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Acima, LLC.

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 801.297.1984

Acima, LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2018

I went to a furniture store called Casa Mia Furniture in Austin,TX Around the the date of March 25th of 2017. I was sitting on some couches as they were helping my Daughter who had bought some furniture, a employee gal by the name of Jessica approached me and stated we have a deal going on for 6 months no interest the price of the couches were $3495.00 with Tax $3972.50 with a 5 year warranty included. I put $1000 down with a remaining balance of $3000 she told me the payments would be $500/month for 6 months i agreed to that. I haven't to this day recieved a signed contract. On 02/04/2018 I was going through our business account and noticed that Simple Acima has continued to taking money for my business account even after our 6 months as we agreed with Casa Mia Furniture.

On 02/04/2018 I went to Casa Mia Furniture at 12901 Interstate 35, Austin TX 78753 and spoke with the owner Eddie Ramirez in person.I advised Mr. Ramirez about Simple Acima and that nei ther Casa Mia Furniture or Simple Acima ever gave me a contract of my 6 month no interest.I advised Mr. Ramirez that on March 25th 2017 I received a call form a gentleman just wanted to know if I was receiving my couches on that day and i stated yes, but I was informed later that same day that my furniture would come at a different date and that Casa Mia Furniture would contact me when the furniture arrived which casa mia furniture did call me. Mr.Ramirez stated that Jessica was a new employee at the time and didn't know that the 6 months no interest wasn't available.

I advised Mr.Ramirez that I only agree to purchase the couches based on the 6 month no interest.He told me to contact Simple Acima Credit directly since they financed the couches and to let them know what had happened.Mr. Ramirez also stated he has had numerous complaints from clients about Simple Acima Credit also known as Simple Finance about not sending customers contracts and charging clients double the amount agreed. I contacted my bank about the withdraws and they gave me the number to call Simple Acima Credit since I had no info on Simple Acima credit. On 02/05/2018 I contacted Simple Acima credit and advised them of my situation and the gentleman that I talked to told me he couldn't do anything since I had signed 12 month lease and that the loan was for $6624.96 and I signed a contract with a code number they sent me. I told him I never received a contract from Simple Acima credit or Casa Mia furniture only my receipt for the $1000 down and the balance of $3000.00

He was no help so I requested to speak with his supervisor Yasmine in which see refused to give me her last name due to security reasons. I told Yasime my situation and she stated she couldn't do anything that my balance was still $1020.00 that I had signed a contract by a text code sent to my cell phone and that my signiture of the contract was by a text message.I have never heard of such a thing she also stated they had emailed me a copy to my email in which they had incorrect. I corrected my email with Simple Acima Credit. I demand a refund of the extra money withdrawn from my business account inthe amount of $3564.96 and i demand that Simple Acima Credit report to all 3 credit Bureau's that we are in good standings and that we paid in full as agreed. i don't know if sending a code number as a legal way of signing contracts is legal or not but not providing a contract before using a code is also not legal. I would stay away from doing business with Simple Acima Credit and Casa Mia Furniture.

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