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AA Auto Care #300

Country United States
State Nevada
City North Las Vegas
Address 5128 Camino Al Norte
Phone 1 702-735-9914

AA Auto Care #300 Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2017

AA Auto Care #300 located at 5128 Camino Al Norte North Las Vegas, NV 89031 and manager Antonio Morales are crooks. Telephone number 702-735-9914. My vehicle started having mechanical issues, transmission seemed to slip. Took it to O’Reilly Auto Parts for a diagnostics test, then took it to AutoZone who gave me the same code/diagnoses. Took it to AA Auto Care #300 and exactly the same code was given. Antonio Morals manager of AA Auto Care #300 response to my situation, I need a rebuild on the transmission and the cost would be $2400. I agreed to it as he stated there would be a 2 year warranty.

Sadly within the same week after receiving my vehicle, it started to operate EXACTLY the same as it did when I took it in originally with the transmission issues. I brought the vehicle back considering the issue. A week later I got my vehicle and was told they could not duplicate the same issue. Since no engine light was on there was nothing they could do. Low and behold within that same week the car began performing EXACTLY the same way it did before the transmission rebuild and the week after I got the vehicle back after the transmission rebuild. The issue was not resolved…but now the engine light came on. This time before taking it directly back to AA Auto Care #300, I brought the car to O’Reilly Auto Parts and then took it to AutoZone to have them run a diagnostics. The EXACT same code came on as it did prior to the transmission rebuild.

I brought the car back to AA Auto Care #300 and told them of the situation. They hesitantly agreed to look at it again. I got a call a week later and was told it has nothing to do with the rebuilt transmission but it was another part related to the transmission and the cost to repair would be another $1000. I brought this seemingly odd situation to the managers attention, Antonio Morales that all along I had an issue with the vehicle, same code/same diagnostics but yet another part was fixed but not the part that was broken from the beginning. He kept telling me this was a new issue and nothing related to the old issue. But I reminded him my car was preforming EXACTLY the way it did from the beginning prior to me bringing it in to the shop in the first place. That the problem I had with the vehicle was never fixed but yet they diagnosed my car as needing a complete transmission rebuild. When, in fact, it was never a rebuild that was necessary but only a computer that needed to be replaced. I was very calm during the conversation and Antonio Morales became agitated and aggressive with me when I continued to ask him to explain to me why my transmission was rebuilt when all along it was another part which needed to be replaced.Ahhh ha….the truth comes out! Towards the end of the conversation when he was frustrated with me because I wouldn’t give up, Antonio Morales confessed that he didn’t know more than what he could tell me because AA Auto Care #300 did not fix transmissions, all transmission repairs and rebuilds were sent out to a third party! This makes complete sense and why Antonio Morales could not articulate a single thing regarding my transmissions issues, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT DO THEIR OWN TRANSMISSION WORK!

At the end of the conversation, Antonio Morales finally said he could do nothing for me and to come get the car, that they would not honor the warranty on the vehicle. I picked my vehicle up and took it to another mechanic. After a thorough review and diagnosis of my vehicle, this new mechanic agreed that AA Auto Care #300 was, in fact, negligent and should be held responsible for the repair. This new mechanic documented my issues and gave me paperwork with the comments so I could use it in the future as proof for my recovery efforts. Attempted to get a hold of owner Fadel Darwiche but no such luck.

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