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AAA Collections

Country United States
State South Dakota
City Sioux Falls
Address 3500 S 1st Avenue Cir # 100
Phone 605-339-1333

AAA Collections Reviews

  • May 8, 2017

Look here. If you ever had Midcontinent cable and you sent your equipment back and paid your bill do not be surprise to get a letter from AAA Collections.......

Over 3 years later after paying my last cable bill our family received a letter from AAA Collection for an amount $498.14

I was shocked. I called them and the cable company. They advised me that our equipment and bill was never settled.

I advised them both that this done about 3 years ago and why would this come up now and not three years ago???

They look into it and the cable company made a mistake and was suppose to adjust the bill to a zero and let AAA Collections know about this... Guess what never happened and when I call back they advise me to contact the collection agency...

How low can you go. Midconintent and AAA Collections both lied to us and started to put on interest and charges on the bill that is not ours and has been paid over 3 years ago.....

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