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A1 Roofing Pavement & Solutions

Country United States
State Texas
City Katy
Address 510 S. Mason Rd
Phone 832-897-1410

A1 Roofing Pavement & Solutions Reviews

  • Aug 14, 2019

On 6/5/19 Nicky Evans came to give me an estimate for repairs for a leak in the ceiling of master bathroom 1st invoice was to repair all vent pipes & replace missing shingles for $6500 pd by Check. On 6/9/19 Nicky Evans to check for any leaks, Told me of additional items which needed repairs and could be done for $12,800 pd for by Check. On 6/10/19 he returned to ask for cash because A1 Roofing Pavement & Solutions office had not received verification of the check. He then drove me to the bank to get cash and returned me home and was given the $12,800 in cash. No work was done and he would return the next when supplies were available. On 6/11/ 19 upon his return additional inspection found additional items which needed repair items in the attic caused by previous leaks which was 3rd invoice for $12,800 pd by Check and no work was done. Several attempts to reach Nicky Evans failed . On 7/10/19 Nicky Evans came to apologize for the delay in getting the work completed because he was out of attending his grandmother’s funeral. While in my attic his worker found mold on my A/C system and needed to be repaired quickly. He had a contractor who did this work for $2500 and it cost more he would cover the difference. This was 4th invoice for $2500 pd by Check, work to be done the next day. No one came to do complete the work but Nicky Evans called to say someone would come the next day. Again a no show but no phone call to explain the reason. No additional work was done on the verbal invoices # 2-4 has been done. I didn’t receive the warranty paperwork work for invoice # 1.

On 8/4/19 Nicky Evans came to tell me he was out of town but if I want he could complete the A/C repairs or if I wanted to have someone else complete the A/C work he would give me back my money. I told him I had waited over 2 months and rather then start fresh. If he was prepared to complete all the work on the 4 invoices to include the 4 ceilings in several rooms then it was OK. If he didn’t start on 8/5/19 I wanted a full refund of all my money, to hire another contractor.

On 8/5/19 no one came to any work and no one called. On 8/6/19 I attempted to contact Nicky Evans and received a mailbox full message, I did enter my phone number. To date I have received no contact from Nicky Evans or A- Roofing Pavement & Solutions company to address resolution of this problem.

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