a tracking number but after 2 weeks waiting for the parts called and found they forgot to ship. Gasket mis-shapen didn't fit. wrong wrist pin size, did not respond to email or call voice message. Find a MAXIFORCE dealer for your parts. Beautiful parts and great service.

  • Jul 29, 2020

need I add my experience

I would like to share my Experience but theres plenty of negative here around the rest. But there right they suck. 2 weeks out and no parts and I just got a pic of the shipping info only to find out it's not half what I ordered. this is after a week of bs trying to figure out where my stuff is.

  • Oct 18, 2019

Not a quality company

Ordered a rebuild kit(IPD), cylinder head, water pump plate and exhaust bolts for a Caterpillar. Took over a week to get the wrong rebuild kit (McBee) no head no exhaust bolts. This place is a joke. The only reason I tried AgKits is because I'm hours from parts supplier. Would have saved money going to dealer for the amount of lost time working.

  • Oct 8, 2019

Wrong set no return

Bought a set of injectors for a marine 3208 Caterpillar. Gave all the information to the representative and they recommended a certain set of injectors. These were purchased in January and told him the boat would not be going in the water until March for testing. After our test we found out the injectors were the wrong ones we looked them up and found and give them the correct number which they did not have and told us we will not take the old ones back as a return because they were installed. It did not matter that they gave us the wrong ones to start with and we're shown the correct number they still would not do anything for us. Will never use them again and neither should anybody else.

  • Sep 3, 2019

Junk parts crap service

Water pump leaked parts that were in picture did not come with pump

  • Aug 16, 2019

Wrong parts incomplete parts

Got an inframe kit and a water pump from them for 2.5 deere engine water pump did not come with all the gaskets and the impeller hits the backing plate junk parts can't use the looks like returning the is gonna be a pain and gonna cost me more money

  • Jul 24, 2019

I purchased a rebuild kit for a mitsubishi s4s engine on a Sunday. Agkits had the kit listed as a reliance part. I found kits cheaper, but as a trac-pro part. Having said that I decided to purchase from agkits. I have used reliance rebuild kits with success in the past.

Monday comes around and I receive a voicemail from agkits. They have everything, but the pistons. One hour goes by and I get a call. The representative says they found pistons and will get them sent out soon. I am very pleased at this point and not concerned.

Four days later I receive a rebuild kit without pistons on a Thursday. (Was a Trac-pro kit, not reliance. I found a Trac-pro kit for 200$ less previously searching) Friday, Saturday, Monday, all come and go. I call agkits on Tuesday. Representative says he'll call back and update me with tracking info. 24 hours later on Wednesday I call back. I ask what is the hold up. Different representative tells me the pistons haven't shipped yet. They're having issues with their supplier. Stated he would call me back.

Now late Thursday afternoon I receive an email stating they're shipping me a whole new kit with pistons. I am to take out pistons and print off parts list/shipping tag. I leave to go out of town. New kit arrives while I'm gone sometime the following week. When I get home, it is a Maxiforce rebuild kit. I quickly get started on finishing rebuild. I take out pistons from maxiforce kit and try to install trac-pro pistons rings. They are different. I'll have to use maxiforce pistons with maxiforce rings. I contact agkits via email and ask if i should use rings from maxiforce kit. Also asked if I am to ship trac-pro rings back with maxiforce kit. I also have expressed my frustration with this whole process so far.

Agkits takes a day and half to respond. Representative states I need to forward a parts listing of parts I plan to return. Did not answer my questions. I respond back with an email restating my issue and how to go about it. Now here I am a a day later writing this review with no response. Approximately 3 weeks from my order, and I have only been hassled. My time has not been respected. I want to to be over with

  • Sep 25, 2017

I orded parts for a 152 perkins engine in a massey ferguson. I order these parts with engine model and ser. number tractor model and ser. numbers. these people sent parts alright. I had to take them to a machine shop and get them machined to fit. In there kit was gaskets most of these did not fit.To get the engine back running i had to go to parts store and match up gaskets these people are a joke . I have never had such a hard time getting what i needed to rebuild an engine. I have reciepts for machine shop bill and gaskets. There are alot of companys that sell the parts use another are be sorry.

  • Aug 22, 2015

I recently placed an order with agkits online. I entered my info and emailed them several times because i needed this item by Friday. I never got a email back. Which whatever it didn't matter because they sent me a generic email with my tracking and it would be delivered on time. I keep check ups all day and this shows up on my tracking.

Exception: Action Required The apartment number is either missing or incorrect. This may delay delivery. We're attempting to update the address.

I call UPS and ask them what is going on and they said the company didn't put an apartment on the address. Totally pissed by now because now i won't get it till monday I call the AGKits and they said i didn't enter my apartment number . Below is my order confirmation from them.

I see an apartment number and I am sure you do too. Now i have to go buy the dam part which is more money at the John Deere dealer so i can have it today. The lady I spoke to was rude and basically said it was my fault and there was nothing they could do. And that PJ handles the orders and he was at lunch and he would call me back. Well Guess what i still do not have a return call from this mysterious PJ But you can be sure I will never order from them again and I will let all my friends and family know also.

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