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Country Canada
City North York, Ontario
Address 1550 Avenue Rd,
Phone 416-669-6320

AfterDarkLadies Reviews

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  • May 1, 2018

They post multiple ads on backpage and similar sites using fake pictures and tell the customers the girls have no restrictions and thats put me in a very bad situation... I was approahced multiple times by a guy named Tal, that lives and seems to be drugged all the time he tried to walk in while i was in the washroom.

The working conditions are really bad, they advertsie as an upscale agency where in fact there are ran down studio with a non functioning washroom. The staff are all men that look at you while oyure waiting for calls and try to trick you into drinking with them and taking drugs with them, the place. Please avoid them at all cost, its really not worth checking out. I hope in the future some of you will find this and save yourself the headache and time.

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  • Jun 16, 2020

Owner is a Rapist

Tal is one of Shlomo's drivers / phone guys.

He has been a crack head for at least 18+ years.

I was raped by Shlomo Abuhav end of August 2001. I answered phones for 3 days. 3rd day owner raped me.

Shlomo Abuhav has passed his business down to his son Daniel Abuhav. Many names and now operate through Twitter.

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