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Absolute Lawn & Landscape/ Zechariah Foxworthy

Country United States
State Indiana
City Southport
Address 6218 Hardegan St
Phone (317) 258-0586

Absolute Lawn & Landscape/ Zechariah Foxworthy Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2023

I hired Zechariah Foxworthy to install a paver patio and sod in the backyard of my new home. I paid him a total of $17,000. The job took place on Dec.14, 2021. He did a terrible job on the yard and by January the pavers on the patio were uneven and wavy. Please see attached letter for the details. I have also included pictures. I complained about the bumpy yard on the day of install. He had brought in a loader and rutted up the yard and installed sod over it without smoothing it out and then blamed it on the builders grade. He also installed in the rain and rutted up the yard with the workers walking in it. Look at pics and you can see the tread marks from the loader in the sod. Pic 10. Also look at the pics of my front and side yard. The builder did the same grade on the back as the front. The front sod laid by the builder is flat not bumpy. He said in text that he would resolve the issue. Once he was paid he said there was nothing he could do.(in text) I have copies of all the texts if you would like them but they are too numerous to attach in this online complaint. He has offered to some repair but refuses to smooth out the yard and replace sod... He wants to do seed . I paid for sod because I have 3 dogs and seed wont work with them. There is also a dangerous drop off the patio. My 76 year old mom can not even safely go out in the yard. The pictures do not do justice to how bad it is. I also have a video of the aweful job. I need Help! I have filed with the Indiana Attorney General's Office and the BBC and nothing was done. He is still out there scamming people as we speak. He refused to fix the job and kept the money.

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