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ADM Ventures

Country Switzerland
City Lugano
Address Via Balestra 31

ADM Ventures Reviews

  • Aug 27, 2020

Ementoring - ADM Ventures - Emillionaire Fraud....Total theft! They debited my bank account without permission. Salt Lake City Utah

I signed up for a free trial CD through Google and cancelled my membership within 4 days. I am now being charged over $70 from Ementoring-ADM Ventures for nothing. (two charges on two different days) There is no phone number provided on my bank charge to contact them so I googled them. I found a phone number with their supposed corp office and was told that she was just the receptionist and I would have to contact someone via email. I took the email address and tried contacting them, but the email address does not work. I tried calling her back and she won't answer my phone. I did not authorize this charge and there is not way to contact anyone to get it to stop. I had to cancel my debit card and get a new one to make the charges stop! I am not the only one who had this happen to them. Is there any help out there for us??

Kvictoria Vancouver, Washington

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