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Advance E & I Services

Country United States
State Texas
City Ingram
Address 3357 Junction Highway

Advance E & I Services Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2019

I was hired to work here after the owner's longtime bookkeeper suddenly gave her resignation for a job opportunity that offered benefits and a salary that she could not pass up. It was in the best interest of her family. She gave the required two weeks notice.

I was told of this job lead by a family member and I had been job hunting for some time and figured that since I had experience in the field, I would give it a try. It was local. It was close to home. It was a small business. I like the idea of helping small businesses in our small community thrive.

I have some personal issues of a pretty serious nature going on regarding my Special Needs child who is 17 years old.

When I was called in for an interview, I disclosed that these things were going on so as not to mislead the Owner. I disclosed that I may be out a day here and a day there due to the extreme nature of the situation.

He hired me and agreed to pay me a very fair wage for this area. My very first day on the job, I overheard him making fun of one of his biggest clients. From what I could gather, a gentleman had called in to make an order or to discuss an upcoming order and after hanging up with him, the Owner and another employee was mocking the man for being homosexual. It offended me but I did not say anything as I was new to the job and did not feel comfortable doing so though it did make me angry.

I missed exactly 1 full day and 2 half days while I was employed there for 14 days. There was another day that I was given off (Good Friday) by the Owner and in the email that told me to take that day off, he assured me that "my job was secure," that they were "family people," and that their hearts were "going out to me."

The Tuesday after Good Friday, I was at work. The day prior to this date, I had worked 8.2 hours or thereabouts. The Owner had asked me to remind him of something and as time passed and it was getting closer to time for me to leave, I said his name to mention this reminder to him. He had been working on The Machine that makes his business possible and had been growing increasingly frustrated. I did not want to bother him as it felt he was VERY unapproachable, however, I was a new employee and I did not want to not do what was asked of me.

When I said his name, he rounded on me and literally YELLED at me, "LEAVE ME ALONE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!"

I told my co-worker that if he asked or said anything, to tell him I was trying to remind him of the thing which he asked me to remind him.

The next morning, I arrived a few minutes before him. He pulled up, unlocked the office, turned off the alarm, and allowed me inside. I went to clock in, start the coffee, and begin from where I left off the day before until I was provided further instruction.

A few minutes later he came into that area and apologized for being "short with me" the day before. I started to tell him that I was sorry (for what reason, I don't know), that I was just reminding him of the thing that he asked me to remind him of.


He told me he "did not need a Mama, he already had one."

He told me that he "did not need me to tell him how to run his business, he'd been doing it for 20 something years."

He told me I "needed to calm down."

Mind you - he is YELLING at me. All of these things I am typing were YELLED at me while I sat in a chair in an inferior postion and he stood over me or leaned in toward me.

He also told me, and this confused me to no end - to "NOT be so EAGER to LEARN!"

He stalked away, seemingly furious.

I was confused.

He came back through, paused, turned back, and laid into me again; reiterating all of the insanity he had just blasted at me a few moments before.

I was flummoxed. How many times have you been told to not be so eager to learn a new job?

There are cameras everywhere in that building (except for the bathroom). These cameras, I was told, record only video, not audio. That day, he left early to see someone who was in the hospital and I inquired as to what the hell was going on to my one and only co-worker. She said that he was just like that sometimes. She said she thought he was just stressed out and to give him a chance. I was so angry. I was also kind of afraid, to be honest, when he yelled at me like that. I was alone in a building with a man I barely know and he was YELLING at me like .... well, you shouldn't speak to anyone like that.

As the days passed, he was increasingly cold toward me. He did not speak to me unless he had to. He did not look at me.

I was told that I was keeping my co-worker from doing her job because we were talking. I am guessing he was watching us on the cameras. I didn't feel like I had anything to hide!

People can do this job and talk. Alas, it is his business and if he has a problem with talking and feels it keeps people from doing their job - far be it from me to not listen.

That Friday morning, I had to get my tire fixed as it was not holding air. I had been having trouble with it but had been able to air it up to hold me until I got home. That morning, there was nothing to be done but to take it up the road and come in after. I was unaware this was going to happen that morning. I was unaware that the tire place opened at 7AM. I phoned him at about 7:30-7:45AM and told him I would be running a few minutes behind.

This is not a business where the phone rings a lot. There is virtually no foot traffic. Almost everything is ordered online and sent via UPS or USPS. He told me to go have my tire repaired. I clocked in at 8:21AM.

I was 21 minutes or so behind schedule.

The day went as all of the others that week had - terribly. At the end of the day, I asked him if we could speak privately. I wanted to find out what was going on and try to figure out what we could do to have a better working relationship. He was rude. He was almost cruel about my situation with my son. He told me he did not trust me. Why? I don't know? He got onto me about my tire. I apologized. I told him I really wanted for this job to work out... I told him I felt very much like I was unwelcome there in the extreme. He did not counter that and say that it was not so.

The weekend following that day, I tried to think of a reason not to put my resume back out there and look for something else but I could not really think of a great reason to stay. However, I needed the job, I needed the income, and I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I came into work on Monday with a renewed outlook on things. I was going to just bust my buttand do my best to make it work. I said Good Morning to him and to my co-worker, I made coffee, and I got busy.

He came in and asked to speak to me about half an hour later.

I followed him to the Bookkeeping Office that I had not been invited back into at all since the day I was YELLED at to, "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

He told me he had thought about it over the weekend. He didn't trust me. He didn't trust ME to put HIS BUSINESS ahead of MY FAMILY. He told me he had taken the liberty of clocking me out and handed me my pay for the previous period and the current one.

Then he told me that he wanted my Composition Notebook I had brought from home to write down little things like notes on how to do things, notes on which orders went with UPS and which went with USPS, etc.

"I want that little notebook you keep writing and writing in. It belongs to me."

"No, Sir. I brought it from home."

"It has information about MY BUSINESS."

"I have some personal information in it as well that I am going to remove because it is NOT your business."

He actually followed me and WATCHED me remove this information from the notebook. I got angry. I was embarassed and humiliated.

Rather than handing over the Comp Notebook, I ripped the pages out that had been written on (minus my personal information) and handed them to him.

I told him I had coffee creamer in the back in the fridge that I wanted to get. I asked him if he needed to accompany me. He said he did.

I grabbed it, got my other stuff together, and left. I have NEVER been treated so poorly in my life. I have NEVER met anyone so hateful for absolutely NO reason. I felt picked on because of my situation with my son which has been truly heartbreaking for our family. I felt like a liar and a thief when I had ZERO reason to.

He made me feel threatened and intimidated when I was alone in that office with him and he was yelling at me while towering over me and leaning down toward me as I sat in the chair at the workbench.

I also listened to him refer to his other employees, the ladies that had attempted to do this job before me, referred to as "Stupid F------- B----, "Dumb B----, and "That B----."

I see that this isn't a new issue for him...

His history proves that.

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