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Afortus Financial

Country United States
State Utah
City South Jordan
Address 10808 S River Front Pkwy #3078
Phone 877-756-0550

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  • Feb 13, 2017

Afortus Financial was previously Ancora Financial, formally Federal Financial Group 2, formally Federal Financial group before that. I heard they hired experts to white wash social media, but also change their name for a clean slate to escape negative social media and dupe unsuspecting clients and agents. Research dug up so much misleading info, I decided all should hear "the truth." I've interviewed a dozen of their recruiters, 2 dozen managers, even more agents. Too much info on too many topics require several complaints over time. The first complaint is entitled:

Mud Wrestling With Pigs- Part 1: The $295 leads scam

Afortus hires 15-20 recruiters (most not life insuranced licensed) to telemarket and do webinars to attract agent recruits. They charge the recruit $295 and promise them "preset appointment client leads," without telling the whole truth! Most walk away right then. The remaining recruits are assigned a manager who delivers the bad news;

Your contract level is 40% (industry norms are 70-100%). Additionally you can't get leads until you memorize a ridiculous 20 page script, and give them a list of 50-100 of "your" warm market names. If you don't fullfill "your" part, you can't get leads or your money back. Who wants to work for half the industry norm? Who wants to memorise a ridiculous 20 page script? Afortus promised leads, why did I just pay $295 for Afortus to steal my entire warm market? Of those surveyed, the majority forfeit their $295 and walk away without ever having recieved a single lead.

Only persistent trusting souls remain. They begin to make warm market sales with their manager on a 50/50 splt. When their 1st paycheck comes, they realize 50% split on their 40% contract leaves them just 20% on "their own" warm market. Meanwhile their manager gets a 25% over ride on your half and 65% on their own half. But the real scam is Afortus owners who got 80% up to their approximate 145% top down contract level. More recruits forfeit their $295 having never recieved a single lead from Afortus!

If you're tollerant enough to still be there, you've now earned the promised leads, or so you thought. You're then told there aren't enough A leads to go around. Instread you're given B and C leads, which are really just A leads that have been worked and reworked in a never ending recycling bin. When or if you fianlly get a few A leads, you quickly learn they're slightly better than random names in the phone book. That is usually the last straw and they leave, having lost their entire warm market and wasting months and sometimes years "mud wrestling with pigs" in the Afortus $295 client leads scam.

Solution- There are things you can do to learn the truth and avoid being swindled. First- ask for your contract level up front. Second- Ask how many leads, how soon, and if there's any other requirement. Third- Tell them you paid $295 to GET leads not GIVE your warm market. Fourth- Tell them you'll only give warm market names at 100% contract without any split. Fifth- Tell them you want all commissions paid directly from the carrier, no manual payments by Afortus. Sixth- ask to see the script to see if theirs a chance in hell you'd memorize let alone give it. And lastly and most important, all the previous must be signed in writing, thats just good business. Simply tell them you want to inspect what you expect. They'll get a kick out of that!

Summary- Life is never fair and you never get everything you want. But you can get something you can live with. It's easier to figure that out if organizations are ethical and up front. From what I could tell in my research, Afortus is NOT one of those companies. It's what Afortus doesn't say that should concern you. I'm saving that for my next complaint entittled; Mud Wrestling With Pigs- Part 2: Management and Ownership Scam.

Note- I have no problem and encourage all to circulate and speak: "the truth."

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