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Country United States
State Alabama

2Checkout Reviews

  • May 17, 2023

I ordered a duffel bag from I received an email that the color I chose was out of stock. I asked for a list f what thye have in stock as their website did not showe correctly what was in stock. Company refused to give a list. My bank account was charged $56.99 and no product delivered, and they quit communicating. I filed a complaint with PayPal but PayPal can't find the order. I discovered the company uses an intermidiary payor,, so I opened a case with them, but they said because of the open case with PayPal they can;t reimburse. PayPal has been completely uncooperative as well as Now has been taken offline.

2checkout has completely stopped responding.

My next step to resolve this problem is to contact my bank, and I will also be contacing U.S. congress. I believe the way PayPal, 2checkout and other online payment processing services are currently doing business MUST be addressed. (1) PayPal is impossible to communicate with; (2) If you use PayPal without signing in for a purchase, they cannot track the purchase; (3) If an intermediary payment processing service is involved it complicates payment disputes. PayPal and similar companies should be prohibited from allow companies to use a third party payment processing services like 2CHECKOUT when PayPal is the payment processor; (4) 2CHECKOUT should be investigated for its commercial and financial practices, with new laws that prevent this kind of a situation, including that telephone customer service must be required for payment resolution issues with the ability to reach a live representative quickly AND process refunds.

All online payment processing services should be investigated and new laws enacted to prevent scamming of customers.


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