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A1 Parts Stop

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 5900 W Davis St
Phone 214-330-2115

A1 Parts Stop Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2016

I located this junk yard from I've dealt with a bunch of junk yards over the years, and this is the first to screw me. We purchased a "good" running diesel engine for our work truck. They sold it to us for $5900.00, I told them we didn't have the motor out just yet, and would keep the core. Mike, over the phone told me it was fine, and that he just needed the long block, and we'd get our money back. He also wanted in cash to help us save some money on "processing" and whatnot.

So after getting the motor out, and parts swapped over, we head up to Dallas (three hours ONE WAY), and when we drop off the core, he tells us he said nothing of that nature, and would only give us HALF of the core deposit. I chalked it up to a misunderstanding on my end, and go on.

Get the truck fired up and we've got no compression on two of the six cylinders. Call them up, and they keep giving us excuse after excuse. Telling us how they had one coming, and how they wanted the old motor back for them to "inspect" it. So we pull the motor and take it up to them (so another six hour round trip), and so finally today, they would give us another engine, please keep in mind it's been over three months, now, I would be lying to say if we were haggling with them for three months, the truth is that we were having issues with the SKIM module in our truck, and it took a month to get it all sorted out.

So the motor they tried to give us is from an older truck that WOULDN'T work with our truck. Obviously for someone in the career of junk yards they would know this, as after arguing with them, we had to take the old motor back without a refund. And to make matters even worse, they wouldn't hand over the motor unless we gave them the receipt. Spend the extra money with another junkyard, these guys are the true meaning of "If it's too good to be true, then it is". I tried to save 500 bucks on an engine, and it's set me back a few grand already. Having to remove the motor two times, and three trips to this area.

  • Dec 29, 2015

THIS GUY IS A THIEF!!! I needed a transfer case for my Hummer H3. Hummer made 2 different transfer cases, an NR4 and an NR6. The exact transfer case can be determined by the VIN number. The name of the guy that owns this place is Chris Sanchez.

I called Chris and gave him my VIN number and he assured me that the transfer case he had was the right one. I drove 4 hours to Dallas to pick it up, brought it back to San Angelo and had it installed by an ASE Certified Mechanic that specializes in Transmissions. Once the transfer case was installed, the vehicle would not go into the regular gear, which is All-time All Wheel drive.

I called Chris to let him know. He said to bring it back to him and he would replace it. I drove my vehicle in 4H all the way to Dallas, and took him my old transfer case to have him rebuild that one. On the way back, my Hummer started vibrating and that transfer case destroyed my transmission that cost $3,000 to repair. The transmission company that rebuilt it said that the identification tag on the transfer case was torn off so that they could not identify the model of the transfer case, which tells me that he KNOWINGLY sold me the wrong.

Chris said it wasn't his problem. He agreed to rebuild my transfer case that I took to him. I took it the weekend before Thanksgiving - he said to call him the week after Thanksgiving and he would have it done. I called him on that Wednesday - he said give him another week. I called him the next week and he said he needed another week. I called him a week later and he said that he was waiting on parts. I called him the next week and he said that he couldn't get parts - a rebuild kit is $150 and you can get it at any GM dealer. He said not to worry that he bought another Hummer at an auction and that I could have that transfer case and to call him on Monday, December 21st (Christmas week). He said that, if he didn't have it, he would give me a refund. I called him on that day and he said he would call me Wednesday and ship it out to me. Never heard from him.

I just called him today (December 28th) and he has now changed his story again! He is now telling me to bring back the original transfer case and that he will rebuild that one because he knows that one is good. I reminded him of what he said "If I don't get you a transfer case, I will give you a refund." He replied, 'You're not going to tell me what to do - I tell you what to do!" and he hung up on me. The shop that I got to fix my transmission has had my vehicle for 28 days and rebuilt the transmission in 2 days. They can not complete the work until they have a transfer case and they want to be paid or they will file a mechanic's lien. Chris does not care.DO NOT BUY FROM THIS BUSINESS - THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT STAND BEHIND THE 90-DAY WARRANTY THAT THEY SAY YOUR PARTS HAVE!!!

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