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Adrienne Flipse Hausch

Country United States
State New York
City Mineola

Adrienne Flipse Hausch Reviews

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  • Mar 14, 2018

Adrienne F. Hausch was apppointed he Legal Guardian of Olga Kovacs year ago by some MORON Judge in a Nassau County New York Court without the Knowledge of Her Son who had Power of Attorney for BOTH his Parents John & Olga Kovacs who had 6 Children. They lived at 2098 Skipper Court, Bellmor, New York 11720. Three children lived out of State. The one Son was working and living with his Parents to take care of them until they both died at age 92.. That Son took his father to Roslyn Savings bank in Bellmore New York and FOUND ALMOST all the Money gone from one account accept for $6000.00 That Son took his Father to HIS Bank and put the remaing Money there so it couldn't be touched.. The end of the story is that 3 of the 6 Children were cheated out of their inheritance. She sent a Bill to the Son living at the house asking for $ 40,000.00 in Legal fees.. A SMART JUDGE ONLY awarded her $ 5,500.00.

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