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Country Canada
City Victoria, British Columbia
Address 83 Saghalie Rd #1206
Phone 1 800-430-2105
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  • Jan 15, 2019

Lance Cook is not to be a trusted man. He will take zero accountability for his wrong doings a full on narcissistic. He uses his fraud history as a story of success.

Imagine those taken by Lance Cook in the past. He had zero empathy to the victims. Denied it all and threw his own staff under the bus. Hes a total nightmare to work with. Took over a year to put a company program together. He out sources all his work and we paid him 4k a month.

He will never admit when he is wrong. A total hardcore control freak also. Call him on his dishonesty he turns into a weasel calls the police for harassing him. Before his company he was illegally working as a mortgage broker even so his court documents read he cant practice until Aug 2022.

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