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A1A Express Auto Shipping, LLC.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Keyport
Address 14 Broad St Suite 202
Phone 800-238-4498

A1A Express Auto Shipping, LLC. Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2017

Well, I live in Detroit, MI. I own a small business and needed another good work truck. I found a great truck that met all my needs in New Mexico. Now this was not a brand new truck, but it ran great and the best part is that it was rust free! I have never had a vehicle shipped before. The reason I did it was because it would have been cheaper for me rather than flying out there and driving it back myself. Well, after about 30 phone calls and e mails, I was sent a price from this company for $900.00 to ship my truck door to door. Now while this seemed too good to be true, I went for it. I mean the price I paid for the truck was $2500.00, so how much more do I really want to spend on shipping? Anyways, They sent me a contract with the deposit of $100.00 to be taken and the remaining $800.00 to be paid to the driver directly upon delivery. No problem. This was on 07/07/17. I signed the contract and sent it back to them instantly. A few days went by and I received a call from "Joe." He told me that they had to rebroker the deal and get another driver and that it was going to cost me an additional $100.00. So now the deposit became $200.00. Reluctantly, I agreed and a new contract was sent to me that now had pick up and delivery dates. I signed and sent back and the deposit was taken. The truck was supposed to be picked up on 07/14/17 and delivered to me on07/16/17. On the day of pick up, "Joe" called me at 4pm to tell me that the driver's brakes were melting and they did not feel safe transporting my truck. He then told me that they would have a new driver and route ASAP. I told him that was fine, as long as I had the truck by the end of the month. He told me that would not be a problem. Then the wait began. I heard nothing. Finally on July 27th I sent an e mail saying that it was getting really close to the end of the month and I wanted to know what was going on. They responded with "Hi, our dispatch department is narrowing down a schedulefor you and will call you once they finalize the details. I apologize for the issues we have had." The is the last I heard from them. They took my money and did absolutely nothing! I finally e mailed them on 08/16/17 telling them that I wanted my money back and that they failed to meet their contractual obligations. still have heard nothing and imagine I never will. SCAMMERS! I hope this will help others in the future. Here is one other e mail address I have for Joe. [email protected] If anyone has any other info that may help me get my money back in any way, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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