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Advance Fabrication, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Morgan Hill
Address 140-B Mast St
Phone 800.624.3759

Advance Fabrication, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2016

Based on my experience this is a dishonest company with a misleading website. Type of company that is only interested in your money . The best way to describe my experience with this company is to copy and paste a letter that I sent to Tim Langdon (owner). He never, ever returned any of my calls or emails, not once. So I wrote him a letter asking for a refund and he choose to ignore that too, so I am posting the letter here, to warn other people that this company's website is misleading and customer service is zero. The owner of Advanced Fabrication is also the owner of Better Buzzed Coffee and Ivy League Barista Academy. My experience refers only to the barista academy and advanced fabrication. I don't expect anyone to read this whole letter, just know that in my experience if you have a complaint, they don't address it, period.

Letter is condensed to fit Yelp's work count limit. "Dear Tim, I am writing to request a refund of my tuition fee of $2,095 for the classes I took beginning of May 16th, 2016. I feel your website; as well as the conversations I had with Stephanie and also with Jennifer Garden were misleading to make me believe your company would work with me in every facet of opening a coffee shop. At the first class I shared with my classmates how you guys were going to help me with all the process to start a coffee shop. On the last class, I showed Jennifer my business plans and pictures of the location that I found for my coffee shop and she said you guys don't work with clients planning on establishing a coffee shop in San Diego. My enthusiasm deflated and I was confused. I had already dropped the other company and had just finished my last class. Some classmates were equally surprised and assured me that it wasn't right and that I should complain. I strongly feel that the time to have told me you no longer help building coffee shops in San Diego was before I signed up for classes. It was when I first contacted your company by phone and by email. I have scanned your websites and saw nothing about not doing business in San Diego. I then called you Tim, and left you a message. I didn't hear back from you. I sent you an email thru your website. I still didn't hear from you. I called Daniel and left him a message I haven't heard back from him either. I then realized that the phone and email given in the website is not the way to get a hold of you so I called the office and talked to Stephanie and told her I wasn't able to get hold of anybody. She said I needed to fill out an application and she would send it by email. I promptly filled out the application and waited for a response. I still didn't hear from you. I inquired once again about my application and Stephanie said she was sending it to you a second time. I never heard from you or anybody else from the sales department. The only person answering my calls and replying to my emails was the receptionist. After months waiting today July 18th an email from Stephanie says that you had tried to contact me. I have NOT gotten any email or message from you whatsoever . It is clear that you guys don't want to do business with a client in San Diego, but fail to communicate that in your website or in my innumerous attempt to get a hold of anyone in your business. With that I ask that you refund my tuition as taking the class at Ivy League Academy not only wasted my time and money but delayed me having a coffee shop. "

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