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Aces High Saloon

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Address 1588 S. State Street
Phone (801) 906-8908

Aces High Saloon Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2021

For fear that what the bartender and staff told me is true I am keeping my identity and band name out of this report.

First of all the person I first spoke with I can't remember their name, was extremely rude, acting as if they'd rather be doing anything else but booking a show, anyway we agreed on a price, and even when we got to the bar I double checked that it was still the same guarantee, the first problem I should have listened to myself on, was I was now dealing with some big racist guy...mind you im a tiny female.

We played the show it was alright, we were definitely sold on a different experience, but that's playing in a band so that's whatever to me, the problem came when that guy, I think his name was Jeremy? Came up and paid us, we checked of course and it was half of what we had agreed, I calmy waited until he had a minute to talk and I asked him about the other half of my money and he told me that's what he was told was agreed I will admit I should have gotten it in writing that's my fault, that was used against me, and his first defense was asking if I had a written agreement, yes I was angry at this point and I called him and the people that work with them liars and that I was going to say something, and this is where it got scary....I started walking away after I had finished talking and that guy grabbed me by the arm really hard and swung me into the wall and cornered me, two other employees saw this and walked up and I thought they were there to help...well I was VERY WRONG, I was told I couldn't hide from him anywhere in this country and the other two nodded and said if he's threatening me it's because he has a good reason....

I have already spoken with the law, but this needs to be said and people need to be warned DO NOT play Aces High Saloon in salt lake city Utah, unless you like being cheated out of your money, gropped by employees and by that Jeremy guy...I think he said he had a girlfriend or something or I over heard that, she should definitely leave that misogynistic jerk, and if you like being threatened and cornered for trying to get what was agreed upon (and in a calm and reasonable manner) then that's the spot for you... HOWEVER that is not a spot I will ever play again or even salt lake city for that matter. Half the dudes in that bar were doing the n**i salute "as a joke" I'm Jewish and a women of color...I was incredibly offended.

Aces High Saloon is a place everyone should steer clear of. I can't repeat that enough.

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