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A&G Graphics

Country United States
State Florida
City Longwood
Address 237 N US Hwy 17 92
Phone 1 407-636-9257

A&G Graphics Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2020

After having my black car high speed buffed & polished I brought it to Abe to have a wrap put on only the top of the car to protect the paint from the Florida Sun. After Dropping it off I received a phone call advising me that there were a few stone chips in the front part of the hood and if I didn’t mind if they sanded them down. I said "are you CRAZY! That would completely defeat the purpose of what I brought the car in for.” I have declined obviously and was told there may be a few uneven spots where the wrap lays so you were aware which I was perfectly fine with.

As time went on I decided to give the card to my wife for her birthday and while taking the wrap off the car it looked perfect until I got down to the front And was blown away to see the unrepairable damage A&G graphics that done to my 6 series BMW. I called and spoke with Abe he then told me I sent him pictures which I did and wasn’t for a second even trying to get mad or yell or demand he have it repainted. I simply told him the situation for my wife’s birthday and he knew exactly who I was for the past five years as he then messaged me back Acting as if he did not remember the car being done. He asked me if I had the invoice which I reminded him he has never given me an invoice ever but have the credit card statement verifying payment.

It was a Monday when we spoke and I told him my wife’s birthday was not coming Saturday and the urgency of at least getting the car hood rewrapped. He proceeded to tell me it will be $200 as if the damage that was done he completely ignored, and shocking myself I did not even buck at the fact of how wrong it was bring him to even charge me a second time after the damage he had caused. THEN to demand I pay ONLY in cash, as he fails to give customers invoices. I set up an appointment with him as he repeatedly told me he’s too busy and finally We agreed on Friday morning. So I took off work to drive 45 minutes to him as he greeted me at the door to say he doesn’t have time to do it because the wrap was still on it. As if I WAS to remove it Which was a challenge in itself because A&G graphics secretly and unbeknownst to customers uses a adhesive promoter before laying down any wrap Which practically fuses it to the paint. But I was even more shocked that after sending him seven pictures of the damage after removing almost half of it that he expected that I was going to continue to remove all of it and then PAY HIM for it!

Abe is a man of more excuses to get out of having to work or step away from the PC then ANYONE I’ve ever met in my life. NO ONE has ever even seen him as much as touch a car, but like everything else he takes the easiest way out of everything. Which is why he uses and adhesive promoter I would rather sand paint down rather than properly work around it and place it correctly. This man after knowing my situation and taking off a day of work simply to do this would not even allow me to buy the vinyl wrap from him so that I could at least have a shot at doing it myself. He destroyed The paint that I paid him to wrap and protect, and destroyed everything I had planned every shot that I had left to surprise my wife for her birthday.

Almost as if he purposely had me do this and drive down there and takeoff work just so he could greet me in the parking lot to tell me he wouldn’t do it and then tell me he wouldn’t even supply me with the material so that I could even while desperately trying to pay for it all. As I called around to multiple shops seeing if they’re worth anything hope I’m telling you more than eight of them the situation I had no idea that all the other shops would all say the exact same thing about this man and this company. One of them even telling me that more than a handful of customers end up bringing their cars to them after they got a botched rap job and verify the adhesive promoter he uses and the corners he has cut so drastically even use scotch tape To hold hidden areas.

I tried finding more info on A&G Graphics and looked on Sunbiz Only to see that the company is not even registered as an actual business in the state of Florida. Customers beware and there’s nothing legit about this company or anything this man Abe does. And whatever it is he does do he will make sure not to give an invoice and push for cash as he invades paying taxes clearly more than your average business owner. Actually I guess he would have to be a legitimate business to say he was one...

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