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A1 Tarps

Country United States
State California
City Compton
Address 1011 W Artesia Blvd
Phone 310-603-8709

A1 Tarps Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2017

I purchased a tarp that was advertised as 12mil thick, when it arrived it felt light so I measured it and it was 8.5 to 9Mil thick (needs another 33% to be 12 Mil) as opposed to the one that I was replacing which was a 12 mil tarp (I am a machinist so I have interments that can easily measure this thickness). I provided the information to A1 Tarps and they never returned my calls, they only spoke to me when I called them and never gave me an explanation for the difference or what they measured the product to be. I asked if they had 12 Mil tarps and they said that what I ordered was a 12 Mil tarp but could not verify that it was indeed 12 Mils. Would not take the product back.

There are problems with things on occasion, how you address them is what separates the good business from the rest. A1 tarps did not call me once over the 3 weeks that I tried to address this with them and they never said that they measured their product and found it to be within specification.

If you want a product that does not meet the as stated specifications and are willing to be ignored by the company that sold it to you then by all means do business with A1.

  • May 19, 2016

BUYERS BEWARE: in Rancho Dominquez, CA is a VERY crooked company! I bought a simple 8x8 tarp from them for which they charged me $10.88 and then added $15.73 on top of that just to ship it to me. Twice, it never arrived when the UPS tracking system said it would. So when I found one for $3 bucks in Walmart, I snatched it right up. After that, when the 8x8 tarp from A1Tarps finally did arrive, I wrote “REFUSED” on the package and sent it back to them, hoping they would do the right thing and credit me for the tarp that I never opened. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. Through a series of rude emails and two phone calls Fernando, one of their CSRs, in a very condescending tone told me I was responsible for the return shipping costs to which he claimed was over $17.00! So they KEPT the tarp and never credited me a penny back. In short, they ripped me off!!!

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