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A3 Trading

Country Vanuatu
City Port Vila
Address Commodius FX LTD, PO Box 1276,
Phone 44-203-807-0270

A3 Trading Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2018

The company called A3Trading owned by Comodius FX Limited with residence in Vanuatu, Cyprus and in London England.

They are advertised on Facebook as an opportunity to generate secure profits and when you link they begin to involve you in their tricks to convince you of the benefits of investing in Forex buying foreign currency and the insurance of the investment since they double your investment and will guide you and They promise to teach you to make your own movements but they do not and they keep you depending on your investment recommendations.

Once you are convinced of the profits and benefits suggesting movements that apparently see profits reflected in the account, they ask you to invest more to earn more quickly and raise of category, if you try to withdraw money from your earnings they tell you that it is not convenient and in those moments for your account to stay strong, and suddenly suggest movements that lead you to lose your investment and emotionally pressure you to invest more and according to them you recover what you lost, and you are driven psychologically by pressing and cheating so that you continue to invest, winning at times and losing in most, the deposits are made via credit card. and they convince you that at the end of the month you will have enough to liquidate the card and you will remain with utility in your account to continue the investment. You never manage to withdraw a penny from your account, neither your investment nor your apparent profits.

Finally the account appears in zeros simulating that all the capital was lost, both the livestock and the investment due to the market variations and according to them, your bad decisions, and they insist that you must get more to invest and recover, that they are going to Support and advise for you to achieve it.

They do not comply with the basic rules of Forex to make your investment carefully not investing more than 2% of your capital in a single movement, they suggest risk movements precisely so that your capital is lost, the suggestion is all in one movement and how they manipulate you psychologically you do it.

They leave you alone, they do not advise you and most likely the platform is false and they only cheat you of your investment and leaving you with the debt on the card and psychologically defeated, with the urgency of getting more money to pay and with affectation in health by the tremendous stress that this generates.

By claiming to the banks that in a certain way they are promoting and overlapping these criminals you do not find the effective support, you need to raise your complaint within 90 days of each operation so that they proceed to investigate, however, the A3Trading staff has taken the measure and to save time offers to reimburse a part of your investment mentioning that the return will take between 20 and 60 business days, which does not comply and only eliminates the opportunity to raise your complaint in the bank.

I saw an opportunity to get out of debt and get resources for the education of my children, however, everything has been counterproductive and my debts increased both with the banks and with the acquaintances I went to recover, my health decreased, Now I have problems with my family that I have dragged into bankruptcy pushed by this scam company whose employees have no morals, nor ethics, nor consideration for their victims.

Checking on social networks I have found many comments on this same company from several people who have cheated in the same way.

I invite those who wish to sue these scammers to contact us and make pressure through the pages that report these crimes by shielding themselves from the impunity of not being regulated, several pages like have a blacklist of fraudulent brokers, but have not received complaints from A3Trading, or Commodius FX Ltd or 70Trading. that's why they have not included them in that list. other pages such as or recommended brokers offer a space to raise complaints and expose cases as well as this page. they must be used to make people known who could be new victims and thus reduce the market for these scam companies.

There are law firms that bring lawsuits against brokers, such as, which are also a good alternative to try to recover some of the money defrauded.

  • May 23, 2017


I received a call from somebody asking me to signup in the page they have, I suspected because a simple questions of who's the regulator government of a3trading, the guy in the phone mention France, UK after many time of dubious words.

Every time I asked what is the page/company about, he evaded my questions and instead all the time he tried to make me signup in the page.

In the mean time he tried to convince me, I check it out the register of the web, the SSL certificate, who issued, and finally got this pretty good post in outscam and confirm to me the suspect about

Thanks a lot.

  • Dec 27, 2016

Dear Friends Javier Pachas writes to you. After reading various experiences and statements of Colombian friends, Peruvians, Argentines, Spaniards and Mexicans. I have to admit that I add to the list of the many people scammed by Forex web portals. Actually these platforms are real scams of criminals who take advantage of the good faith of people who honestly hoped to capitalize on an investment with honestly earned money in their work. This same experience was experienced by a well-known Spanish politician whom these criminals stole 150,000 euros with the promise of safe profits. In my case I was cheated by the company A3Trading. A3Trading is a scam platform for people who reliably trust these services to perform transparent operations. I opened an account with 5000 dollars in the hope of generating profits in currency trading. In order to use these fruits in the education of my children. Now they have canceled the account without any communication. I have communicated with friends who live in other countries and were victims of this magic of scammers from A3 Trading. These international criminals: Jonathan Garcia Juan Mendoza Carlos Bermúdez Lorena Berrocal John Silva Alberto Garcia Ricardo Araya Ray Piantini Correos [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Main office phone for this network of criminal gangsters: +570 833 6500 All of them Panamanians and Dummies All of them criminals and scammers who take advantage of the goodwill and nobility of their clients to take ownership of other people's money. Friends be careful with A3 TRADING is a platform of scammers. They use telephone numbers with different dialing. May it not happen to you. CARE A3TRADING IS A SCAM

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