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Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City Garden City
Address 600 Old Country Road, Suite 541
Phone 516.256.7766

Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 9, 2016

Don't even think about going near this company if you are looking for a Job.

I spent over a month there and I cant even believe I stuck it out that long..

Okay so here is what happens..

They call you in for an interview, and after filling out the paperwork The office manager brings you in and asks some questions, and tells you about the company. Mike the manager explained the opportunity, and company profile. He then said I would be called back for a second interview next week.

I came in for the "second" interview and was called into the office where a guy named eddie and some young girl named Olivia where standing. Mike said we are going to be sending you with Eddie to visit accounts as part of the second interview process.. So I leave with Eddie. In the parking lot he says well we need to go to Philly, and we can either take the train.. or we can take your car.. first flag.. what this guy doesnt have a car?? Oh well i said lets take the train. We get on the train and its 12 bucks for the ticket, okay no problem I'm game..

We get to philly and he starts telling me how to work a territory.. in a "box formation" Then it hit me.. like a bolt of lightening! This is door to door sales!! Okay whatever, We are selling office supplies and its 30% commission. Thats the only reason I stayed. I mean 30 % paid on shipping? everybody needs office supply how hard a sell could it be?

Well guess what, it was not easy.. basically all they do is try to sell paper at the same cost everyone else is at

and all they do is go to the quill website. I'm thinking what service do we provide? any customer can do the same thing.. oh yes, they say they can save the customer 10 to 20% if they buy over 75.00 or 100.00. But guess what?

The coupons they use are on the Quill website! what a joke..

Okay, so now its time for lunch, of course I had to pay for my lunch, great company right?

After a long day of barging in on small business, I think we wrote two orders for a total of about 120.00..

I figure well its the holidays and of course it will be slow.. mistake number two..

We get back on the train, and now we have to go back to the office to turn in the track sheet Etc.. Oh yes you have to write down every door you see and who you spoke with. they require 40 to 60 doors a day!

Back at the office, they make you practice your "pitch" on each other and then they have a bell and gong party.... This is where 20 people stand in a circle and they play loud music . If you wrote an order you go in the circle and slam two brass pans together, then go around and High Five everyone.. Im thinking Really? two guys all day wrote 120 bucks at 30% thats only like 36 bucks.. Now im just taking all of this in and thinking ok, once I get out on my own and have my own salesman source code, I'll be writting some nice business.

Yes I forgot to mention they promise you a territory and your own Quill salesman source code. I was told I had to use eddies until I got my own in about a week, but I'd get paid for what I write. Never happened)

After a week of "training" and hauling Eddie around in my car ( I cant deal with the train ) burning my gas!

Oh and did I mention they had two other people they needed to take out with us? The first girl was gone the first day.. she was smart.. The second guy came with for a while but WTF now I got some strange kid with me what does everyone get to use my car?? anyway, This poor kid had his own car and Eddie latched on to him and his car now..

so, I was given a territory, now I picked an area where I had friends in some nice businesses that I knew I could sell. Also, plenty of Corp. offices that can do high volume. I figure , hey if I can write 10 grand I make 3 grand right?

No ! they told me Quill wont let you write more than a 2,000.00 order!!?? My head spun around! What company doesnt want more business!! by the way, I never did get a salesman source code.. whatever I wrote, went on this guy Eddies numbers..

So I go into larger businesses and introduce myself. Guess what? 90% of them said oh we have a Quill Rep..

the other 10% said get lost!

wait what? I find out they have corporate account people from Quill calling on the accounts that actually mean something!! give me a break! I go back to the office at 6:00 and go through all the BS being told to practice my pitch and the Bell/Gong paty BS. Then I tell them about whats going on out there. They say oh yea Quill has other people out there.. are they serious??

Then this Kid Olivia says shes coming with me tomorrow.. guess what, she doesnt have a car either.. In fact one morning I was in the parking lot watching all these Ace marketing people leaving for the day of door to door, and not one of them had a car!! they all take the train! so that makes me say.. Hmm these people arent making any money!!also, Id see new faces there today and gone tommorrow..

so I take Olivia with me.. door after door after door basically just pissing people off that dont want us in their business.. This is what did it for me.. we go into a small resturant and try selling this guy trash bags for like 22.00 a box.. we dont have what he wants, and shes saying just sell him what we have. turn away and start writing the order! close with action is what they call it.. more like steel with action if you ask me..

I dont do this and she gets all angry with me.. Well that was it.. ha like im going to just write an order for 22.00 bucks make 6.00 no thanks, plus the guy didnt even speak english!

So I wake up the next day and I'm halfway out the door.. I stop and think have I lost my mind?

This company hasnt once mentioned when I would be getting paid on the business I wrote.. I must have barged in on 1000 business's and wrote maybe 900 bucks in orders. plus spent about 100 bucks in gas..

so even at 30% after expenses Id make about 170.00.. so i said I'm done..

asked them to pay me for what I was owed.. and guess what? never got paid..

These guys recruit people and take advantage of you . Then when the person realizes its a scam they just swoop in and take the commissions and customers that you worked for.

I have an account executive backround, and I know the sales Rep business very very well.. These guys arent sales Reps. They are scam artists bottom line.

Run away.. far far away from Ace

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