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71 Auto and Transmission

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Alma
Address 21 Lake Drive
Phone 479-831-0999

71 Auto and Transmission Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2021

I am writing to expose what I feels as dishonest and unfair business practices that has cost our family close to 900 Dollars which has devestated our limited budget. I am the sole provider for my family and due to my wife, my son, and my mother having health issues our money is very tight.

This all started when I took my Car to 71 Auto and Transmission in Alma Arkansas because my car kept dieing and having trouble starting and. the engine would shake, when I drove it up to the auto shop it died again at the intersection at the off ramp and I was able to get it started again and barely made it to the shop and it died right at the shop. I talked to the head mechanic of this establishment who is a gentleman named Joe. Mr. Joe looked at my car and told me later that it was a hole in the radiator on my radiator and they replaced it and I was charged 400 dollars and everything appeared to be fine. I had to take my car back in a second time because I started having the same problems as before and instead of doing the right thing, the moral thing, and standing behind their work they don't fix anything and tell me that they just can't find any problems but they did replace some spark plugs which they said said cost 25.00 but that they wouldn't charge me for it so I drove the car home and at first it ran good.

I had to have them tow my car back up there a third time because my car died on the interstate on the way to work. They look at it and tell me that my timing belt broke and they want to put a used motor on my car because it would cast more money and labor to fix the timing belt. I had just had my timing belt replaced not to long ago so something didn't feel right about that. I asked them to tow my car back to my house and Mr. Joe tells me on the phone that it will cost 90.00 or so to have it towed back, the tow driver arrives at my residence and charges me 103.00!

Also when they towed my car to his shop previously at the same distance they only charged me 83.00! I feel like I am out of all of this money that I didn't have to spend, our finances are tight , and my Car won't even start up and they did nothing to fix it. I feel cheated and defrauded,but I don't want to harm anybody's business but I and my family have not been treated fairly, and it is immoral and unconscionable to treat other people like this.

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