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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Oct 3, 2017

I submitted a complaint against Maxbounty, and I noticed that Affpaying is not posting the complaint. Therefore, after doing additional research, I found out that someone else have also reported that affpaying seems to be helping Maxbounty rip people off....See link below:

Moreover, I noticed in my research that they (Maxbounty) have other complaints...One such complaint is on trustpilot (see link below)...I noticed that, it seems, those who complaint is either black (African American), people of color, or women..There's even a well know guy on youtube, who's black (African American), who had his account shut down, and didn't want to work with them anymore....I'm not going to mention his name, because I wouldn't want any negative backlash.

Nevertheless, legal action with Government and Non-Government agencies will continue until Maxbounty pays me what they owe me. Moreover, I will be taking legal action against any company who's defending (or supporting Maxbounty in anyway) to committ fraud against me.

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