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Acclaimed Indoor Air Services, INC.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Lithonia
Address 6984 Main St
Phone 706-443-4044

Acclaimed Indoor Air Services, INC. Reviews

  • Jul 6, 2019

The unit was not installed properly. I had to make another call to Choice Home Warrany for them to have another AC complany to come out and see what is wrong with the unit because Acclaimed Indoor Air Services keep giving me different excused about what is wrong.

I purchased the home May 2018 and the AC unit was inspected and no problems found. In March we had issues with the AC so the home warranty company sent out Acclaimed Indoor AC Services out. They stated in was a leak and that put freon in the unit. A few days later we still having the problem.

They came back out and said the unit needed to be replaced. I paid for a new unit. A few week later still more problems with the new unit installed. The company came out and stated the unit in the attic needed to be replaced also. They should have know this also.

I paid for the to order a new unit for the attic and the placed the order almost a week after I had paid for it. The new unit came and it took the amother week to come out and then they stated the unit was too big to fit the opening in the attic. They wanted me to pay to have the unit shipped back. After weeks later I asked how much would it cost to make the opening larger and was told $400.00 they have someone to do it.

I paid the $400.00 and they installed the new unit in the attic but failed to take the old one out of the attic and they did not complete the job. Ths was on or about May 17th. The unit worked for a few weeks and stopped working again.

They came back out and got it to working. The next day it was not working again. I called the Home Warranty Company and told them to send another company out. The new company stated the unit that was installed outside was a 2017 unit and the unit in the attic was not compatable. We now have water damages in the house.

They also stated that everything was not hooked up correctly and we will continue to have problems. Acclaimed Indoor AC Services owner Bernard Taylor sent me a text that his company is not a Nonprofit company and that they would not do anything else for me.

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